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    20+ cute ideas for school auction art

    school auction art a lot of times can be very corny, or something you may not actually want to bid on / hang in your house. if you’re in charge of doing the auction art for your kids classroom this year, i thought a post of beautiful projects would be very helpful!

    in this post i’m sharing 20+ ideas for school auction art that are actually beautiful, doable and people might start a bidding war over! i tried to find easy projects but there are a few more advanced ideas in here depending on your level of expertise/ambition!

    wait, what is school auction art?

    some schools host auctions towards the end of the year to raise money for the school. each classroom is typically responsible for creating one piece of art that other parents hopefully would like to bid on and win for themselves.

    the best school auction art pieces i’ve seen don’t cost much to create and also don’t feel too personalized with each kid in the classroom represented. if you want to create something that fellow parents would want to actually keep in their house, then something more generalized will probably be the most popular.

    the best projects incorporate or represent a piece of each kid in the class.

    1. van Gogh inspired flower collages


    these van Gogh style art pieces look pretty incredible. as a group, students painted the background in tempera paint with mixed colors and large brush strokes. the teacher printed out a copy of an original van Gogh painting, cut out the vase, and adhered it to the painted background. then each student created a flower using crayons and water colors. the stems are made from tissue paper. i love!!

    2. a flower collage art print

    this is so beautiful! have students cut out shapes with paper in coordinating colors. then use gloss medium with paintbrushes to create the flowers. design a vase, arrange the flowers, and then frame!

    3. kids sharpie art plate set


    these are so simple but would be so cute to sell as a set! they would make for some really fun kids’ dinnerware. i also love this idea of kids each drawing their own fruit on a plate and then auctioning it off as a set.

    4. glass magnets with kids art


    a small one but so easy and cute. and something you might actually use. you just cut up kids’ art to the size of the magnets and glue them on.

    5. a beautiful serving tray


    so pretty!! for this one, kids used liquid watercolors, liquid diffusing paper and pipettes to create the circles. you could also try using coffee filters. then use mod podge to adhere to the tray. if you didn’t want to do a tray you could turn this into an art print, too.

    6. make a quilt out of kids artwork


    okay this one is a little more advanced but it’s SO PRETTY i had to include. very detailed instructions here!


    this one is also so beautiful and easier! i feel like these quilts could look so cute in a kids room! step by step instructions here.

    7. story quilts inspired by Huguette Caland


    if you’re not into the real quilts, you could try “story” quilts. these ones are in the style of Huguette Caland and are really beautiful. you can buy the project pdf here. you could have students color in different parts of the art and then frame, or have them create a few prints as a group for a really special series of art.

    8. flower paintings inspired by Georgia O’Keeffe


    these are individual art prints but how pretty are they?? you could sell as a set or have each kid paint one flower for a large scale print. or even turn into a calendar!

    9. paper mosaic art


    for this one you could have kids cut out different colors/patterns of paper and then have them assemble into interesting mosaic pieces.

    10. turn kids art into a calendar


    this would be really simple (and so useful!) — have kids each do a drawing for one of the months (or do two to a month if you have more kids in the class), then upload to a custom calendar online.

    i’m a big fan of artifact uprising and minted calendars if you’re looking for beautiful designs, and if you want something simple, i’d go with zazzle!

    11. large scale collaborative painting


    this project was done with tempera paint on a large piece of craft paper but i think you could get a large canvas and have them do the same. this would be great for kids of any ages really!

    12. a nature wind chime or mobile


    it would be so sweet to have kids collect things from nature and press into clay. combine them together to make a unique wind chime/mobile. you could also have them paint the discs instead.

    13. grid collages of kids’ artwork


    this is an expensive version of this idea BUT you could definitely do a cheaper version inspired by her work by scanning kids’ artwork and creating a grid-based art print.

    14. diy shell ornaments

    okay i’m a little biased BUT i think it would be so cute to have kids each make some shell ornaments and auction them off together as a set! here’s the tutorial!


    you could also do this idea as a vase instead of ornaments.

    15. fingerprint art print


    a simpler project but could be great for younger kids. you could also have them do something like this on a platter. very very cute, simple and looks beautiful!

    16. painting inspired by Paul Klee


    kids did their own individual art for this project but you could do a large-scale print and have each kid paint a square. or have them each do their own smaller piece and add them all together.

    17. cutout print inspired by Matisse


    have each kid cut out Matisse-inspired shapes in different colors then assemble together into a cool print!

    18. watercolor school auction art

    for my sons kindergarten school auction art, i had each kid do a watercolor painting and then cut them up into small leaves, creating this flowy rainbow pattern which i glued down to a piece of thick poster board. this one took me many hours, but i’m so happy with how it turned out.

    and there was a bidding war! 🙂 i believe it went for over $600 !!!

    19. checkerboard watercolor art

    for my sons 1st grade class, again, i had each kid do a small watercolor painting, and then using a square puncher i created a unique rainbow checkerboard pattern. i glued onto a piece of poster board and framed. it took me very little time and it would look so cute in a playroom or bathroom.

    20. tiny house collages

    alexandra mathias

    these beautiful collages are made by alexandra mathias! it would be so fun to have kids paint little houses like this and create a print inspired by their work. i’ve also seen similar projects done with butterflies and lots of other shapes!

    i hope this helped inspire you if you’re in charge of creating the auction art for your childs school. and if there’s a bidding war, even better!!!

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    father’s day gift guide 2024

    father’s day is june 16! so i put together a whole bunch of gifts that i think the dads in your life would like, young dads and old dads alike!


    draw with dad

    omg this is SO CUTE. i know a dad who lives in my house that would absolutely love to do this with a kid that lives in my house.


    moleskine smart writing set

    obsessed with the idea of this, and apparently it works well too! you can draw into the moleskin notebook and then have it digitally.


    tushy bidet toilet seat attachment

    i feel like i’ve had this on every gift guide but that’s because dads and pooping, you get it. it’s a good gift.


    courant wireless charging station

    the most handsome docking station for their tech! plus a nice way to spruce up their nightstand i’m assuming isn’t styled that well.


    ember temperature control smart mug

    for the dads that are microwaving their coffee all day long.


    bowflex 840 kettlebell

    this kettlebell is so cool– you can adjust the weight of it to range from 8-40 pounds.

    uncommon goods

    basketball wastebasket

    just so much more fun than a trash can. i for one always prefer to throw my trash versus placing it.


    rabbit freezable glasses

    for the dads who like a chilled glass!


    leather wallet with push button

    this has been on nearly every dad gift guide i’ve done and that’s because nearly every dad in my life now has this wallet. it’s so slick, and the push button makes them feel so cool haha.

    Lo & sons

    catalina weekender bag

    we are huuuuge fans of this weekender bag. love the bottom compartment and the double straps, it’s just such a good solid bag.


    crock-pot portable food warmer

    for the dads who pack a lunch (and like it warm!) this little food warmer is such a good gift.


    laser measuring tool

    a laser tape measurer!


    USB-C rechargeable flashlight

    every dad likes to keep a flashlight near their bed right? well this one is rechargeable and has 13 pre-set modes.


    vacuum haircut kit

    i may have shared this before, i got it for gid for a gift years ago and he still uses it– i’m not sure why this isn’t a more common product, but it’s a razor that also vacuums up the hair as you trim. as in, if he shaves and always gets hair everywhere — he needs this.


    fishwife smoky trio 3-pack

    for the tinned fish loving dads, i’ve heard these are delicious, and i love to gift tinned fish!


    custom photo shirt

    such a cute idea 🙂


    dad’s story keepsake journal

    love this gift for the grandpas, to keep track of their lives and family tree. especially if you took the time to help them fill it in.


    flowknit performance pants

    i love that these sweatpants have a straight leg, they come in a bunch of good colors too.


    embroidered pigment dyed cotton cap

    also a bunch of cute colors, cute and simple dad cap!


    organic chore jacket

    i just love a guy in a chore jacket. cute colors too!


    poorly explained movies party game

    for the movie / board game loving dads, this sounds very fun to me!


    vintage edition scrabble

    and for the dads who love scrabble, but you prefer aesthetic — win win on this bookshelf edition!


    personalized kid art work embroidered sweatshirt

    so cute of their kids or grandkids writing!


    extra large grill basket

    i started using a grill basket and i’ll never go back!


    dad, i wrote a book about you

    so sweet! i love the fill in the blank books.


    magnetic bottle hanger

    such a good way to store dads beer bottles in the fridge!

    j.crew factory

    dad graphic tee

    cute and simple!


    owala insulated water bottle

    i love these bottles! they keep the water so cold, don’t leak, they have a convenient handle and they have a spout to drink from, but also a built in straw!


    sonos ray soundbar

    we got this soundbar and are so happy with it! i love that it’s compact and white, dads will love that it’s a soundbar.


    personalized photo leather keyring

    just a cute little gift for dad.


    cool dads club shirt

    for the hip dads that want to advertise their dadness.


    custom baby face mug

    all the grandparents in our family have mugs with the kids faces on them — love the simplicity of this design too!


    custom embroidered hat

    the best gift i’ve ever gotten gid — an embroidered hat with arlos drawing on it! they have lots of options.


    chili crisp variety pack

    dads loves spicy food! well a lot of them!


    pour over coffee brewing system

    this travel cup is so cool, you can brew coffee directly inside of it!


    custom embroidered kids drawing shirt

    obsessed! i love that this is embroidered versus screen printed.


    custom face socks

    also got these for poppy! what dad wouldn’t want their kids or grandkids all over their feet!


    firsthand supply texturizing hair paste

    i just love the packaging of this hair paste, and they make paste for all hair types!


    the dopp kit

    a dopp kit that opens wide is so clutch, this one also has a bottom compartment and is a really nice big size.

    happy fathers day! i hope this gift guide helped! 🙂

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    a diy outdoor mud kitchen makeover

    as a first time mom, i did lots of fun projects for arlo – a playhouse, a dollhouse, a play kitchen… so i thought it was time to do something for izzy! she loves playing with the kitchen and she loves getting wet, so i thought a mud kitchen for our backyard would be super fun.

    i assembled the entire mud kitchen myself, which wasn’t the easiest thing i’ve ever done, but it was totally doable if you want to do it yourself. i used a drill, which made it much quicker.

    i loved the muted colors of this mud kitchen when i was shopping online, but once i assembled it i noticed that the blue sink felt a little too blue for this beige mom lol. so i checked the garage and just happened to have some brand new spray paint and spray plastic primer from a project i never ended up doing and decided it was a sign to go for it.

    i spray painted the sink and then the water jug thing also felt too blue, so that got some beige spray paint as well.

    i thought some little cafe curtains would make the kitchen look so good, so i did some new sew gingham curtains with fusing tape and i love them so much. we just drilled holes on either side and used a wooden dowel i had laying around.

    for the accessories, i used a stainless steel toy cookware set, some bamboo plates from our kitchen and some utensils from our kitchen and from the play kitchen.

    and i spent a lovely afternoon outside painting rocks to look like food! i just used acrylic paint, and they turned out so cute. i got nervous as i was painting them about how heavy they are and handing a toddler a basket of rocks to play with haha — but hoping no one gets concussed too badly.

    izzy is 19m now so we’ll see how she does with them, but the rocks would probably be safest for kids 3 and up!

    i mean how could i resist having cute food to play with in here?!

    the good news is she loves the kitchen!

    the mud kitchen is meant to get dirty (hence the name), but we’ll probably still tuck it away somewhere safe when it rains. in terms of keeping it clean and in good condition, if you live somewhere with winter, i’d probably get a cover for it. i think a grill cover would work well if you check the measurements!

    sources :

    mud kitchen (but i found it cheapest directly from the maker)
    stainless cookware set
    our jumpsuits (use code almost10) / my shoes / izzys shoes
    tilting umbrella / umbrella stand

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    cute outdoor toys and activities for kids

    whenever we go to other people’s houses, i keep noticing how much more fun arlo has in his friend’s backyards than our own haha. a lot of that is probably because it’s someone else’s house, but i have sort of wished we had more fun stuff to do back there.

    we had our playhouse and an ugly water table, some bubbles and we’ve put our cars back there as well, but i’ve just always wished we had a pretty swing set thing.

    finding stylish backyard jungle gyms and fun play things for kids is as challenging as you’d think, but i did my best! i rounded up a tonnn of fun things below!!

    click on the section you want to jump to

    swing sets + jungle gyms

    these outdoor swing sets are strong contenders for replacing the actual playground


    Wilderness Point Wooden Swing Set

    this jungle gym isn’t huge but is priced really well. has a lot to do including an art panel. you could do some little easy updates to make it look more stylish


    Modern Outdoor Backyard Swing Set

    the chicest play set i’ve ever seen!


    forest toddler swing set

    and they have a smaller toddler version of it too!


    8-in-1 kids Play Gym

    cute little wooden jungle gym. technically it’s an indoor one but you could cover it up when not in use!

    bed bath & beyond

    Modern Outdoor Swing Set

    pretty sleek and has some cute accessories!

    bed bath & beyond

    4-in-1 Outdoor wood Swing Set

    love the size of this play set and that it has a fun rope ladder


    Wooden Swing Set

    this one also has a sand pit area and climbing wall


    Haven Cedar Swing Set

    this one’s nice and modern!


    Scenic Heights Cedar Playhouse

    i don’t love the barn doors but otherwise the lines are pretty good on this one!


    Cozy Escape Playhouse

    this house looks incredibly fun!!


    chestnut 8-in-1 jungle gym

    you’d never need to go anywhere with this thing — it’s got a swing, rock climbing wall, and monkey bars. it’s also foldable and comes in two sizes!


    juniper folding playset

    this is a smaller foldable playset i almost got for izzy last year! it comes with a regular swing and a baby swing to choose from


    some of these look pretty good already but they also have good bones if you want to spruce ’em up like i did!


    Outdoor Wood Playhouse

    complete with a mailbox, fence and flower holders


    bakewell wooden playhouse

    this one has a sweet little kitchen


    Modern Outdoor Wooden Playhouse – Natural

    this is the playhouse i made over for arlo but it’s not bad as is!


    Modern Outdoor Wooden Playhouse – White

    the same playhouse — but now it comes in white!


    Outdoor Wood Playhouse

    this one is very clean!


    Outdoor Wood Playhouse

    love the open windows on this

    bed bath & beyond

    Outdoor Play cart

    if you don’t want a full-on playhouse — this outdoor kitchen cart is so cute and comes with accessories too


    tp toys Wooden Potting Bench

    or maybe an adorable gardening cart??


    outdoor kids mud kitchen

    the cutest mud kitchen i made over for izzy!

    freestanding toys

    some smaller options if you don’t have the space for (or want) a larger playset


    5-in-1 Toddler Slide

    a cute slide with a basketball hoop and telescope


    white wooden slide

    we own this slide and it’s sooo cute but has definitely seen some wear over the years living outside


    Wood Slide

    this isn’t specifically for outside but it folds up so you could store it somewhere safely


    8-in-1 Toddler Slide Playset

    this one also has a hoop and little telescope


    Wood elephant Slide

    so cute! just keep this one covered up too.


    Kids Basketball Hoop

    why aren’t there more good looking basketball hoops?? this one is cute and has other sports equipment too


    Swurfer Coconut Toddler Swing

    izzy loves this swing!


    kids saucer swing

    these saucer swings are always so much fun. this is one of the best looking i could find.


    tp toys seesaw


    wood Rocking Boat

    water tables + sandboxes

    sadly most water tables and sand boxes aren’t very cute but i found a few really pretty ones plus some that aren’t toooo bad


    Tide Water and Sensory Table

    i mean this is like the holy grail of water tables. use code ALMOSTMAKESPERFECT for 10% off


    KiwiCo Water and Sand Sensory Table

    this one is so cute and the legs adjust as your kid grows!


    Water Table and Sand Table

    a nice and simple wood water table


    Plantoys water playset

    arlo would have loved this water table setup!!


    Build & Splash Water Table


    Island Wavemaker Water Table


    Adventure Center Water Table


    Dino Dig Sand and Water Sensory Table


    striped water table cover

    this cover is so cute and then your water table won’t get all gross


    Wood Sandbox with Cover

    kids sandbox with benches and a striped umbrella!


    Wooden pirate ship Sandbox

    a cute pirate ship sandbox! and it comes with a chalkboard because that’s what pirates use


    Wooden Sandbox

    this sandbox comes with a little sink/kitchen area


    Sandbox with Canopy

    a covered sandbox with tic tac toe and a chalkboard

    bed bath & beyond

    Sandbox with Sand Wall and Canopy


    Wood Square Sandbox with Cover


    Metal Rolling Sand Digger

    a friend has this and it was sooo much fun for arlo to play with if you have some dirt or sand around!!

    pools, sprinklers + splash pads

    these inflatable options are great because you can deflate and stow them away when not in use


    petites pommes alice pool

    such a cute striped pool that comes in a few other pretty colors


    Pool Buoy Round Inflatable Pool


    Luxury Italian Tile Pool

    this pool makes me feel like i’m on vacation just looking at it


    Sunnylife Princess Swan Pool

    i love that this one has a built-in sunshade


    bold stripe pool


    shark play center

    a shark pool that comes with toys


    Sunnylife Giant Green Dinosaur Sprinkler

    who doesn’t want a giant dino sprinkler??


    Sunnylife Into The Wild Sprinkler

    or a cute snake one!

    pottery barn kids

    Shark Arch Sprinkler

    orrrr maybe they’re more of a shark fan


    minnidip garland arch sprinkler


    triple water slide


    scalloped Splash Pad

    inflatables + bouncy houses

    these are great for kids parties too!


    Sunnylife Summer Sundae Cubby

    an inflatable ice cream truck that comes with inflatable ice cream cones


    Bounce House with Ball Pit

    such a cute bounce house and ball pit!


    SMOL Bouncy House

    SMOL bouncy houses are so beautiful and so fun. i love this green one but they have lots of other colors and sizes. use code ALMOSTMAKESPERFECT for 10% off


    smol splash

    this water bouncy house looks SO FUN and it can be used as a standard bouncy house the rest of the year. use code ALMOSTMAKESPERFECT for 10% off


    modern looking trampolines don’t seem to exist but these two aren’t bad!


    Machrus Trampoline

    one of the better looking trampolines i’ve seen


    Trampoline with Net and Sprinkler

    a trampoline and sprinkler in one!! mind blown

    lawn games

    a couple more fun outdoor activities to jazz up your backyard


    Giant Four-In-A-Row Game

    mega connect four!!

    the container store

    SUNNYLiFe Giant Jumbling Tower

    giant jenga!!


    pastel backyard bowling set

    cutest inflatable bowling set!


    Wooden Bowling Set

    and a pretty wood bowling set thats way better than the usual plastic ones

    mark & graham



    Rose Cornhole Set


    ladder golf set

    a lot of $ but def the prettiest ladder golf i’ve seen.


    Giant Tic Tac Toe Bean Bag Toss Game

    the container store

    SUNNYLiFE Vacay Pickle Ball Set


    badminton set


    Berit racket set

    the container store

    SUNNYLiFE Catch Ball Game


    putt putt golf set


    Mini Wooden Golf Set

    pottery barn kids

    rainbow croquet game set


    Giant wooden yard dice


    bubble machine

    ok this isn’t a big ticket item but a bubble machine is one of the few things we do have and its wildly entertaining haha


    Rock Climbing Holds

    really pretty rock climbing holds you could add on to a climbing wall or play set

    hope this helps you create the most fun backyard ever for your kids!!

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    how to organize and store your kid’s legos

    if you’re a lego parent, you’re probably also drowning in legos!! it’s an endless unbeatable battle to stay organized when it comes to the most challenging toy in existence to organize.

    when you search the internet for lego organizing tips, there are endless posts because there really is no great, perfect way to organize them. once your kids get INTO lego, they basically just take over their room or your playroom or your whole entire house and you need to actively stay on top of it in order to keep them organized. i speak from experience, as my childs legos have taken over his room and i have also googled how to organize legos many, many times!

    deciding how to best organize them all and figuring out where to put them can be really overwhelming, so i thought a big post with lots of ideas and inspiration could be helpful for fellow lego parents!

    how to organize your kid’s legos

    step 1: understand your kid’s play style

    when thinking about organizing legos, consider how your kid plays with them. do they like to build sets according to the instructions only? do they like to keep their sets together or break them up and rebuild? or are they more into free play and coming up with their own creations? or all of the above!!

    step 2: go through allllll the legos

    it’s scary, i know. but the first thing you gotta do is start dumping everything out and taking inventory of what you have.

    if there are any sets they’ve outgrown, don’t play with anymore, or that are missing tons of pieces, consider donating them or breaking them up into legos to sort. really try to pare their collection down as much as possible and get a sense of what types of legos your kid has and really loves. btw — you can also order replacement bricks for your sets on lego’s website.

    we have an embarrassing amount of half built sets that arlo wanted to keep intact, but then they got destroyed while playing and we didn’t fully disassemble so it basically just looks like a lego city apocalypse in his closet.

    if you don’t own many brick separator tools, you can buy them a la carte (they save your fingers!) and maybe even invest in a lego vacuum (i want one!!)

    step 3: come up with your system

    we’ve had to devote a lot of space in our sons room to his legos. half of his desk drawers are for lego pieces and a few shelves in his closet store the sets stored away. the more sets he acquires over time and the less sets he’s willing to donate, the more crazy it will inevitably get… but back to how to organize!

    once you’ve figured out how your kid likes to play and what they have, organize based on that. and include your kid in the process!

    if they like to exclusively go by instructions/set, i recommend organizing their legos by the original sets with the manuals inside.

    these bags below are really nice and sturdy, and i like that i can fit multiple into a box that i then tuck into the closet, but i don’t love that i can’t see inside that well and they don’t have a separate slot for the instruction manuals. i do love that they’re deep and you don’t risk the pieces going everywhere unless the bag topples over.

    these bags are nice because they have handles, a slot for the instructions and you can see inside, but they’re not deep and the loose legos can easily spill everywhere — i don’t know about you but i’ve spent mannnnyyy hours of my life trying to find one missing piece during a build mid tantrum and i definitely prefer NOT to lose pieces lol.

    if your kid likes to build more freely and doesn’t care as much about sets, you may want to think about organizing your legos by categories only and not worry about disassembling and storing sets when they’re done. some examples are:

    • color
    • brick type/size
    • figures/minifigures
    • special or unique pieces (trains, plants, animals, cars, food etc.)

    if your kid likes both kinds of building approaches, you might want to figure out some particularly loved sets to keep together and then have a separate area of legos for them to build whatever they want. you could organize this area too or just have a big fun area of legos for them to go crazy with.

    it might also be a good idea to separate out any special or expensive/rare sets. you can put these on display throughout their room and then it doubles as decor for them. and you can rotate the displays out to keep it fun and encourage them to keep building.

    lastly, consider if you will realistically keep up with your system. for example, maybe don’t organize by type if you think you/your kid won’t stay on top of it. or you might end up not sorting the legos at all and that’s totally fine, too.

    we naively organized by type for 2 days to have it end up in shambles with no real order now. many people warned us, but we didn’t listen and it has NOT stayed tidy. the most important thing for our drawer “system” was to have a place to put everything back and encourage free building. despite the lack of organization, arlo manages to build freely just fine.

    what we have to do (but don’t actually do, yet) is just re-organize every 6 months or so to stay on top of it, but life gets in the way of these things!

    how to store your kid’s legos

    once you’ve figured out how to divide up your kid’s legos, think about how you want to store them. clear storage bins can be useful to see what’s inside and can look cool if you’re choosing a more monochromatic system like color. but if you think seeing all the legos inside will drive you nuts (guilty) you’ll definitely want to opt for closed storage.

    some ideas of ways to store organized legos:

    • standalone storage cabinets
    • in their closet
    • under the bed
    • a repurposed trundle bed
    • on the wall / on wall shelves (great if you don’t have a lot of floor space)

    how we have our lego setup

    we have two trofast units from ikea and had a desktop built on top (with a small backsplash to ensure no lego pieces fall behind). on the left side, we have 9 drawers devoted to lego pieces.

    on the desktop, i keep a tray that has handles and tall sides for him to build on. (we actually keep a few extra trays in his closet for when he’s working on multiple things, but we try not to let him do that much these days because that’s how things get out of control)

    i also got him a little “outbox” — it’s a place where we can put whatever pieces he’s left out away but so they’re still nearby and accessible versus putting back in the drawers. these are the bins we use, ours are just a different size.

    the lowest shelf is where he can display finished builds, but his closet currently has a ton we need to repair or disassemble too (planning on it to be a big summer project)

    and here are a few examples of how other people stored their kids collections too …

    caitlin marie design

    these are sets that are put back into bags and then stored in drawers. such a tidy organized way to do it (but not much room for free building later). definitely type A organizing right there!

    bigger than the three of us

    a really beautiful example of closed storage, you would never even know these stores legos inside!!

    neat little nest

    this one organizes legos by categories and then has a separate area organized by color and people and then an additional area just for storing instruction books.


    a nice example of a painted storage cabinet and very cute lego-themed shelves.

    within the grove

    clear bins with labels organized on wall shelves.


    lazy susan/turntables can be really useful for both storing and building!

    livlet studio

    this one uses bins, shelves and drawers inside a closet.

    okay so hopefully you feel inspired now! and to help you get started, i rounded up lots of good looking lego storage options for you below.

    storage bags


    10 Pack Colored Mesh Zipper Pouch Bags


    beige Storage Bags, 4-pack

    i love these ones, they’re the chicest ones but a little more expensive.


    4 Packs PVC Zippered Blocks Set

    these are the ones we have, in size large!


    rezip 2-Pack Gallon Size Storage Bags

    we also use these ones.


    Transparent zipper Bags – set of 2

    these ones seem great for traveling with too, sturdy and have handles!


    SWOOp Cotton Canvas Toy Storage Bag

    very convenient for picking up scattered legos everywhere.

    organizing bins + drawers


    Stackable Organizer Bins with 24 Grids


    stackable Storage Organizers, set of 3

    pottery barn kids

    LEGO Storage Build and Roll


    Room Copenhagen LEGO 3-Piece Storage Brick Set

    urban outfitters

    LEGO Stackable Wooden Desk Drawer


    ROOM Copenhagen Lego Storage Brick 4 Desk Drawer


    stackable Organizer Bins with Compartments


    ROOM Copenhagen Lego Storage Brick 8 Desk Drawer


    Foldable Storage Box with Building Base


    trofast Removable Storage Bins

    this is what we use in our trofast drawers and it helps so much to keep them organized!


    Plastic Storage Bins with Lid, 4-pack


    8-shelf Organizer and Storage cabinet


    Kids’ Storage with Lid

    these come in other cute colors too


    Acrylic Wall Toy Dispenser

    you can also get a version with divided sections if you want to organize even more


    Acrylic 3 Pack Desk Organizers


    15-Drawer Metal Rolling Storage Cart


    15 Drawers Rolling Storage Cart

    a fun colorful rolling cart


    10-Drawer Storage Cart

    and a smaller version!


    Sensory Bin with Lid and Removable Storage Inserts

    i really like that this bin comes with organizing inserts that you can take out


    Silicone Building Blocks Baseplate

    this baseplate that goes on top of the sensory bin is so cute! it comes in a pretty green color too

    lego building tables

    a few cute lego tables — great if you have the space for them! it’s always really nice to have a place to build that isn’t the floor.


    Kids Wood Construction Table with 4 Bins


    KidKraft Reversible Wooden Activity Table

    love that the lid flips over on this one


    3 in 1 Wooden Building table with Storage

    a simple option with built-in storage


    Kids Activity Table with Board and Storage

    another pretty wood one with removable lid

    helpful lego tools + accessories

    these aren’t essential, but they’ve really helped us maintain our lego system!


    bamboo stackable storage bin, set of 2

    similar to the bins we use for arlo’s “outbox”


    stackable storage wood bin

    i also love these!


    Sorting Trays – Set of 6

    great for holding legos while building


    brick separators, set of 3

    crucial for protecting your fingers.


    lego vacuum

    i think i need one of these!!


    the lego ideas book

    arlo loves this book for building inspiration

    i hope this post was helpful! if you have any advice or systems that have actually worked for keeping your house from becoming a lego explosion, i’d love to hear them!

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    mother’s day gift guide 2024

    mother’s day is around the corner now, so i rounded up some thoughtful and beautiful gifts for the moms in your lives! or for you to send to your loved ones as a gentle suggestion of gift ideas for YOUUUU.


    mama embroidered hat

    comes in both teal and a pretty pink/red color.


    bubble letter monogram necklace

    love this fun monogrammed necklace! you could get them one with their initial or a kid’s initial

    mark & graham

    monogrammed travel jewelry case

    these big cases come in lots of colors. i love the printed monogram but you can also get it foil debossed.

    mark & graham

    canvas zip-top tote

    this tote has lots of color and monogram options and bonus points that it’s zippered.


    oily cheri oil dispenser

    a gorge hand painted olive oil cruet.


    frangipani flower cologne

    i’m obsessed with jo malones new bottles!

    moda operandi

    misette jardin linen napkins set

    every mom loves a beautiful napkin, or at least i do. these are so cute for backyard meals!


    personalized embroidered sweatshirt

    lots of colors and embroidery options!


    golden glow body set

    i love osea everything forever. this gift set includes a body brush, body polish and the best body oil ever.


    therabody theragun relief

    the perfect gift according to larry david and to me.

    made by mary

    birthstone stacking ring

    a simple and beautiful ring with their kids birthstone


    harmony necklace

    you can customize the number of pearls on this necklace to represent number of kids, family members, etc. but it also looks beautiful as a single pearl.

    urban stems

    the weekend getaway

    pretty flowers that come in a vase that’s actually cute, very rare (and two gifts in one!)


    aura digital picture frame

    just the best gift for any sentimental mom in your life, we have ours automatically updated with our icloud albums and it’s so nice to see the pictures from your phone actually displayed (and the kids are always looking at it)

    a note — i know mother’s day can be a really hard time for so many people. sending lots of love to anyone who may be struggling right now.

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    beautiful nightstands for every budget

    bed / rug / mirror / quilt / striped pillows / art / sconces / chair

    since i’ve been redoing my bedroom i am now itching to swap out my nightstands for some wider ones. i also get asked for good looking nightstands constantly so i thought it was time to do an updated roundup! i found lots of beautiful nightstands — for any budget!

    nightstands under $500


    traskwood nightstand

    pottery barn

    cayman nightstand


    nora oak nightstand


    white oak nightstand

    west elm

    pedestal nightstand

    urban outfitters

    huron nightstand


    Crescent 1-Drawer Nightstand


    Somerhill nightstand

    bed bath & beyond

    waterfall nightstand


    modern oak nightstand

    urban outfitters

    parker nightstand

    urban outfitters

    jordan nightstand

    joss & main

    yuna nightstand

    bed bath & beyond

    boden nightstand

    nathan james

    Mid-Century Wood Arched Nightstand

    west elm

    linwood nightstand

    nathan james

    Wood Fluted Nightstand with Drawer


    Antonnio Nightstand

    nathan james

    Solid Wood, Rattan & Glass Top End Table


    studio mcgee 2-drawer nightstand

    birch lane

    Dodger 1-drawer nightstand

    nathan james

    Wood Floating Nightstands Light Oak – set of 2

    nightstands over $500


    Sawyer Nightstand

    lulu and georgia

    ripple nightstand

    mcgee & co

    baxter nightstand

    lulu and georgia

    Kono 2-Drawer Nightstand

    mcgee & co

    longhurst nightstand

    lulu and georgia

    Laughlin nightstand


    kalle sculptural oak side table

    lulu and georgia

    delta side table

    lulu and georgia

    topia nightstand

    lulu and georgia

    mathus side table


    nora Nightstand

    mcgee & co

    kendall oak nightstand


    avers nightstand

    crate & barrel

    cortez nightstand

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    faux flowers that look real

    if you know me you know i like faux – they last forever and sometimes they can look incredibly convincing! i love fresh flowers but i’m too frugal to buy them regularly but i love to have flowers around the house so faux is win win!

    if you don’t have the budget to regularly buy flowers, faux flowers are now a really good substitute. the faux flowers nowadays are not your mamas faux flowers. well i don’t really know actually. i’m just assuming, but i didn’t actually buy faux flowers when i was a baby.

    anyway, we gathered up a lot of gorgeous faux flowers that look convincingly real, and i sort of want ALL OF THEM.

    someday i’ll have the energy and budget to buy them all to compare for you, but for now we went off the ones i have along with others with good customer reviews


    artificial silk hydrangea stems

    i have these and people always think they’re real!


    artificial silk poppies in pink

    have these on my dining room table a lot!


    artificial silk poppies in white

    and i have these on my nightstand!


    small tulip bundle

    really pretty bunch of peach tulips that’s well reviewed


    fake lilacs in cream

    i love how delicate these look! gorgeous.


    blush Peach Dahlia Silk Flower

    also well reviewed and on sale right now!


    Real Touch Faux Ranunculus in Peach

    the shape and color of these are both perfect


    Orange Real Touch Fake Poppy Flower

    i love the look of this faux poppy


    Cream White Artificial Dahlia Flower

    another beautiful and very convincing dahlia


    Nantucket Blue Real Touch Hydrangea

    been into blue hydrangea lately! these are so pretty and remind me of new england summers


    Real Touch Blush Peony

    the petals and color variation on these are so realistic!


    Yellow Artificial Sunflower

    very convincing sunflowers