diy macrame plant hangers

while i’ve been seeing macrame plant hangings for quite a while around the internet now — i’ve been wanting to make some but looking at all those tying tutorials seems so daunting. until i realized beads could replace knots. which is what these hangings are totally based on.

macrame plant hanging | almost makes perfect

these super simple plant hangers only require THREE KNOTS. just THREE KNOTS (plus a little tie off on the top and bottom) and you’re done. how easy is that?!

cotton filler cord 6/32″
wood beads
gold key ring
a cute plant
a drill *

diy macrame plant hangers  | almost makes perfect


01 | depending on your desired length, cut your cord into six pieces. my longer hanging had pieces around 4.5 feet long, the shorter one was about 2. line up your pieces, and tie an additional piece of cord around to secure them and make a tight knot.

02 | separate your pieces into pairs, and tie a knot at the same height on each pair.

03 * | if your bead holes are too small to fit onto the cord, drill larger holes in each bead. then thread the cord into three beads, dividing each pair. so that the two pieces on the ends are now beaded together. is that worded correctly?

04 | place your plant into the cradle of the hanging, and if all is well, line up your pieces over your key ring. use an additional piece of cord to tie it in place, snip off the ends.

diy macrame plant hangers  | almost makes perfect

and that’s it! make 10 and hang them all over your house.

diy macrame plant hangers | almost makes perfectmacrame plant hanging   | almost makes perfect

and good news for all you cat parents who love cacti — hang it and you can have cacti in your house!

diy macrame plant hangers | almost makes perfect

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  1. Woah! These are so easy. Totally doing them for my wedding!! Love it <3

  2. Wow! You make it look so simple! Either way, it’s beautiful 🙂

  3. Super cute, and so clever how you can just slide the bead to adjust the holder size for different pots. I have a macrame plant project in the pipeline, too. (Mine’s a bit different, and there’s plenty of room for all of them, of course!)

    Did your comment about cats and catuses mean that your cats bother them? Because I’ve heard people suggest that cats will leave them alone. One of mine doesn’t know this–given the chance, she takes her little paws and pulls them out of the pot and throws them on the floor. What does your cat do to them?

    1. I’m wondering too about the cat/cacti comment. i’ve read that some cacti are poisonous to cats, but i’d say my cats are much more harmful to my cacti. they pretty much rub their face on the pots until they fall off the ledge. they love knocking plants over. they haven’t dug in them much, though. i’ve already lost two plants to those little buggers.

      1. oh mine just don’t leave anything alone, like ANYTHING, so they mess with succulents, cacti, my hair, tissue paper, my wacom pen, etc. so because one of the cacti i bought is prickly, i thought it was dangerous to have in reach because i know they’ll touch it.

  4. Ahh I love these! I’ve been wanting to do some for ages as well but this is definitely the easiest (and sweetest) DIY I’ve seen. I think you may have just encouraged me to finally make some this weekend!

    One question, how do you pot your catci/succulents? I’ve read a lot how drainage is important so I’m not too keen to have hanging pots all over the place if soil and water will be constantly draining. Any advice? 🙂

    1. i totally have a brown thumb, so i actually have the guy at the nursery do it! but in terms of watering them once they’re hung, i’ve been taking them down, watering in the sink and hanging back up. kind of a pain, so i’m sure they’ll die soon!

      1. Ah ha! This makes sense. I’ve been seeing all these lovely hanging plants and I had no idea how to tackle the watering issue. I’m sure they won’t! Succulents and cacti last forever – although, I have managed to kill one already haha. I’ll try your method and see how I go!

    2. Tanya Gardiner says:

      Hi Kate,
      I use 3 things always — I x bag each of charcoal & perlite & a $2.80 block of peat moss (add to a huge tub or bucket & add 1 ltr hot tap water & fill with cold to make soft mulch) mix together well & add the lot to 50 ltrs of your choice of the best quality either indoor, outdoor, orchid or succulent potting mix. I then water lightly then Seasol in a week or so.
      Best tip for succulents – get two of each!!! Then rotate in & outside every few days. Enjoy, Tan x

  5. These look great! I recently did something similar using colorful ribbon to match event colors.

  6. So simple! My grandma used to make plant hangers like these with wooden beads. The colours were just retro- I like yours so much!

  7. Hello!
    Lovely tutorial, thank you for sharing it with the world! I was just wondering what you hung it on. Was it a push pin, picture hanging hook ext. Thank you!


  8. I love this! I just bought the cord, but I’m nervous about the size beads to get. Do you know the size you used? Thanks for the post!