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hey it’s friday! we saw gravity last weekend, and i wanted to warn anyone that wants to see it to definitely see it in the theatre and in 3D. it’s not the greatest movie of all time, but i really think it could be boring at home on your tv. so see it – it’s like a 2 hour star tours ride.

payday wishlist / 60

one . these would look so cute and fancy for a night out with a ponytail.
two . i will forever love baskets and bins for crap. i want to fill this foil covered paper bag with all my crap.
three . so this rug is actually a yoga mat, and i don’t do yoga — but that means it would be a perfect kitchen mat!
four . love love this simple diamond ikat phone case.
five . an adorable little pouch that would look amazing with an all black outfit.

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  1. i have been SEARCHING for a red mat to go in my kitchen… yes and yes

    1. please report back if you get it — i want one too!!!

  2. i have been SEARCHING for a red mat to go in my kitchen… yes and yes

  3. Darn, I wish that yoga mat was actually a rug!

    Saw Gravity recently, too, but in regular 2D, and I liked it a lot! Seems like it’d be extra cool in 3D, though. I’m almost tempted to see it again with an extra D.

    1. my brother saw it in 2 and 3D and said it was waaay better the second time. and i know – i really am thinking of getting the rug to use in the kitchen, it’s too pretty!