8 sandals for spring

8 sandals for spring | almost makes perfect

i honestly couldn’t live anywhere cold because i basically live in sandals. i own more sandals than anything else and those that know me know that i’m almost always wearing them… so i’m basically an expert. and i never lose the urge to get more sandals because i wear them down so hard. it’s a real catch 22. anyway, here are some of my currents faves (and btw #6 is the most comfortable sandal ever)

ONE $35 / TWO $90THREE $60 / FOUR $78 / FIVE $38 / SIX $23 / SEVEN $30 / EIGHT $27

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  1. I live in Kansas and I literally just bought the only pair of sandals in my whole closet (full disclosure, I did have a major downsizing spree a few weeks ago but still). Those ones from American Eagle, though? They MUST be mine!

  2. NUMBER 5 IS LOVELY! So glad when i saw that its to insanely expensive!! Gonna check it out now 😀

    x, YouTube

  3. Oh I love all of these sandals, especially no. 8! What great finds.

  4. I completely understand because I love sandals too! I couldn’t live anywhere cold.

  5. I love the open sandals, they are so comfortables and soft, I use them always that I can, I just care my toe nails and they look very good in sandals.