gift guide

holiday gift guide : for the self-care enthusiasts


everyone is in the holiday spirit early this year, so i’ll try to hustle on the gift guides as quickly as i can! first up is self care because it’s the thing we all need to focus on more given the year we’ve had right?!

i know budgets are tighter this year, so i’m going to try to do a mix of high and low priced items!
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printable autumn bucket list


so i’ve already designed a bucket list for autumn/winter but since we’re making the absolute most of things these days, i thought a SPECIFIC autumn bucket list was in order, and i’ll make another one for winter!

i’m sooo excited to do all the autumn things but i kept this list a lot shorter than the other so it could be just focused on the fun seasonal activities (i usually include house projects etc as well) but i kept this one JUST FOR FUN.

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halloween / printables

diy halloween printable garland


i wanted to do a little fun halloween craft with arlo where he would just have to color in some cute “halloween guys” as he calls them, so i had gid draw some that i copied and printed and this turned out so cute i decided to make it a printable for all of you too!

this is really fun because you could do so many variations with this and i love seeing when you guys do our projects way better than us hahah. the watercolor definitely dried lighter than it looked when he initially painted, so it’s the most subtle ever. Read More

halloween / movies

horror movies to stream


you knowwww i love my horror movies, we pretty much exclusively rotate between watching reality tv and scary movies, yea we have very eclectic taste. so i love october because everyone else is finally interested in one of my biggest passions! i wanted to roundup some of my picks for what you can watch for free (mostly), if you don’t have the shudder app that would make sense, most people don’t, but if you are an avid horror fan i do actually recommend it. 

ps i have seen so many over the years that its hard to keep track of what to recommend and what i’ve assumed people have already seen, so this list isn’t my favorites of all time or anything, its just the ones i found on the streaming services. also i have my own (very long list) of ones to watch so i can continue to add if there are any gems we watch soon. Read More


skeleton snack board


inspired by all the cute fun halloween snack boards i rounded up for you yesterday, i was feeling very inspired to make my own! obviously pumpkins are cute but gid had the idea to make one that was more “on brand” in WHITE!! haha– ok this was honestly so much fun to create. 

also, in full transparency i didn’t start with a skull. my original plan was a ghost and it was looking so pac-man and so not anything like a ghost so halfway through i decided a skull would be way more clear and i’m sooo happy with how it turned out! 

for the base, i drew and cut out a skull shape from foam core and just piled the food on top. i started with the eyes, nose and mouth and built around that. to make the shapes of the eyes and nose, i just used the mini marshmallows and then filled the insides with raisins, it worked perfectly! for the mouth i just lined up black grapes!

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15 halloween treats to make with kids


i feel like the days go by so fast i always have a plan to be festive ALL month (and especially this year) but it slips through my fingers. it’s the 7th and we haven’t actually done much yet, but the more posts i do, the more inspired i’ll be.  hopefully. so i thought it would be fun to round up some of my favorite simple halloween snacks and desserts i’ve been seeing that would be fun to make with kids. Read More

organizing / tips

the most satisfying quarantine project ever : “drawerganizing”


this post is in partnership with oxo

anyone else feel like they’re in their nesting stage of pregnancy again being stuck at home this long?! i have done sooo many house projects and have been racking my brain trying to come up with new ones constantly. my once minimalist house is definitely teetering on the edge of maximalist at this point. but one tried and true house project that only has positive outcomes is organizing!! it helps that behind all the “clean” surfaces, every drawer and cabinet in my house is an actual disaster, so i’ve been trying to tackle organizing one space every week or so. it is SO SATISFYING. 

and while i’m no expert when it comes to organizing, i just enjoy the process a lot (the before and afters even more), so i’m even starting a new “organizing” category here on the blog because my organizing journey shouldn’t only live on instagram! 

a giant part of my new organized dream drawers is OXO’s new adjustable drawer bins that come with removable dividers, they are super versatile and would work in so many different types of drawers. gid and i have been calling drawer organizers “drawerganizers” for many, many years so i should probably patent that term!

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