baby / pregnancy

what i’m packing in my hospital bag


ahhh the time has come to pack my hospital bag! i’m about to be 38w and 11 days away from my scheduled c. OMG. i thought it would be fun to share everything going into my hospital bag!

this time around, i’m way more conscious of what provides me comfort and packing accordingly. some of the things that may be provided by the hospital i’m bringing instead because i want to make my experience as pleasant for myself as possible! it’s the little things for me. and speaking of little things… Read More

entertaining / jewish holidays

my rosh hashanah table


it was for sure overly ambitious at 37w pregnant, but i ended up hosting a tiny little dinner in the backyard for the new year and i was BEAT but always so happy to set a pretty table.

i wanted to post it on the blog to share the sources of what i used and made, but also because i’ve said before that i’ve always struggled to find modern inspiration for jewish holidays, so i’ll continue to do so!! Read More

jewish holidays / recipes

apple bundt cake with honey glaze


we made this cake for rosh hashanah and i had to share it (because i keep getting DMs asking for the specifics). it’s jake cohens apple honey snacking cake recipe, but when i saw it i immediately wanted to do it in bundt form with a glaze versus the confectioners sugar (i just love a glaze way more). 

this recipe is one bowl, super quick to make and SO MOIST AND DELICIOUS. tbh i was a little nervous about what it would taste like but it was so delish i may make it annually. shana tova!

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interiors / pretty everything

modern ottomans and modern storage ottomans


we’ve had a dangerous stone coffee table for years and now that we are gonna be dealing with a tiny person almost hitting their heads on it all over again, i am finally thinking about replacing it because the constant stress of worrying about arlo hitting it was not my favorite lol.

i did a poll on IG to see if people were happy with ottomans in place of a coffee table and most of them said yes big time– i would put a tray on it for drinks, but we don’t really eat or draw much on ours so i don’t think it would be a huge deal for us to change! 

i love all of these!

sources above 1 / 2

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a third trimester pregnancy update and q&a


i thought it was time to do a little pregnancy update — i haven’t written that much here about it and i thought i should before i’m no longer pregnant! 

the pregnancy overall has been relatively painless, i never had morning sickness but i did throw up a single french fry in the first trimester lol. now that i’m in the third trimester, i’m definitely getting less and less comfortable — lower back aches, i’m starting to sleep worse, and i was diagnosed with gestational diabetes so that has been a pain but i’m managing (also going to do a post entirely on GD). 

we’re working on the nursery now and i can’t believe we only have about 5 weeks left! Read More

halloween / kid things

cute halloween pajamas for kids


if you know arlo you know he wears his skeleton pajamas more than ANYTHING in the world lol. literally he likes to wear them all weekend long — but i found some other cute ones as well!! Read More

halloween / kid things

cute halloween t-shirts for kids


arlo likes to wear halloween t-shirts all year round lol, so i’m always on the hunt for cute ones! here are a handful of good ones for your kids and i’ll do a post of cute spooky pajamas tomorrow! Read More