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i’m super into giving people gifts they won’t throw into a closet and i’m also super into curating boards full of gift ideas (as you probably know) — so today i’m sharing with you guys this new website i’ve teamed up with called giftry. it’s the easiest way to find the perfect gift for whatever occasion comes up.

giftry lists

along with some of my favorite bloggers, i’m an influencer on the site – so we have compiled different boards of gift ideas. if you like someone’s aesthetic or pinterest, then that’s a really helpful resource when you’re looking for gifts online. and just like you get addicted to pinning, i started getting a little into making boards and doing some virtual shopping, mostly for myself. but maybe for you too.

you can start a board for the said-gift getter. so like : if gideon has a birthday coming up, i can create a board for gifts ideas for him. then i can share it with our friends and family and make sure he gets gifts he actually likes rather than add to a pile of gifts to give away when it’s someones birthday.

he actually got me in the habit of immediately writing down when he mentions he wants or needs something – so now i do it with everyone. i have countless text notes in my phone of gift ideas for all my relatives. it’s kind of the best way ever to keep track of good present ideas, so i highly recommend starting. and it works for non-material gifts too – i am always checking the performers at our nearby indian casino — because if someone good plays there, surprise tickets and a night at the hotel are the best gift ever. but that’s just one idea. i’ve also gotten my parents cooking classes, which they loved. we once got my little sister a beef jerky of the month membership. i really hate it when i get my mom the wrong gift and i see it with the tags on years later. so you can totally avoid this with giftry YAY!


i don’t know about you, but giving someone things they might actually want is way more exciting to me than giving them an itunes gift card. and you make sure your loved ones are on the same track for gift ideas can avoid the said closet toss.

anyway — you can sign up for giftry, check out my gift ideas and the rest of the influencers’, and maybe create some gift lists for yourself or someone real lucky.


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  1. Sorry, all I saw was Beef Jerky of the Month membership. Must learn more!

  2. Now that Pinterest allows you to have private boards, what would prevent you from using it for this same purpose?

    1. true! but ive had a super hard time getting my older relatives to figure out how to use pinterest.

  3. This is such a great resource! I’m TERRIBLE at remembering things that my friends or my beau mention they like/want/need—I will try to take Gideon’s advice!

  4. i just randomly came across giftry the other day and it seems like such a great idea – and how did no one come up with this before? thoughtful gifts are so much more fun to give and worth the effort of tracking down.

  5. Website is cool, except it keeps overtly suggesting Mormon-themed gifts.

  6. This looks like a great site, thanks for the tip! I love gift giving, and I always do try my best to plan out gifts in advance and find things that the recipient will really love, rather than rushing around mid-December and buying the first thing I can find.