making this: diy ombre napkins

I picked up a cheap 4 pack of white dish towels at Target thinking I could definitely have some new pretty napkins for dinner parties. Since ombre is everywhere right now and I love it every time, I figured this would be a fun project.

While some people might think gigantic dish towels are too big to use as napkins, I think they’re perfect size because the more the napkin, the less the jeans that have to be washed.

I got out the measuring tape, but promptly decided that would be too much of an effort for me. So I winged it.

step one: fill a large bowl you will never be eating from again with scorching hot water. pour in 1/4 cup salt and stir. then pour in however much dye you’d like (i probably went overboard with the amount because it’s a little saturated for my taste)

step two: measure the fabric at every point you want another gradient line and pin, unless you just bought dish towels in which case, they HAVE FOLDS ALREADY! WOO!

step three: dip the fabric up to the highest point you want. keep it in the bowl for 5 minutes.

step four: lift the fabric up to the next point, leave the rest soaking for 1-2 minutes.

step five: lift the fabric again and soak the remainder for 30 seconds-1 minute (times depending on your taste)

step six: remove the fabric from the bowl, run to the sink with it and rinse with cold water until the water coming through is clear.

step seven: when they’re all done, throw them in the dryer so that the dye sets.

*notes: wear rubber gloves. my hands were blue for two days. OOPS.
also, vary the times for desired gradient, mine is super subtle but it could be a lot darker on bottom with harsher color breaks.

SO MANY USES. You could also use it as a tiny little blanket if you’re sleeping outdoors! You could also wrap it around BREAD! Doing that one soon. Will report back.

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  1. Chelsea Aguilar says:

    I will most definitely use this tutorial to make a bunch of tiny little blankets. I have many diminutive people sleeping around my house at all times so they need to be covered and comfortable if I am to be considered a good mother and host.