25 chic one piece swimsuits


you know me, i was looking for a stylish one piece swimsuit, so i rounded up 25… while normally i am pretty frugal when it comes to clothes, i do think a nice swimsuit is a good investment.  the material just always feels better and lasts longer and i really do think it’s worth spending more, especially if you’re going to just have one suit. i have a couple of expensive ones that have lasted a lot longer than my cheap-o ones. but i did a variety of high and low here.

i don’t think i’ll be wearing a bikini anytime soon (even though my c-section scar is practically gone!), so it’s a one piece life for me now. but one pieces are so stylish now…and the trends are pretty sexy it seems like now too lol.

row one : one / two / three
row two : one / two / three
row three : one / two / three
row four : one / two / three

row one : one / two / three
row two : one / two / three
row three : one / two / three
row four : one / two / three

and one more because i said 25…


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  1. My issue with one pieces is that they often don’t have enough boob support. Did you find any that worked for you on this front? I recall finally finding a cute one last year that would have been super flattering but after twenty min I had to take it off because it had support and my boobs were killing me. Sigh.

    1. If anyone is looking for a supportive bathing suit for bigger boobs, Prana’s Aelyn suit is my new fave. It has built-in underwires with removable padding, and comes in a one-piece, tankini, and bikini. Wearing it feels like a comfortable sports bra without as much smooshing. It’s the first suit I’ve owned where I don’t worry about a nipple popping out!
      Here’s the one-piece:

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