cozy layers for “winter” (in la)

this post is in partnership with walmart

it’s been like AGES since we’ve gotten to wear layers in la, so i’m so excited to wear cozy sweaters and jackets again now that it’s cooling down here a little bit (i mean it was 78 the other day but still).

i find oversized sweaters really perfect for postpartum + breastfeeding too, they look cute, cover the mom pooch and i can easily pull them up to nurse modestly. and i always feel like a longer cardigan looks effortless over a top and pants.

i found some cute jackets and sweaters from walmart– and YEAH i’m wearing jeans postpartum, but when i wear them out of the house, i immediately put pajamas back on the second i walk back inside OK?

if you haven’t seen the free assembly line, it’s super cute!! i want so many pieces.

and besides the outwear and sweaters, my jeans and perfect white t-shirt i’m wearing along with some cute winter accessories linked below!

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  1. HI there, I’m not seeing the “linked below” ? Could you help with this please- thanks !

    1. Molly Madfis says:

      hi! do you have an adblocker turned on? if so, turn it off and you should see it!

  2. Love everything you linked!