eating this: truffle oil and chive scramble

For doing as many recipes as I have and loving eggs as much as I do – the other day I was like wait why don’t I do more egg dishes?

This one is a no brainer but I absolutely couldn’t live without scrambles and truffle oil is the easiest at home go-to to add some… spunk to scrambled eggs. Spunk sounds kind of gross.

I’m very strict about how I like my eggs cooked. My boyfriend has taken egg lessons many times (in case of emergency).

Truffle Oil and Chive Scramble

2 eggs per person
truffle oil
sea salt
fresh ground pepper

Crack the eggs into a bowl. Whisk really hard for a while, like longer than you think.

In a pot (not a pan), melt a tablespoon of butter with a sprinkle of sea salt over low heat. Add the eggs and stir constantly with a wooden spoon. Add chives once they start to solidify. Keep stirring, not letting any portion overcook. Add about 2 dashes of truffle oil. Remove from heat before they look done to keep the eggs creamy.

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