making this: homemade robocop costume

Okay – now I must warn you. This is some real cosplay shit. You know those people that dress up in costumes for conventions and stuff? I felt like that. And it sucks. I told my boyfriend when we first started dating that I wanted to be Robocop for halloween in passing. Anyway, it came up again this year and since they’re remaking it and the suit looks so stupid and my robocop costume dreams would suddenly become history once the remake was released, he decided to make me my costume. Great boyfriend, huh?

This is me feeling very embarrassed in my amazing costume. We went to an elevator at the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown LA because we thought the setting would be super Robocop-y. People saw me in public during the day and thought I was totally into cosplay.

The whole costume cost about $25 max plus a lot of boyfriend energy.

He made my chest and back piece out of cardboard and attached velcro on the sides and elastic to the shoulders so I could slip it over my head.

My helmet was made from a childs hockey helmet we got at goodwill, he added a leftover cpk frozen pizza box, and after we spray painted, we hot glued old hosiery for my eye piece (my one idea!).

My legs were made from cardboard, and he stuffed napkins into duct tape to make the trim. He later attached buckles so the legs hung from the chest. He attached those aloe juice bottles to the knees.

My arm pieces were made from two ocean spray bottles cut in halves to which he attached elastic.

My feet were my old rain boots that I never wear being so pink with the smaller sized aloe juice bottles duct taped all the way around.

I just wore a black turtleneck, leggings and gloves.

Then we spray painted everything silver. Silver spray paint seriously makes things look instantly robot.

OH and here is me as Robocop.

Next year I’m wearing a dress for halloween.

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  1. Simple and elegant. Your bf is a keeper. 🙂

  2. This is great! I’m making this costume for my grandson this Halloween. Thank you for sharing! Wish me luck!

  3. I used this tutorial for my Halloween costume this year! Thanks for posting!