skeleton snack board


inspired by all the cute fun halloween snack boards i rounded up for you yesterday, i was feeling very inspired to make my own! obviously pumpkins are cute but gid had the idea to make one that was more “on brand” in WHITE!! haha– ok this was honestly so much fun to create. 

also, in full transparency i didn’t start with a skull. my original plan was a ghost and it was looking so pac-man and so not anything like a ghost so halfway through i decided a skull would be way more clear and i’m sooo happy with how it turned out! 

for the base, i drew and cut out a skull shape from foam core and just piled the food on top. i started with the eyes, nose and mouth and built around that. to make the shapes of the eyes and nose, i just used the mini marshmallows and then filled the insides with raisins, it worked perfectly! for the mouth i just lined up black grapes!

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cute halloween costumes for little kids


some cute halloween costumes for your kids! hurry up and buy them asap as the sizes are already so limited!! 

ps how cute was squishy little arlo for his first halloween?!!

link for his hot dog costume here.


cute halloween things for kids


pajamas, stuffed animals, activities and trick or treat baskets for kids! i always love to get some halloween activities for us to do for the month, we did the little haunted house at the top last year– but this year i got the big one at the bottom and it’s going to take us all month at least but it’s really cute and he’s super into it. 

also this is the first year i’ve gotten arlo halloween PJs (the ghosts) and now i will be doing that every year until he’s in college. 


cute halloween decor & party supplies


some cute things to decorate with if you’re entertaining or also if you’re not! some black taper candles like the ones i linked here and cute cupcake toppers go a long way. i don’t usually go all out on halloween decorations but the last few years i’ve gotten increasingly passionate. 



cute halloween kids books


going to round up some cute halloween things this week for you and your kids! first up, so many adorable halloween themed books– we don’t personally own any somehow, so i made sure they all had 5 stars or close to. 

just click on the book to shop! (and turn off your ad blocker if you need to)


printable autumn bucket list


so i’ve already designed a bucket list for autumn/winter but since we’re making the absolute most of things these days, i thought a SPECIFIC autumn bucket list was in order, and i’ll make another one for winter!

i’m sooo excited to do all the fall things but i kept this list a lot shorter than the other so it could be just focused on the fun seasonal activities (i usually include house projects etc as well) but i kept this one JUST FOR FUN.

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