10 creative ways to use your air fryer


i can’t believe this is my first air fryer blog post for how much i truly love mine!! i use it so much more than i ever expected. a big factor in that is definitely that i left it on our counter all year versus hiding it away between uses, because it’s always there i always think to use it. so if you’re one of those people who buys small appliance after small appliance and tucks them away forever, keep it on the counter. it may be an eyesore but you’ll actually use it.

i saw a meme that said air fryers are basically just easy bake ovens and i couldn’t agree more. maybe people who grew up with an easy bake oven love them more dearly??? 

my air fryer tips

don’t overfill your basket!

whenever i do broccoli or frozen french fries for example, the less full the basket is the better it overall cooks, when it’s super full it never does as good a job.

get the bigger size!

if you’re worried about what size to get, i would always size up. it’s much easier to have too much space versus too little– if i’m making a big batch of vegetables or something, i have to do two batches which is such a pain. so size up not down!

preheating helps!

i feel like everything just cooks more evenly when i’ve preheated so i think it’s worth doing while you’re prepping your food! 

don’t trust recipes online for cooking times

every air fryer is different, i still use air fryer recipes and they’ll usually be fine, but i always err on the side of caution with cooking times and temperatures! 

when to use your air fryer vs your oven

the reason i tend to use my air fryer more than the oven is because it takes way less time to heat up! our oven is particularly slow, but it usually takes a good 10-15 minutes to preheat, whereas the air fryer is obviously super quick. therefore you’re using less gas too! 
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shop for me

dear molly : shop for me


our new advice column! you tell me what specific thing you’ve been shopping for that you want me to find a “cute” version of, and i shop for you! i was overloaded with requests on instagram, so i’ll just do a few of these at a time until i put up another request box! for now, enjoy the first installment.

dear molly, a name personalized gift for a baby?

so many cute options! so i picked out a few. 

a cute wood name puzzle, i like this because they’ll use for years

a custom onesie but obv this wouldn’t get as much longterm use

a sweet customized lovey

cute knitted name for wall decor

ok so they won’t wear this right away but if someone got my baby this kids bucket hat i’d be STOKED haha– so cute

dear molly, a soundbar? (husband insists on having one)

this sonos one! it’s not cheap but it’s also not INSANELY expensive like some of them are.

dear molly, a slide?

the prettiest slide ever! but expensive. 

and this one is pretty good looking if you’re on a budget

dear molly, a kids bathrobe?


i loooove this muslin robe! 

the cutest robes ever but they’re speeeendy

and if you love the muslin but also want cutesy animal ears

dear molly, a non-wooden scooter?

this is the one we have, it’s SO cute and works super well. also comes in a few different colors.

dear molly, a headboard?

i love this linen upholstered headboard

such a beautiful rattan queen sized one!

more expensive but this one is so beautiful

dear molly, a humidifier?

really nice and simply designed one– some mixed reviews though

this one also nice and simple — more expensive but reviews seem promising! 

one last option! pretty inexpensive and pretty looking.

dear molly, a day to day water bottle?

i love stojo bottles because they’re collapsible when not in use!

for the active people, this one is nice because it has a carrying strap

this glass one with a silicone sleeve is nice and sleek (and inexpensive)

ok so that’s all i’ll do for now, have tooooons more questions to answer! hope you enjoyed. 

kid things

back to school shopping


because a lot of kids are going back to school or starting preschool– i wanted to do a little roundup of cute neutral lunchboxes, backpacks, bento boxes, water bottles etc.

of course i had to include our favorite clothing stamp i’ve used since arlo started preschool and some very cute little scratch off lunch notes!

should i do another one of these for older kids who need actual school supplies toooooo?? let me know if so! 


burst cherry tomato pasta with burrata


i am currently OBSESSSSED with this meal. if i could eat it every night i would. it’s a hybrid of a lot of different recipes — shelby of sorella collective initially inspired me, and then i borrowed elements from bon appetit and half baked harvests recipes. 

the reason i love this as a weekly dinner is because of how little prep it requires. i can pick up arlo from school and basically just throw the tomatoes in a pan as soon as we get home. it’s also not super hands on so it’s very chill for a weeknight dinner. Read More

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homemade strawberry ice cream!!


this post is in partnership with walmart

we’ve talked about getting an ice cream maker like every summer since having arlo and we finally did it! i was resistant because another small appliance we don’t have space for seemed daunting, but when i saw this beautiful modern white one— i decided we should go for it. so excited to make a bunch of magical summer memories with this thing.

almost everything here is from walmart, i found so many beautiful kitchen items to include in this post that i had to actively make myself stop shopping. the little beige ice cream bowls are our favorite ever– they’re actually nut bowls that come with a wood base, but we’ve used them daily for years for arlo snacks, guacamole, mise en place, and now they’re the perfect size for a small serving of ice cream!! 

also i NEED to mention these white steak knives — we use steak knives constantly for quickly chopping a cucumber for arlo or fruit in the morning. these knives are not only gorgeous, they work SO WELL. i was shocked how well they cut tomatoes too. i got two packs and i’m so glad i did. 

lastly, the strawberry huller!! this seemed so unnecessary in theory, just like all the kitchen tools that serve one purpose and then take up space in your utensil drawers, but as soon as i started hulling the strawberries with it — i was like OH WOW THIS THING WORKS. i am a convert. Read More