making this: painted barrettes

I feel like I buy hair clips and barrettes constantly at drugstores. Because I’m so bad at doing my own hair, maybe this particular hair clip purchase will solve everything. It never does! But my bathroom is filled with these. And if they could look that much cuter, why not?!

NOW – the thing I forgot to do was to go into painting these with a plan. I got some brushes and craft paint and started painting… soon realizing I had pretty much just painted two of them and now they were just painted different colors (the middle barrette I had taped off for a color blocking). So I painted an ombre effect onto one, I fixed up the edge on the taped one with an exact-o, and the third barrette I decided to slice into a halfway point with the blade and cut the rest off. It worked perfectly!

Is this how you even wear a barrette?!! No clue.

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