every love island UK season ranked from best to worst


this is a long time coming! i’ve shared my favorite seasons of love island uk many times on instagram, but finally you have a blog post you can easily access whenever you need. i will update this post as new seasons air, so this is as of right now and what seasons have aired in entirety! Read More


six fun horror movies to stream


ok so i really don’t post on the blog much about the movies and TV that i post about on instagram, and i figured i may as well. i know not everyone is into horror movies, but for those of you who are– i thought it would be fun to do roundups of the ones we’ve enjoyed recently! 

all of these movies are “fun” meaning they have some laughs, and a few of them aren’t really scary at all but they’re still classified as horror so i included them. if you’re into black comedy/horrors, i think these were all pretty enjoyable. Read More

home tour

home tour : clancy millions modern vintage abode


i’ve followed clancy for a few months and her house is so simple and beautiful! i love when a house feels designed by also super cozy. hope you like it!

tell us about you and what you do!

I’m Clancy! I’m 28 and a Mama to two perfect little ladies, Goldie who’s 3 and Dolly who’s 1. Kyran and I have been married 5 years, he’s the best. I’m a stay at home Mom and interior design enthusiast! We live on the Central Coast in Cali. 

How long have you lived in your home?

We moved in in February of this year after renovating for 4 months. This is our third house we’ve bought but our first major remodel. Read More


crate & barrel faves


remember in the 90s when people used to be like omg i wish i could have a shopping spree at so and so store? why aren’t shopping sprees a thing anymore? because mall culture is dead?! anyway my point is, if i could have a shopping spree at crate and barrel I WOULD WANT IT SO MUCH.

i love soooo many of their current products i thought i should share a roundup with you of all my favorites. drooooool.

entertaining / kids parties

arlos oscar the grouch themed 4th birthday


arlo is 4! i overdo it with every party theme, but this one was especially addictive. he decided he wanted to have an oscar the grouch themed party this year, but rather than just cover everything in oscar, i wanted it to feel more like a dream party for a grouch haha. 

so this ended up being the easiest, least expensive and most sustainable party theme because i literally used cardboard and newspaper to decorate with. and it was such a fun creative challenge to really think outside the box and try to make trash aesthetic. so happy with how it all turned out!

i asked arlo incessantly if he wanted a party or to go to disneyland and he chose a party so all his friends and family could be there. he’s so cute!

but it was VERY overstimulating for him and the first two hours involved a lot of time outs inside. after throwing a “party” just for us last year, this was a lot more intense all of us– but it was great in the end. and arlo said he wants a grouch party every year lol.

Read More


things i ordered from amazon in june


some basics and essentials i stocked up on and a few fun things i ordered this month that i wanted to share. 


i bought this wine simple book for my stepdads birthday, it’s such a gorgeous book for any wine lover

love these glass straws, they’re handsome and they make a cocktail or coffee drink feel special

this flameless and rechargeable candle lighter is life changing for me, it uses electricity to light and now i am never filling a lighter with fluid again. 

gid has really sensitive teeth when it comes to whitening strips, so he got this whitening kit and it hasn’t hurt him at all and has made such a big difference

i love these ribbed biker shorts, they’re super comfy and i have been wearing them with these cozy oversized mens t-shirts that get softer every time you wash them

got arlo this very cute smiley face bicycle bell for the bike we got him for his bday (that we haven’t given him yet), beware it’s pretty large

also stocked up on these bath bombs, bath bombs with toys inside are not economical whatsoever, but they have gotten arlo so much more into bath time and these are the cheapest i’ve found.