• summer playlist

    in an effort to make everything nicer, prettier and more functional, i went through and did a big cleanup of my spotify playlists. i used to make short 12 song “mixtapes” and share them here years ago, but i haven’t kept up with them and i realized longer playlists are what i way prefer these days.

    to be able to just throw one on and listen for hours is my favorite, so i created a long summer playlist, but i also went ahead and did a bunch of long ones. i’ll continue adding to these instead of making new playlists every time (also working on some for future seasons i’ll share then!)

    so there’s a long summer one, but also did playlists to listen to while you cook, while you entertain, and a baby & kids friendly song playlist too. i hope you enjoy!


    listen here →

    dinner party

    listen here →


    listen here →


    listen here →

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    father’s day gift guide 2023

    father’s day is 18 days away! i tried to come up with gifts that would appeal for young dads through grandpa dads. hope you find something you like for yours! (and ps, i just noticed last years gift guide is also very good in my humble opinion!)

    01. basketball trash can

    because NO ONE can resist throwing your trash into the can (or at least i can’t), arlo would actually love this a lot haha.

    02. waxed canvas tote bag

    a super handsome tote bag and there is also a duffel bag version!

    03. iphone screen magnifier

    for any dads that like to watch things on their phones! or play switch!

    04. custom portrait

    such a sweet thoughtful gift to have a little portrait made, and here’s a very inexpensive alternate too!

    05. freezable beer glasses

    i ONLY want to drink chilled beer. dads too! and here’s an alternate.

    06. buck mason t-shirts

    these are gids favorite t-shirts, they are soooo handsome!

    07. leather wallet with air tag

    because every guy i know loses his wallet way too often (you have to actually buy the air tag too)

    08. rs01 sneakers

    i’m in love with these sneakers! they are so handsome and they’re made from plastic bottles.

    09. raen sunglasses

    i think every gift guide has raen glasses on them? but they’re so good.

    01. yeti travel mug

    so many travel mugs don’t have handles but i think dads like a handle!

    02. custom embroidered hat

    i got this hat for gid embroidered with arlos drawing of our spooky family, and it’s his favorite gift ever

    03. digital meat thermometer

    because the whole cliche of dad loving their grills and whatnot!

    04. gripper slippers

    i got these for gid last year too — for the dads that want the feeling of slippers

    05. digital picture frame

    one of the sweetest gifts you can give someone these days! we love them.

    06. charging leather valet

    a very handsome addition to their nightstand or desk too!

    07. hot sauce 4-pack

    another cliche. i dont know, my brother loves hot sauce!

    08. rechargeable vintage flashlight

    very useful and also very handsome! here is a cheaper alternate too!

    09. deluxe scrabble

    if they’re into scrabble, how handsome is this deluxe version?!

  • my fave things this month | may

    mini sauce containers

    it took me a while to find little sauce containers for arlos lunchbox that actually fit and were easy to screw the caps off and on.

    graza drizzling oil

    i love this stuff so much! i didn’t think i’d use it as much as our regular olive oil because it felt too fancy but its actually not super expensive and it’s so useful. i love it for drizzling on crispy fried eggs, on top of arugula, i use it for air frying veggies a lot too.

    lux unfiltered lip serum

    i have super dry chapped lips so i figured i’d try this out and use it nightly before bed, and my lips are VERY soft and moisturized! i don’t see why i would stop using it!!

    matte glass candle

    i got this candle for my bff’s birthday and i couldn’t believe how good it smelled. it’s beautiful too.

    mini bamboo bowl set

    these are my favorite little bowls! i use them for arlo snacks but also now for izzy’s food, they’re easy, cute, unbreakable and perfectly small for the kids. they’re meant to be appetizers so they come on a wood tray (which i’ll use occasionally, but more often we just use them for kids foods). i got a second set since they were on sale so i thought i should share about them!

    quincy mae swimsuit

    the cutest little swimsuit i got for izzy!

    whipped cotton bra

    i love this bra so much, it’s insanely comfortable and now they have new colors and you can save if you get 2. i needed a black bralette and i researched to try to find a less expensive one but realized i liked this one too much to branch out.

    merit concealer stick

    i’m not into foundation or concealer but i have a lot of blemishes i want to cover, this stick is amazing! it covers a lot but also doesn’t feel heavy or cakey or makeup-y. i got it in the linen color.

    cord storage box

    desperately needed this for my crazy cord situation under my bed, i didn’t think i’d be able to use one of these boxes because we have a low platform bed but it fits perfectly! it is suuuuch an improvement.

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    cute inexpensive summer clothes for babies + kids

    i got izzy a few cute things from walmart the other day and could not believe how many adorable things i saw while browsing! figured a roundup was in order if you’re shopping for summer outfits.

    old navy has so many cute things too. looove the little fisherman sweater and izzy lived in that brown 2 piece set in the early days when she didn’t fit in anything else yet.

    and some of these patterns from carter’s are INSANE cute! i want so many of these!

    andddd one last little roundup of h&m! so many cute things.

  • my favorite mdw sales

    i’ve said before that i get overwhelmed when sales are happening because i can’t decide what i should buy and then end up buying nothing! if you get stressed you’re not alone, but here are some good sales happening!

    and ps– our beautiful new sparkling water maker is on sale too!

    for home

    samsung frame tv – up to $800 off

    mcgee & co – up to 30% off

    amazon – lots of memorial day deals. you can shop my storefront here!

    lulu & georgia – 20% off everything

    parachute home – 20% off everything home, i am obsessed with these towels!

    brooklinen – 20% off, the luxe sateen!

    jenni kayne home – 20% off, i am obsessed with this enamelware for summer and these are my favorite dinner bowls!

    west elm – up to 60% off

    anthropologie – up to 40% off

    rejuvenation – up to 70% off

    allmodern – up to 60% off

    minna – 20% off

    babies + kids

    quincy mae – 25% off

    h&m – up to 60% off

    cotton on – 30% off

    lalo – up to 20% off


    & other stories – up to 60% off

    nordstrom – up to 60% off

    madewell – 30% off everything, i shared some sale picks here!

    jenni kayne – 20% off everything

    boden – 30% off everything

    aerie – 50% off swimsuits (just got the black one from above and it’s so cute on!)

  • how we didn’t sleep train izzy, but i guess we sorta did (plus a q&a and her schedule)

    i get asked about sleep training izzy often, and while it feels so braggy to say we didn’t have to, well we didn’t like we did with arlo, so i’m like just being honest!!! he was a very different baby, and we very much had to FORMALLY sleep train him, so if you need any help with that, you can read that post.

    also did a q&a with a sleep training expert here!

    anyway, a girlfriend of mine has a baby about the same age as izzy, so she’s been an essential part of izzy’s sleep habits– she is very much a regimented schedule person, so i just text her and she tells me what to do. i believe she said the schedule is from moms on call!

    at around 4 months, we implemented a concrete nap + feed schedule as well as moved her into her crib and things improved a lot for her sleeping. it made a HUGE difference in my quality of life, and izzy’s nighttime sleep too.

    the early days of izzy sleep

    she was always a good sleeper from the start (as a newborn she could go a few hours very early), but she seemed to have some strong preferences, which we tried to troubleshoot right away. we noticed right away that she was NOT a fan of the snoo (arlo was!) so we kept it unplugged and just used it as a bassinet.

    we noticed at that time it seemed like she didn’t like being super flat, so we also got leg extenders for one side so that she would have a small incline.

    we even used an external sound machine because the one built in the snoo didn’t seem to be her favorite haha.

    she could sleep through the night with only one or two wakeups mostly, i would typically nurse her around 3am and then we’d change her and i would nurse her again on the other side and then we’d put her back down and she’d sleep till 6ish.

    now, i know that one wakeup a night is great for most babies, but i am a zombie unless i get like 9 hours interrupted, so i was really looking forward to zero wakeup days! it’s part of the reason we weren’t even sure we wanted a second baby at first, i really like my sleep!!

    implementing a schedule

    so in an effort to get her to sleep through the night, we sorta trained her by first implementing the schedule. as i said, it was so hard for me especially for the first few days going from sleeping/eating wheneverrrr to actually looking at a clock all day and paying attention to it. i would be very lax about her dozing off while nursing, letting her sleep on me, etc prior to that — but once we started with the schedule i made sure to be more rigid about that kind of thing.

    it took a few days for us to both get used to it but i was glad once we did. it also made planning our days so much easier knowing when she’d be sleeping etc.

    i am not a schedule person. i still have her schedule written down and sitting on my coffee table in case i forget to follow it, after months of it haha. i ignore daily savings times because the math is too complicated for me, so i just look at the new time and abide by it.

    lightly sleep training

    my goal very early on was to get izzy to sleep through the night without wakeups. once she started sleeping longer stretches and her pediatrician ok’d her sleeping through, i wanted to train her to stop wanting to eat in the night, so we started simply soothing her at night if she woke up and not feeding her.

    if she freaked out like she was starving, i would feed her but we always had gid try to soothe and put her back down if we could. this honestly lasted only a few nights to a week before she got it and stopped waking up to eat.

    i wasn’t planning on moving her out of our room around this time as well, but i think it may have helped. i did a nap or two in her crib, and she seemed to sleep better and was so happy to be out of the swaddle, so we just went for it.

    i cried that night, mourning how quickly the newborn stage had flown by and my last baby was already in her own room and i watched her on the monitor with tissues and then i slept like a baby myself all alone in our room!! haha

    we typically aren’t too concerned about going in if she cries, but we will usually wait a few minutes to see if she stops. sometimes she will and then sleep all night, sometimes we assume something is actually bothering her so gid goes in to figure it out. (normally it’s that her sleeve has rolled down and she can’t suck on her hand)

    sleeping through the night and my supply

    i get asked often about my milk supply and what happened once she started sleeping through the night. i did the same thing with arlo, i just let my body adjust. i know that’s scary for some people who want to make sure they don’t lose their supply but i honestly would rather sleep and produce less milk.

    so for the first few nights i woke up very engorged and wet and then my breasts adjusted and now it’s fine. my production seems to be less this time around than arlo, maybe that’s because arlo wasn’t AS into solids or took bottles or something, but i just try not to worry about it too much.

    for a short stint, i was pumping before bed and we were giving izzy a bottle before bed (in the good old days when she took one!) but i just hate pumping and honestly i’m fine with our situation. she eats a lot of solids when i’m not around and she seems to be content so i’m not too concerned! i’m going to do a second post about her eating since this post is so long.

    i stay hydrated and i nurse has often as i can during the day and if my supply ends up drying up then i’ll figure out the new plan then. as moms we spend so much time worrying about things out of our control at all times, so i would really like to avoid worrying about it for now and see what happens!

    i breastfed arlo for 11 months and then the doctor said he didn’t need to drink formula so i stopped. i planned to nurse for less time this time around because i felt much better and more like myself when i stopped breastfeeding, but since izzy doesn’t take a bottle or even want to drink formula out of a sippy cup i guess i’ll just have to go as long as i can!

    the “crib dump”

    i knew i didn’t want to sleep train the way we did with arlo, but i also knew i really didn’t want to have to do much to get her to sleep — a girlfriend of mine calls it “crib dumping” and i was envious and decided that’s the life i wanted too!

    so when izzy moved to her room, i started just placing her in the crib wide awake. with arlo i was so scared to do this and have him cry, but the second kid crying is way less scary. she’s so smart she basically got it right away. there are still a few times where she’ll cry as i’m walking out of the room, but then she stops within seconds.

    consistency is KEY for this. you just gotta keep doing it and they will get it!

    and your life will be amazing if you’re not rocking and singing and whispering and lulling and shushing and rubbing them to bed!

    her current 3 nap schedule (at 7m)

    7AM — wake and milk
    830AM — solids
    9am — nap
    1030AM — milk
    1130am — solids
    1230PM — nap
    230PM — milk
    330 pm — solids
    4PM — nap
    5pm — milk
    630PM — BATH
    645PM — BEDTIME routine (pajamas, nurse, book)
    7pm — bed

    *typically her naps range from 60-90 minutes. if she seems extra tired, i will let her go about 2 hours and change if she wants to. especially if she’s under the weather then i don’t mind her naps being longer.

    some babies need to be woken up so they can nap again soon after, but she never has much of a problem. if she does go 2 hours, sometimes i’ll push the next nap a bit, but as soon as she shows sleep cues i’ll know shes ready again to nap (she’s a big eye rubber when shes getting sleepy!)

    all of these times are mostly accurate but sometimes a little loose– i just nurse her whenever she wakes up, and if we’re out and we forget to feed her much i’ll nurse her again a bit if shes hungry. and if she falls asleep in the car, sometimes i’ve brought her inside, nursed her again and then put her back down to sleep more in the crib (it works sometimes!)

    ** some people asked about how she can eat so often after her last nap, if she isn’t super hungry for solids then we don’t push it, but she is kind of always in the mood to eat so it’s never been an issue haha.

    her previous 4 nap schedule (at 4m)

    7AM — milk
    830AM — NAP
    10AM — milk
    1130AM — NAP
    1PM — milk
    230PM — NAP
    4PM — milk (supper feed)
    530PM — “DISCO” NAP *
    630PM — BATH
    7PM — BEDTIME milk
    730 — bed

    * sometimes she would resist this nap but most times not, it was too hard for her to stay up from the daytime nap all the way till bedtime so this nap has always been crucial for us and we just end up waking her up sometime between 40-60 mins after she falls alseep.

    her bedtime routine

    it’s very simple, with arlo we barely had a routine but in the newborn days we found it harder to get her to wind down for bedtime because there was so much action happening with arlo haha. so once we started a nice simple routine, she got used to it and now recognizes when it’s time to go to bed and she’s always ready.

    after her last nap, i wake her up and she spends a little time with arlo or playing a little. then we sit down for dinner and have her sit in her high chair with us. we feed her little bites of whatever we’re eating and maybe a little spoon feed of a puree depending on how hungry she is.

    at 630 we bathe her in the sink with warm water. we only use soap on her once a week or so, sometimes more on her butt depending on how many poops she did etc. we just use a washcloth and pour water on her and make it a spa like experience for her, she loves it. in the early days of bath time i even played spa music to get the vibe going haha.

    then we bring her into her room with the lights dim and change her into pajamas, and rub some aquaphor all over her because her skin gets really dry without it. sometimes arlo will try to play with her a little and we never really turn him down even if its bedtime.

    i nurse her in my bedroom and and then we put her in her sleep sack and gid brings her back to her room for a book before putting her in the crib.

    that’s it! she sleeps through the night and we are so lucky!

    her sleeping arrangements since birth

    NEWBORN — izzy slept in a snoo (that she didn’t like but we had from arlo, who DID love it!) so we kept it unplugged and we used a white noise machine since birth too. she slept in two piece footed pajamas and then we swaddled her and then use the snoo swaddle as well.

    4MO — when we moved her into her crib in her own room, we put her in a merlin sleep suit. she really enjoyed finally having her arms free so she could suck on her hand (she’s very into that) and we started putting her in zippered footie pajamas mostly. we also stopped using the portable sound machine and started using the hatch in her room instead. it’s nice that i can control both kids sound machines on one app and i have all her naps programmed onto it. sometimes for naps i would leave her arm out of the suit because she’d already be sucking on her hand, i figured that was a decent segue into a sleep sack. this is her crib mattress and it’s dual sided so when she gets bigger we can flip it over and keep using.

    6MO — once she started officially rolling over in the suit, we switched her to a sleep sack. we were scared at first and didn’t want to risk her not sleeping as well, but it only took her a day or so to get used to the sack. at first she wasn’t a fan of rolling over but now she always sleeps on her side or her tummy.

    BLACKOUT + WHITE NOSE — in all stages of her sleep we’ve always done both of these. the room completely dark and white noise. i know that makes her naps less versatile for on the go and travel but she sleeps so well and arlo slept so well with the combo that i won’t stop. she is still able to fall asleep in the car, and when the white noise timer goes off (i have it programmed to play for two hours for each nap) she stays asleep sometimes too soooo!?

    shop the post

    your questions, answered

    i asked if anyone had izzy related questions on instagram and there were A LOT, so here are some that i didn’t really cover explicitly above! click on the question to read the answer.

    once we switched from 4 naps to 3, they obviously got much longer and we try to keep her entertained and eating while she’s up.

    i’m hoping to switch to 2 naps soon, but i’ve been trying to let her dictate when she’s ready. because she likes her sleep so who am i to stop her from doing it?

    i feel like there is always a lot of pressure to move onto the next steps and milestones at all times but its much easier for me to just go with the flow and move to the next step when she’s making it known she’s ready.

    it’s literally just been about being consistent. once we switched her from her swaddle to the merlin suit, we never went back, and once we went to the crib she never went back to the snoo. every new transition has taken some getting used to her for her (and sometimes a few tears) but she has always adjusted quickly because i guess she loves to sleep.

    sometimes if we get home late after being out and/or if she falls asleep in the car on the way home, i’ll still try to nurse her before bed and sometimes she can start dozing off hard while she’s nursing so i just do my best to try to wake her up and keep her awake so she can eat a little bit before bed.

    i don’t nurse her close to when she’s going to sleep for naps so it’s not a problem — i just nurse when she wakes up!

    we all read her books often, but for the first few months i wouldn’t say she was that into it. i think the key for izzy is really finding the ones she loves. some of them she’s just so so on and some of them she’s PASSIONATE about haha. again, just be consistent! incorporate reading into your routines and they’ll start to enjoy i’m sure!

    i don’t know if i mentioned this already, but her naps were MUCH, MUCH shorter prior to our schedule and crib change. it has changed everything for her! i could never rely on naps being longer than 20 minutes and it started to feel very suffocating because i couldn’t find the time to do anything for myself.

    i highly recommend getting on a schedule and hopefully it helps you too!

    at first she was eating a couple times a night, most nights she would wake up 1-3 times a night. i would feed her when she woke up and then she would just go back down immediately. it was always around the same, we would put her down for the night around 9pm (we’d wait till after arlo went to sleep) and then she would sleep for 6 hours or so and after eating and going back down she would normally sleep 2-3 hours after that.

    i do feel nap trapped most of the time for sure, which is the reason i’d love to switch to 2 naps because every nap you drop makes your life feel that much more free! i remember the feeling with arlo. right now, if i want to take her out, i do it between naps so i make plans for 1030-12ish to go somewhere for brunch (after our trip i also want to put her in a class because i’ve been talking about it for 5 months now)

    on weekends i try not to care too much about being strict about it, especially because we’re going on vacation soon and she’s gonna need to sleep on the go a lot so if you miss a nap here and there i think it’s fine, i just always try to do a good nap at home for the next one afterwards if i can!

    peekaboo love, peekaboo moon, hi! and fruits in suits. (we need more of the peekaboo books!)

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    izzy’s nursery

    this post is in partnership with west elm

    finally! izzy is 7 months and it’s finally time to share her nursery lol. i worked on the room for a long time, obviously, and really made sure i loved everything that came in– and i am so happy with how it turned out. it’s very monotone yes, and i find it sooo soothing in here. it’s absolutely my favorite room in the whole house. i believe it’s izzy’s as well! (it better be.)

    as soon as we knew we were having a girl, i knew i wanted to paint it a beigey cantaloupe sort of color. it took me a while to pick the perfect color, but i am so happy with this one. the color changes so much throughout the day but it always feels so warm.

    i didn’t plan on everything kind of going in that direction but i’m glad it did. the tone on tone really brings me joy!

    the first piece of furniture i chose was the crib. i didn’t end up saving arlo’s crib and i love the lines of this one. the feet make it feel so modern.

    i also knew right away that i wanted a cabinet instead of a dresser. with arlo we used a dresser for many years, but once i moved his dresser into his closet and we freed up so much space for other kinds of storage i was convinced dressers take up way too much damn space in a nursery.

    the windows in this room are awkwardly large and low and off center, so i searched for something that would fit under the window and most didn’t. when i saw this cabinet, i knew i needed it! the wood grain is so gorgeous and i love how much storage we have! right now i’m storing crib sheets, swaddles (that i’m no longer using) and hand-me-down toys from arlo that she isn’t old enough for yet. once she’s bigger and playing with more stuff, we can keep that all in here too.

    i originally planned on doing a changing pad on top of the cabinet here, but my best friend was getting rid of the changing table so i ended up taking hers. it’s been super convenient and easy to move from our room into izzys, but we’ll probably stop using it pretty soon and just change her on the floor because she prefers that.

    side note, izzy literally smiled for every picture. i can’t take it.

    it was VERY quick that we realized izzy had zero interest in being rocked, so having a glider chair didn’t make sense for us. instead we decided a giant comfy chair our whole family could fit on would be the best for this room. you know i can’t resist giant deep seating, and now izzys room is no different lol.

    next to the chair we keep her sound machine, her books and the sweetest wall sconce ever for reading.

    she loooves a mirror, so i knew we needed one in here too. it’s true they really make a room feel bigger! once it was hung it felt like a whole new room.

    and speaking of a whole new room, the closet was the same thing! i did not realize how much bigger and better the room would feel by removing the closet doors and adding curtains.

    i’ve said this before but a cozy rug is a MUST for a nursery. in arlos nursery i used a beautiful vintage moroccan rug that i quickly swapped into another room because we spent so much time on the floor together and i didn’t like the feel or scent.

    so choosing a cozy rug was one of the first things i did for izzy’s, and i am in love with this one. the sweet subtle pattern is great, so is the plushy soft feel, but EVEN MORE EXCITING? it’s an easy care rug, which means that it’s super easy to clean.

    and some more photos because there were just too many i loved i couldn’t choose!
    i attempted to link everything but please let me know if there’s something i missed.

    photos by marie buck

    room sources

    furniture :



    pendant light / pendant light dupe

    accessories :

    MOBILE (use code ALMOSTMAKESPERFECT for $10 off)



    DIAPER caddy / lamp / lamp shade / tissue box cover

    stuffies / round pillow / moon nightlight


    on the walls :



    paint color is terra bella by benjamin moore

    roman shades – fabric is Gent Vanilla with Blackout Liner –

    Motorized lift (rechargeable) – Classic fold – With Valance

    and Smart hub

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    home tour : oksana silchuks sunny snowglobe

    i’ve been following oksana for years on instagram now– and the light seeping into her house is just magical. so i thought you all would enjoy a little tour of what i’m calling a sunny snow globe!

    tell us about you and what you do!

    Hi there! I’m Oksana from South Dakota. Married my soulmate 14 years ago and now have 4 sweet little baby birds that were raising in our “nest”. I work part time at a dental office and on my days off, I take care of my babies and create content from my home. 

    how long have you lived in your home?

    We’ve lived in our new place for a year and it still feels like we haven’t settled in quite yet. We’re still looking for furniture that really fits our new place. I don’t want to rush this and only purchase pieces that feel like us. 

    how many sq feet is your home?

    It’s just a little over 1800 upstairs, however we also have a finished basement that the kids completely took over. 

    what would you call your style?

    Warm, clean and homey with a vintage flair. 

    how do you juggle staying minimal with four kids?

    Haha- I get asked this a lot. My take on this is you create your environment. Our kids have always known that mama has “special vases” that they can’t touch! The white can be an upkeep but we work together as a team to take care of our new place. Easier said than done but we all try! We believe if you have less things, there’s less to clean! 

    and how do you manage to keep your house tidy with them?

    Our place gets messy (especially the kitchen) just like any other family. As our kids get older, we do a lot of teamwork and assign everyone chores they are responsible for. Our kids can easily wipe down trim, cabinets, organize shoes, and put away laundry.

    They have small daily chores, but we do a deeper clean of the house on Saturdays. I am always on a hunt for new ways/ideas to motivate our kids to keep tidy and I am a firm believer this is something they will carry into their adult life. 

    what’s your favorite spot in the house?

    The couch- haha. Our upstairs sectional faces the most scenic part of our home. I love my morning coffee on the couch watching my bird feeders. 

    what was the biggest splurge in your new home?

    Our glass garage doors are a dream come true. They give off that Palm Springs vibe in South Dakota. We are really happy how they turned out. 

    do you own a tv!?!!?

    Yes we do! We don’t have a tv upstairs but we have one in our lower level. It’s not on that often but we love doing movie weekend movie night with our kids. I’d love one of those cool frame TV’s in our bedroom- it’s on the wishlist. 

    what’s something you want to change but haven’t gotten to?

    We’ve been meaning to add some wooden fluted doors to our pantry and add some more texture to our walls. We also have a lot of landscaping planned this summer. 

    what’s your best design advice?

    When in doubt, go simple. It’s easier to add than subtract when it comes to design. Take it easy, take your time, think it through, don’t rush. 

    what’s a style compromise you made for your kids happiness?

    Their rooms are all them! Their bedrooms are filled with all the fun colors, legos, walls plastered with their artwork.. I love watching their personalities.

    what’s your favorite thing about your home?

    All the natural light is by far my favorite. When we were drawing up our house plan, I spent time on the property envisioning the home and the way the sun would align. We get to see most of the sunrises and the way the golden hour hits our kitchen is unreal. 

    what are you watching/reading?

    I am a sucker for a good documentary! Also Chicago PD has been my jam for years! Unfortunately time for books doesn’t exist right now!


    paint color: Chantilly Lace by Benjamin Moore

    hallway bench
    clamshell bowl
    striped skateboard


    nightstands (similar)
    striped bedding (similar)


    high chair


    checkered cutting board
    water dispenser
    stand for water dispenser
    pendant lights
    stools (custom made)

    kids rooms—

    rattan bed

    hope you enjoyed a look into this veeeeery serene home!

  • my favorite places for lunch in la

    been meaning to do this post forever! i am passionate about the restaurants we frequent, but i kept this list concise because it feels more… personal that way? haha

    photo by jakob layman

    larchmont wine & cheese shop (larchmont)

    my favorite sandwich forever! you can’t beat the soppressata on baguette, you just can’t. it’s untouchable!

    photo by david marcinek

    all time (los feliz)

    the cutest little restaurant with such amazing food. for lunch, i love the salmon bowl, the big ass salad with steak and the blt. AND THE COOKIES!

    photo by elizabeth daniels

    olive & thyme (burbank)

    everything here is so good. it’s also a little cute marketplace and they have a deli counter. my favorites are the blta and salmon bowl (lol deja vu?), the green goddess chicken salad plate, the buratta toast, i can’t remember ordering something that wasn’t great!

    kazu nori (too many locations to name!)

    one of my favorite lunch date spots. this is a hand roll restaurant, you sit at the bar, choose the amount you’d like and they make them right in front of you. the rice is warm and the seaweed is crispy and it’s so so good.

    hank’s, a deli of sorts (burbank + sherman oaks)

    love their bagels but they are known for their bagel sandwiches — my favorites are the gravlax and the BTLA (sensing a theme here?). it’s not on the menu but you just create it with the toppings, it’s so good! i actually get it scooped so it stays crispy but i know that’s not for everyone.

    photo by jakob layman

    homestate (hollywood, playa vista, sherman oaks, pasadena, highland park)

    amazing greasy texmex tacos — their flour tortillas, guacamole and margaritas are so so good. i always order the trinity and the brisket tacos!

    photo by jakob layman

    miz la la (sherman oaks + west adams)

    the food here is so good. it’s israeli and i love the salmon kabob plate a lot. they have amazing side dishes and date shakes and i love the little minty green mix so much. the west adams location is much nicer than the sherman oaks one, it’s got a very sweet little patio.

    dune (atwater)

    a little counter serve spot that has incredible mediterranean food, i love their plates (yes i normally order the salmon lol) and falafel and pickled radishes!

    photo by brecht van’t hof

    great white (venice + larchmont)

    a very hot spot for lunch based on how busy it is, but the food is gooood. plus the design of the restaurant is so cute. i’ve loved the burger and breakfast burrito and the… salmon bowl? wth? should i do a best salmon bowl in la post instead?

    broad street oyster (malibu + dtla)

    we simply do not have enough lobster rolls in this city! not only is the food here really good, the vibe is so fun. it’s picnic tables and everyone is so nice and happy because they’re near the beach eating seafood. i love the oysters and the hamachi and basically everything here.

    bub + grandmas restaurant (highland park)

    ok so i’ve only eaten here once, but i LOVED it. incredible bread and pastries and desserts and i loved my turkey sandwich that had horseradish russian dressing and pickled cucumber!

    triple beam pizza (highland park + echo park)

    the pizza here is incredible! it’s also fun, they cut the rectangular slices with scissors and you can try a bunch of different delicious unique combos. my favorites are the acorn squash with honey and the potato sage and truffle.

    prime pizza (locations all over)

    this is our go-to pizza, it is so good. we love the square sicilian dearly! and ps, i don’t even normally like pizza like that –but once i got into it i was hooked.

    hiho cheeseburger (studio city, mid wilshire, santa monica)

    and our favorite burger spot, not only is the burger unreal but the PIES. THE PIES! they have banana cream, key lime and cheesecake and they’re all so amazing — but the cheesecake is somehow the fluffiest i’ve maybe ever had!

  • ,

    27 modern picture frames

    when i posted a photo of these picture frames i got so many questions about them — i guess cute picture frames are one of those things that you don’t really see or think about much, but i do love to display photos around the house so i figured a roundup was in order! sadly these ones are sold out already (ugh), but i found lots of good ones… so many good ones i ended up doing 27 frames!? wth is wrong with me!?

    and these are not your grandmas picture frames ok?! lol i did my best to find very cool shapes and fun patterns and frames that would make your dresser top or credenza or nightstand or bookshelf look good.

    shop : 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09

    shop : 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09

    SHOP : 01 / 02 / 03 / 04 / 05 / 06 / 07 / 08 / 09