making this: diy colorblocked coasters

Now that we’ve had to retire our poor nightstands due to my love of crushed ice in my water at night (a feature I’d always dreamt of having with my fridge) and the warped bubbles they made all over, I decided I need to fill the house with coasters. So I don’t forget. Long sentence.

You can pick up these cork mats in the plant section of any craft store.

I fully believe that guests will want to use coasters if those said coasters are pretty. That theory must be true.

The step by step is really straightforward. Paint. Tape. Paint. Done. Yay!

Unless of course, you’re too anxious and you peel off the tape before it’s fully dry. Like me! If you peel your tape off and it’s perfect, then good job. You’re wonderful. If not, you’re also wonderful. Just go in with a tiny brush and a steady hand and fix the edges.

Now go drink a cocktail and don’t worry about leaving rings!

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  1. You photos are amazing! And what smart use of tape! 🙂 I’ll have to do this to smarten up my rental 😛