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the holiday break was soooo nice. i’ve had a long break from my day job and i had nothing to do but just relax. we just got back from hawaii, so i’m now adjusting back to reality, but i still haven’t taken a lot of time to reflect on 2014 or resolutions. i usually skip resolutions because i don’t keep them and they feel like a waste of time when i should just focus on doing my best — but decided to lay out a couple really doable general life ones because i’m feeling motivated right now.

2014 was obviously a pretty important year for me. getting married really triggered the fact that i’m somewhat of a grownup now and i should at least pretend to act like it.

we have a tendency to sit around a lot watching hulu and eating in bed. this is bad i know. on our guest book advice cards at the wedding, my brother even suggested “don’t eat in bed”. we’ve agreed we’re going to try to do a weekly date night – even if it isn’t going out to dinner, but just even taking more walks or picnics or trips to the farmers market. or going to museum exhibits before we realize it’s too late and they’ve closed. another idea we’ve had is to hire a housekeeper. we’re both pretty slobby, so we realized how much happier we’d be if our apartment was just cleaned and we didn’t have to live in shambles. i think it might be really worth the money.

as i just said, i sit around and watch tv a lot. i haven’t worked out since before the wedding – sorry dad. so i’d love to even just get up and walk around our cute neighborhood more. but besides being lazy with my body – i can also be super lazy with the blog. i will get on a super kick with project brainstorming, buy supplies and then sit on them. and then sometimes i’ll see a project on another blog with the same idea as mine before i had a chance to make it. this has happened a lot actually. so when i come up with an idea, i should just do it. the same goes for focusing more energy on expanding blogzilla. and to get super shallow : i also want to do laser hair removal. anyone done it before? how much does it hurt?


for christmas, we got a cat toilet training kit. i cannot seem to muster up the courage or nose for cleaning the litterbox, so my husband does it. we are really hoping they can poop where we poop because never buying 15 lb litter tubs would be super nice for us. plus i’m sure photos will be hilar. wish us luck!

i’ve been really getting into practicing lettering, while i don’t think my technique is that good – i enjoy it which is what matters. and i’m even doing my brothers wedding invites with watercolor. i also really want to get better at photography and i’d love to learn how to weave. and i want to learn how to keep plants alive. but even if i don’t do all those things in 2015 – i’ll just know that i wanted to and that’s what really matters, right?

in 2015, i will turn 30. my husband always says 29 is harder because all you do is focus on how you’re 30 and then once you turn 30, you’re used to it. it’s a little daunting, but i’m hoping some things will happen this year that will make me feel like we’re on the right track to our future — mainly seeing if we can buy a house. also i need to be better at paying bills. that’s what adults do right?

do you make resolutions? do you feel good about them in january and then not do them?

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  1. Who makes the planner? Love this list! I’m having the same anxieties about turning 30 this year. Glad to know I’m not alone!

  2. I hear ya, my boyfriend and I have developed major lazy bones, staying in and eating yummy food while netflix marathoning always sounds so much more enjoyable than getting up and going out but when we do, we always enthusiastically say, “We should totally do this more often, its so fun!” Same goes for cleaning, exercising…
    What does the training kit consist of?! Intriguing, I’d love to hear how you guys fare with it. Comedy and Money-saver rolled into one 🙂

  3. I would suggest doing some research before deciding to do the cat toilet training. I decided to do it but then did some reading and articles like this one: http://www.catbehaviorassociates.com/toilet-training/
    convinced me that it wasn’t a good idea. Happy 2015 and good luck with your goals!

  4. 30 ain’t no thang. and definitely get a housekeeper. for me, it’s a more significant and meaningful small luxury than manicures, massages, etc (not like I get those, either) that makes life just a bit nicer.

    1. Yeah, I second turning 30 as no biggie. Seriously, all the lead up to it and then you find out “meh, not much has changed.” Turning 30 really means you are no closer to being adult but people stop treating you like a kid in the professional and corporate world.

  5. Ahhh bless 30 – try 40! I totally do the whole buying supplies for a blog post http://www.diyingtomakeit.com) and never get round to it but I’m so fickle if i don’t do it straight away I don’t end up doing it at all. As a rule I’m not into making resolutions however this year I’ve decided to make a big one, earn my living through making art! We’ll see if I achieve this or not. Laser hair removal is painful my armpits and groin groaned every time I parked up outside the beauticians and as far as teaching your cats to go to the human toilet don’t they know to do it whilst they are outside in your neighbours garden??? Good luck with all your resolutions and a very happy 2015 to you!

  6. I know the lazy game well. Television can be the bane of productivity’s existence, but damn it’s hard to walk away from a good Netflix binge! Good luck with all your resolutions, lady. Can’t wait to see those cat training Instagrams 🙂

  7. Good luck with training your cats to use the toilet!! It’s something that I have been wanting to do forever. I have 4 though and have always been nervous to start. I also only have one bathroom in the house, and I feel like it might be a pain to keep moving the seat and stuff when they are first learning. Bad excuse for being lazy? Probably. Really excited to hear how it goes for you though.

    xx Kathryn

  8. These are the most honest and refreshing “resolutions” I have read so far! Go with the house keeper, makes life so much easier and more time to relax, even if you are still just sitting at home it feels much better when the place is tidy! Happy New Year 🙂


  9. These are great goals! One of mine is to spend less time lazing around watching TV too. And I can’t tell you how many times I’ve bought supplies for a DIY project and then just let the motivation fizzle and die. Glad to know I’m not alone!

  10. I’m not sure which system you have, but we used the Litter Kwitter on our cat and it was the best thing we’ve ever done! She figured it out in 2 weeks, although she was pretty young (around 6 months) when we started. She’s now 2! It makes it super easy to travel with her or get people to cat-sit since all they have to do is feed her (she will use any toilet as long as you show her where it is). And, even if she’s around another cat’s litter box, she still uses the toilet! Just think of all the gross germs you’re avoiding too 🙂

  11. We potty trained our cats! Unfortunately it didn’t last. Our male was too fat and couldn’t balance very well at the last step of the process. Our girl did wonderfully. And then we got a puppy that wasn’t potty trained and it all went to hell. When we settle down and have two bathrooms [so we can dedicate one to the cats again] we want to try again. That short time period of not cleaning out the box was amazing though and I wish that for anyone. Good luck!