a workspace i could call my own

Apparently I am obsessed with our office. It’s the room I post about the most and the room I am least content with. Maybe it’s because I spend such a large amount of time in there and mostly look at wires and clutter.

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I have been obsessed with the idea of moving for a month or so. We have neighbors from hell. But we’ve decided to stay put for a while longer so now I have decided I need to make the office a place I want to spend all day in. Now it’s time to start planning how to fix the room without really spending money and doing anything too permanent for when we do decide to move. I’m thinking dark walls (like I’ve posted about before) and staining (and trimming) our desktops.

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These three workspaces have an order to the clutter. It makes work seem so much more relaxing. Also, the pipe shelving is so good. Is that a challenge to build and then bring with us when we move? I’m guessing yes but I’m going to look into it.


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