plans for the new year

i’m just now getting back into the swing of things after leaving town and the holidays. now it’s time to keep my resolutions.


be stricter with myself about tasks and the blog
be less irritable
stop being lazy
stop being flakey
spend less money on bs
pay bills on time (off to a bad start)
eat less junk
be clean
be organized
be fucking pleasant


stay organized: kate spade tudor city debra planner / this stuff does wonders overnight on a zit, but i’m always meaning to take 10 mins to do a mask. i never do. ever. take care of skin: kiehl’s deep pore cleansing mask / i wear nude flats like a cartoon character is always in the same thing. need to start getting a new pair sooner and letting go of a pair when they’re clearly not ok to wear anymore. these are cute and super cheap. breckelle’s casual flats / send thank you cards. thank people. be sweet. twine thank you cards from minted / i am going to buy a plant this year and i am going to water the damn thing, and it is going to live. this is the year. home depot ficus bush / i am going to challenge myself more with cooking. the family meal cookbook / i am going to only hang art that is special to us. vogue july 1948 print from art.com / i am going to smell good. stella eau de parfum


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