some ceiling fans actually look good

we didn’t realize how hot our apartment would get when we moved in last november. but all spring and summer have been really brutal for us. we live on the second floor and are basically in agony unless we’re sitting with the AC on and all the doors closed in the bedroom. this was a big adjustment moving from somewhere with central AC.

for some reason, the second bedroom that we use as an office doesn’t have any AC. so we take shifts of working in it and having to take cool down breaks. not joking. for months now this has been going on. did i mention there has been a heatwave happening this week?

the other day i was like wait a minute… why don’t we buy a ceiling fan? after doing some research, i discovered there are in fact good looking ceiling fans. but not really for the price i’m going to pay. here is a roundup of my favorites that are under $500.

+ we bought one (that isn’t on this list, but was very cheap) and i’m planning a DIY to style it up when it finally arrives in the mail.

ceiling fan roundup

one . machine aged polished copper fan // $384
two . westinghouse matte black ceiling fan // $89
three . schoolhouse ceiling fan // $476
four . minka aire kewl ceiling fan // $100
five . casa reaction oil rubbed bronze fan // $199
six . paris ceiling fan // $384
seven . modern cirrus fan // $376

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