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    holiday gift guide : stocking stuffers for kids and adults

    i always find the stocking stuffer gift guides to be the hardest because i have too many ideas and i can’t stay focused on any of them haha — but here it is! lots of ideas for grownups and for kids! hope this helps you!Read More

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    printable advent calendar activity cards

    i made some new advent printables to fill your pockets! there are 24 altogether. a new design that feels fresh to me!

    a few years ago i designed some cards for our advent calendar because i didn’t want to fill every pocket with gifts or treats — well the older arlo gets the less he’s interested in doing cute bonding activities with me, so i added in some kindness ones to really rub it in this year.

    when i’m filling the advent, i usually go through a calendar and add the more involved activities to the weekend dates (i still always check in the morning before he pulls them to see what it is and if i messed up lol)

    i’ll still add in a few little treats and a couple of ornaments here and there along with the activities, but i think this is a really nice way to establish sweet daily memories. i have an older post with some ideas here!

    page one / page two

    for the best results, download from your browser and print from your computer (versus from the browser window)

    these printables are for personal use only

    link for the advent calendar

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    printable letter to santa

    now that arlo’s at the age he can write, i thought it would be so cute to make a little printable letter to santa for him to fill in — and your kids too! i kept it simple but fun and lots of prompts to make it personalized. i hope you enjoy 🙂

    (and to be clear, he’s only 4 so i spelled out the words for him haha)

    Read More

  • holiday gift guide : for the big kids

    gift guide for the older kids! i even made an effort to include some tween gifts, but obv i’m not an expert so i did my best! enjoyyyyy 🙂

    Read More
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    holiday gift guide : for her

    i made sure for this gift guide for her that i would only choose things that i would want, so i hope you like it too!! lots of different price points for gifts for your sister, wife, mom, aunt, girlfriends — enjoy!! Read More

  • holiday gift guide : for the babies

    another gift guide! this one is for the babies, they don’t need much — but a little special something is always fun because who doesn’t like cute baby things!!?!Read More

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    holiday gift guide : for him

    this is always the hardest gift guide for me! i try to find things that aren’t all cliche “guy stuff” but still be… guy stuff ?! i think i found lots of cool things that i know my husband and brother would for sure like! Read More

  • very cute christmas stockings

    xmas is right around the corner so i wanted to share some pretty stockings in case you need ’em before it’s too late!!! made it a point to find a lot of ready to ship ones in stock right now below, but also a few custom ones that can hopefully arrive in time as well!

    these vintage inspired stockings come in such beautiful fabrics and are 20% off right now!

    these quilted patchwork stockings are similar to ours, so beautiful!

    another gorgeous sawtooth star stocking — with lots of color options to choose from!

    and for the pattern lovers, lots of beautiful ones to choose from and very inexpensive!

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    holiday gift guide : for the cook

    another gift guide! for all your loved ones who are always in the kitchen, i gathered a bunch of unique, stylish finds in all different price points that would make such good gifts if i do say so myself. Read More

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    holiday gift guide : for the in-laws

    i feel like in-laws are especially hard to shop for because you may not be comfortable asking them what they’d actually want, or maybe you don’t want to spend a ton of money but still want to give them something meaningful — so i found lots of different types of gifts at different price points!Read More