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drift away coffee giveaway | almost makes perfect

driftaway is a coffee subscription service that’s tailored to your taste: they send you a few different roasts to try, you tell them which ones you like, and they continue sending your preferred roasts month after month. they switch out coffees every 4 weeks, so there’s always new flavors — and today you can win a three month subscription!

not only are their roasts delish – but their packaging is right up my alley.

drift away coffee giveaway | almost makes perfectdrift away coffee giveaway | almost makes perfect

all you have to do to enter is :
visit their website and choose the roast you wanna try most + leave it in the comments

the winner will be chosen on may 1st at 10am PST
giveaway is only open to us residents.

*** the giveaway is now closed. congrats to the winner #27 : isabelle! ***

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  1. The costa rica tarrazu and the uganda kapchorwa both sound amazing

  2. How to choose… how to choose…….. I guess I’d go with Peru Cajamarca. To start.

  3. Alli Horst says:

    the tarrazu sounds amazing!

  4. The ETN or BSR would be awesome!

  5. Mmm the peru cajamarca sound delicious!

  6. I love this idea! I would love to try the NICARAGUA PRODECOOP

  7. Kristen M says:

    Brazil Fazenda I.P. sounds great!

  8. the CRE and UGK sound delicious!

  9. I think I would like to try either the Guatemala Huehuetenango EP or Colombia Lucero Supremo. I like the dark, strong, and bitter coffees the most, they just give you the right jolt you need in the mornings.


  11. Courtney B. says:

    I wanna try NIB | NICARAGUA FINCA BUENOS AIRES– thans!

  12. Gennie Rigby-Hawkins says:

    The Prodecoop seems like it would and interesting roast! All about the strawberry undertones, overtones, anything. Strawberries are my favorite thing about Spring!

  13. amy walker says:

    costa rica tarrazu looks divine!

  14. Michelle Warnke says:

    omg i love coffeeeeee! I love the idea of subscription coffee! I’d love to try Ehtiopia Kochere!

  15. The GUD roast sounds the most appealing to me!

  16. Goooorgeous packaging! And totally matches the feel of your site! My husband says the COP flavor looks intriguing, but I’d go for the TAZ!

  17. I would love to try the ETN | ETHIOPIA SIDAMO. Bold coffee is my go-to and this blend sounds amazing since it has hints of dark chocolate, cherry, and strawberry!

  18. The Costa Rica Tarrazu looks amazing. I didn’t know there were coffee subscriptions. There seem to be supscriptions for everything!

  19. I would love to try the following roasts.. CRE | COSTA RICA TARRAZU and BUR | BURUNDI BUHORWA.

  20. Whoa! This is fun and sounds delicious! I’d like to try the Colombia La Union De Narnio!!

  21. I’d try the CRE. Cocoa, hazelnut, and brown sugar? Yes please!

  22. Definitely the Costa Rica tarrazu !

  23. they all sound sooo good but I love a light roast so I’d love to try the ETK.

  24. Elizabeth says:

    The Gatomboya sounds fantastic to me!

  25. Sarah Masson says:

    Colombia la union de narino! The question is, how do I get it directly into my veins?


  27. Stephaine says:

    All of them, but I’ll go with BSR

  28. The CRE Costa Rica Tarrazu seems right up my alley.

  29. rachel alexander says:

    Would love to try the RWA – Rwanda Gitesi. Currently loving light roasts and the notes of Rosehip Tea, Tangerine, and Cane Sugar sound absolutely divine!

  30. Thank you so much for introducing me to them! I LOVE trying new coffee. The CRE | COSTA RICA TARRAZU sounds really incredible. xo Monica

  31. I def wanna try the ETN | ETHIOPIA SIDAMO

  32. Edo Plasschaert says:

    Honey? Vanilla? Red Apple? That’s how I wanna start my day! BUR is my choice all the way!

  33. Crystal Yim says:

    Would love to try the Costa Rica Tarrazu!

  34. Incredible giveaway! I would love to try any of these delicious blends but the Peru Cajamarca sounds delightful.

  35. oh my goodness i want to win this! COB | COLOMBIA LUCERO SUPREMO for me, please.

  36. Oh my goodness, I can’t tell you how many times I scrolled up and down and back up trying to pick just one! They all look and sound divine… If I had to choose one, the Colombia Lucero Supremo sounds so fun and delicious!

  37. I’d love to try KENYA NYERI GATOMBOYA!


  38. I’d be keen to try the GUD | GUATEMALA FINCA SAN DIEGO BUENA VISTA. sounds excellent. x

  39. Stephanie says:

    The ethiopian coffee with lemongrass sounds great!

  40. NIP sounds like it’s up my alley!

  41. Lucero Supremo had me at dark chocolate. Also, Colombia is high on my travel list.

  42. I would love to tryUGK, it sounds lovely!!

  43. I’d love to try the Costa Rica Tarrazu but I feel like that’d be so “me” and safe – so maybe the Ethiopia Kochere for something different.

  44. Totally one of the Guatemalas… but I’m partial since my hubby is Guatemalan! Really you cant go wrong when its coffee!

  45. I want to try them all! But if I had to pick one, the Honduras Fincas Mierisch sounds pretty delightful.

  46. Trista Porter says:

    Would love some BUR | BURUNDI BUHORWA!!

  47. I would love the PER | PERU CAJAMARCA. But many of them look right up my alley!

  48. I am a coffee addict (law student), and I would love to try the honduras san vicente! mmm!

  49. The CRE | COSTA RICA TARRAZU sounds heavenly 🙂

  50. I’d like to try the Columbia Oporapa. In mostly thinking about the chocolate part! Yummm…. I bet it smells heavenly while brewing too!

  51. All! But ETK sounds pretty perfect.

  52. Heather S says:

    The Costa Rica Tarrazu sounds so good!!

  53. They all sound way too amazing, but if i had to pick one- Honduras Fincas Mierisch!
    Driftaway Coffee looks like such a great little coffee company! I work in advertising, so there are always late nights and i’m always in need of GOOD coffee. I’m so glad you showed them to us!

  54. I would love to try the CRE – Costa Rica Tarrazu blend. Sounds like a delicious way to start your day!

  55. The packaging is very on point. I would like to try KYK.

  56. Awesome find! I would love to try the Burundi Buhorwa – seems right up my alley!

  57. I’d love to try the BSR Brazil Fazenda Do Serrado. Caramel, Roasted Almond and Cocoa?! Yes please!

  58. Kapchorwa (Dates, Maple syrup, Cocoa) or Sidamo (Dark chocolate, Cherry, Strawberry). Bold and fruity. Bring it on.

  59. They all sound incredible but I’d try the Gatomboya first

  60. I’d love to try UGK | UGANDA KAPCHORWA!

  61. That BSR Brazil Fazenda Do Serrado sounds like liquid gold!

  62. That BSR Brazil Fazenda Do Serrado sounds like liquid gold!

  63. the PED sounds like my kind of coffee!

  64. Even in the heat of Texas, I can’t give up hot coffee, and the Papua New Guinea Bauka Blue looks like it would be perfect–orange and kumquat? YES PLEASE!

  65. I would like to try the Costa Rica Tarrazu.

  66. Yum – the BRAZIL FAZENDA DO SERRADO sounds perfect!

  67. The Ethiopia Kochere…sounds amazing!

  68. I would try the Costa Rica Tarrazu first

  69. um, every, single, one. first up should definitely be the costa rica tarrazu. thank you for the delicious giveaway!


  71. The BSR for sure! Sounds so yummy!

  72. Angelina Sorokin says:

    Yummy, the Nik–Nicarague Las Nubes Co-op sounds divine 🙂

  73. CRE is the place to be. Thank you for putting this giveaway together!

  74. Stephanie says:

    Both Uganda ones sound amazing!!

  75. would love to try the HOV | HONDURAS SAN VICENTE !

  76. Maria Kintz says:

    CRE sounds so yummy!!! Thought they would seem to all be up my fiancé ‘s alley!! Thank you for the giveaway opportunity!

  77. oh i think i would love to try the BSR | BRAZIL FAZENDA DO SERRADO!! what a cool idea for trying new coffees!! thanks for a giveaway and packing is definitely spot on!!