DIY modern pom pom pillow

DIY modern pom pom pillow @mollymadfisDIY modern pom pom pillow @mollymadfis

i really never thought i’d be using pom poms in a project, ever — but here i am, and i love it. i’m super excited about this pillow because it’s one of the easiest projects i’ve done in a while, and requires literally no crafting skills besides a little patience and something to watch on TV.

DIY modern pom pom pillow | almost makes perfect

sadly i didn’t really do step by step photos because i was kind of winging it, but it’s so easy and self explanatory that you won’t need them.

DIY modern pom pom pillow @mollymadfisDIY modern pom pom pillow @mollymadfis

like i said, i’ve never worked with pom poms before so i just bought some and didn’t know what i was doing. luckily the felt glue was sitting next to the pom poms at the craft store, so i decided to glue versus sewing (which would have been a nightmare, but not sewing obviously makes the pillow more delicate).

i also tried marking with a pencil the spots i’d add the diamonds, but it wasn’t really helping me – so i just started arranging the pom poms out on the pillow and once i liked the shapes, i’d glue away. carefully apply glue under each pom pom and once the diamond shape is down, push the whole piece down with your hand a bit to absorb some more glue. let it dry for 3 hours, but i’d recommend a day before placing it around your pillow insert.

i hope i made it clear enough for you! let me know if i didn’t and i’m happy to answer any questions you might have.

DIY modern pom pom pillow @mollymadfisDIY modern pom pom pillow | almost makes perfectDIY modern pom pom pillow | almost makes perfect

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  1. i love this! it’s got a vintage vibe to it at first glance.

    1. It’s beautiful! Very tempted to give it a try. Crafting can be so relaxing.

  2. This is the first pom pom DIY I’ve ever liked! So lovely. It would look great on a lumbar pillow, too.

  3. seriously, you’re like a DIY goddess! all of your projects look SO good and they NEVER look DIY. bravo to you!

  4. I absolutely love this! Great idea and thanks for sharing! I have some pom fringe curtains which I was surprised that I loved and wanted, so maybe I’m a pom girl after all?

  5. LOVE LOVE LOVE this pillow Molly. I may have to try this next week. I have those pillow covers from IKEA all i need are some pom poms. Hopefully it turns out somewhat like yours haha.


  6. Mary cantres says:

    I whant that last photo look! From we’re is that chair?

  7. Viva la pom pom…looks brilliant. I will have to try this once my little bear grows older…I know she will pulled them off to taste them.

  8. Viva la pom pom…it looks brilliant! I hope to try this one day when my little bear won’t pulled them off to taste them.

  9. Who’d have thought that pompoms could be used to make something so cute! Brilliant idea! (And I love that it’s no sew too!)

  10. Oh my gosh!! It’s really gorgeous Molly. I just loved your idea of adding pom pom on the pillow. You are so creative and talented.

  11. Cool idea of Pom Pom !!!
    I love to be here on your web portal. Things Do it on your own gives you self satisfaction thats why searching on internet I came here & found really cool stuffs. I love your unique ideas.
    Thank you so much Molly !!! 🙂 🙂

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  14. This is gorgeous! Friend, you should open an Etsy shop with DIY skills like this! Love. xx

  15. Love it!
    Where are your pom poms from?
    Thank you!

  16. I adore the crisp and clean look of this pillow DIY and the texture,too! Gotta try this!

  17. This pillow looks stunning! I’m definitely making one, stat.

  18. I love it! I ‘m going to make 3! Did you “pom” them on both sides?

  19. Awesome !! What a beautiful pom pom pillow. Where can I buy this.. But this is diy, Oh ! Thanks for Sharing……….

  20. Super jolie!!! et question lavage ?les pompoms tiennent?merci

  21. Hey! I love this idea. Do you think hot glue would work instead of felt glue?

  22. This looks beautiful. Unfortunately, it didn’t work for me as maintenance is too high. I made 1 pillow using your technique and it looked very pretty. However the white pompoms attract dust and lint and within a few days they all had grey/black spots which was lint. I could remove them by hand but it was not worth the effort. Did you have the same problem with your pillow?
    Using black or dark colored pompoms would work.

  23. Great Idea to use pom poms in a pillow. I really want to try it as fast as possible. Here is my blog: Mandala tapestry

  24. Jennifer Zajac says:

    What pillow cover from IKEA did you buy for this project?