making this: litterbox redo


By the time I am posting this diy, the kittens have outgrown this lovely litterbox I made for them. Jerks.

Anyway, I bought the smallest litterbox the pet store had in this ugly beige. And a white shovel for it. Well they weren’t very cute at all! So I decided to spray paint both. I spray painted the shovel with a brass spray paint.

Could something that picks up poop look any fancier? I think not.

Then I drew this pattern with a sharpie. It was so ugly. So I spray painted it AGAIN and started drawing again.

Much better! What an adorable place to take poops!

2 comments on “making this: litterbox redo”

  1. I always thought that spray paint was harmful to cats (and all animals, at that) because of the fumes and chemicals in it… what brand did you find that is safe for them? I need to find me some of that!!

  2. Haha…love this. I hide the kitty litter in the downstairs toilet as its blue ugliness messes with our awesome mid century modern aesthetic. I’ma gettin’ me some gold scoopers today!

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