xmas decorating

Even though I’m a [very unreligious] jew, I LOVE christmas! Not the jesus part or anything, but the tree and the stockings and all of it. The presents are fun too. I stupidly thought moving right before xmas would be ok because we’d have 10 days in the new place before to decorate up. But we have 10 days to unpack / decorate up. This might suck. So now I’m envious of all the lights I see outside of other apartments and houses. They all suck.

You know when you see someone decorate and you’re like “oh man you really went for it”? Well as much as I like decorating, I hate OVERdecorating. Here’s some decorating that probably took place prior to 10 days before the holiday but doesn’t look all xmas on crack like.

And please remind me never to move on December 15 again.

images: one / two / three / four / five / six / seven / eight / nine / ten / eleven

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  1. i think u are very creative!! Im inspired by your engenuity. Just a little side reply…u said your not into Jesus…If you knew Him…I think you would really love Him.