cute school supplies

is this the most colorful roundup i’ve EVER DONE?! arlo’s love of colors has made me realize how a few pastel colors make him very happy haha. i mean he even says his favorite color is “rainbow”. he’s getting me more into them!! 

anyway, school starts back up sooner than it should here in california, so i wanted to round up some cute school supplies for all your little kiddos! lots of backpacks, lunchboxes, and some elementary school supplies they may need! 

also, since i get asked all the time– the links for arlos name labels and stamps!


i got these “rainbow” labels for all of his hard things like water bottles, lunch box, notebooks etc. i got font #5


i’ve been using this on arlos school clothes for years now! super happy with it — the ink doesn’t bleed through and they’ve held up well against a million washes. (it’s the small size)

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  1. Cute August 2022 Calendar says:

    You knocked me off my feet!

  2. omg thank you! this is perfect and so helpful

  3. Came to the blog looking for the link for the stamp – I knew I wanted when I was pregnant and my son is on his way to pre-school now and I’m finally ready to get it! thanks for the amazing mom content throughout the years 🙂