our new and improved dining room

You know that exciting time when you move in with your dream man and everything is so fun and exciting and picking out (and agreeing on) things is such a thrill? And then later on you realize that maybe you chose things because you chose them together and maybe you know better than your boyfriend.

Anyway, we took foreeeeever to pick out dining chairs. And when he actually liked some chairs, I was like yeah ok you like them I like them too. And then we took them home and I was like ugh.

But after months of me complaining, we sold them and got new ones! We went with black wishbone chairs. What a difference.

We also switched the position of the table. Doesn’t this look better?! And omg – our built in really looked pink before.

OOOOOOOOOOO. These chairs are such an improvement!

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  1. i have the exact same table… that i use as both my eating table and desk in my apt! i adore your blog!

    1. where is this table from?

  2. Mindy Sellers says:

    Hi there! I am looking for a table and wish bone chairs. While searching the Internet, I found your blog with a picture of your dining table and chairs. Loooove the way you paired the two together! I was wondering if you would mind telling me the sources of the table and chairs? I’m having a hard time deciding between a table similar to the one you have chosen or an oval marble top tulip table. Decisions, decisions!!!! Thank you so much!


  3. Amazing chairs. Looks fantastic.
    Could you help me find the same chairs please?
    I love that they are not to high gloss. They would match perfectly with my new table

  4. Macarena Corral says:

    Can you please tell me where these chairs are from? I am finding a lot of reproductions but they are too glossy. I am having my first baby this week and just remodeled our home. There are a lot of people visiting and we have no chairs for them to sit on! thank you!!

  5. Lauren Conklin says:

    Did anyone ever find out sources for the dining room table and chairs?