DIY gods eyes

DIY gods eyes | almost makes perfectDIY gods eyes | almost makes perfect

i’ve alwaaaays wanted to learn how to make gods eyes ( or mystical eyes? ), i went to summer camp for years and i somehow never learned! so i watched a tutorial video and i learned and it’s so easy and fun and kind of soothing too. then i thought — these would make a super fun galentines day activity (or gift for them). have your girlfriends over for wine and you just have to buy a few different colors of yarn and you’ve got yourself a real rager.

DIY gods eyes | almost makes perfect


  • yarn in various colors
  • wood dowels (you could also use bamboo skewers)
  • scissors

DIY gods eyes | almost makes perfect

01. take two dowels and tie them into a cross with your first color of yarn.

02. keep them in place by wrapping your yarn around each side until they’re secured in position.

03. wrap over one dowel, and then around it — and repeat that. if you have a brain like mine, you might have to actually verbalize “over, around. over, around.” the whole time so you keep track.

04. when you’re ready to change colors, snip off the piece you’re working with, keeping a little length. tie it to your next color with a tight knot, and trim the excess off. do that anytime you want to change colors. if you feel like you can see where the colors meet, you can tuck the knots in at the end.

05. when you’re finished, knot the end really tight and trim the excess.

DIY gods eyes | almost makes perfectDIY gods eyes | almost makes perfect

it’s totally a little kids craft, but i love it. it’s also super fun to see all the variations you can make with the same colors, so making them for galentine’s is like the best idea ever.

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  1. I love the neutral colors and the variation. You usually see these in bright colors. I love this idea.

  2. BEAUTIFUL! Such easy decor to liven up a room and a creative craft to have finished in an afternoon. Really glad I already have all the materials, it means I am going to make myself a set today. 🙂 I am totally loving anything fibre right now! It is such a hit with everyone, thanks for the great post!!

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  4. I have learned how to do this and i love it. I am doing them for Christmas gifts this year.