kid things

how we got arlo to wear his glasses


i’ve shared a lot on instagram that arlo is not great with big transitions, but it’s been surprisingly painless to get him to wear his glasses since the doctor recommended he wear them all day everyday. the biggest reason is probably that he sees so much better with them on, so of course he would like that, but it really only took a couple days for the habit to kick in and now he asks for them if they’re not on!

i got asked a lot about how we knew needed them, etc. so i thought this post would help anyone going through the same thing and to encourage anyone who thinks their kid might have vision issues to get them checked out. it can’t hurt!! Read More

home tour

home tour : sylvia tribels little home by the sea


i have loved following sylvia for years! she lives minutes from the beach on the east coast and in the the summer they’re spend their days there (i looove east coast beaches) — and in the winter her home is somehow still so light filled and cozy. dreams. i love how bright and clean and warm her space feels. (and she names me first for her favorite people to follow so of course i love her even more lol)  Read More

recipes / valentines day

strawberry jam cake


happy valentines day! i’ve always liked being extra on valentines but since having arlo its much more intense. i dress us both in pink and make everything heart shaped and hey right now we don’t have much going on so it’s pretty exciting. 

we made this simple strawberry cake twice in the last two weeks, it’s so quick and easy and reaaaally good!! arlo is way more into fruity desserts versus chocolate, so when i asked him what he wanted to bake for valentines day he said lets make strawberry cake again lol. 

this cake is so simple but i was asked a lot to reshare the recipe, so figured i’d put it here for a permanent residence. if you have a jar of jam, you can make this today!

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how to organize your fridge


i deep cleaned and organized my fridge for the first time in years on instagram so i wanted to share here too! our fridge was (is) JAM PACKED always, so it’s really hard to keep it orderly. i decided to get a bunch of bins so that everything could have its place and it would just feel a lot more tidy, even when it’s really full. Read More

home tour / interiors

home tour : savannah jayde’s cozy neutral cocoon


so excited for a new feature i’ll be sharing on here from time to time, home tours! i love admiring (and snooping) other peoples houses so much, and wanted to start sharing ones that i love with you. i hope they inspire you too.

savannahs house is so cozy! i love how inviting her sofa looks with a dropcloth draped over it– i have a dropcloth on our outdoor sofa and it def doesn’t look good like this! she’s created most of the beautiful art hanging throughout! you can shop her art at good on paper.

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interiors / roundup

neutral frame tv digital art


i did a post on my thoughts and FAQ about the samsung frame tv, so i also wanted to round up some really beautiful inexpensive art options. the best part about the TV is how easily you can swap out the art so you can essentially “redecorate” it as often as you want to. 

both of our frame TVs have the beige bezel. it’s an additional $100-200 but it goes with our decor way better. we got both ours on amazon, but they also go on sale pretty frequently on ebay. we have a 50″ in our bedroom and a 65″ in our living room. 

there is an art subscription service in the samsung store, where you’re able to download art and they have tons of options, but it’s either $6/month or $25 per art piece, i’ve found way less expensive options just scouring etsy. spending $5 on a piece of art feels much lower commitment if you do end up wanting to swap them out regularly. 

i found lots of beautiful digital art, everything is $20 or less and fits in with neutral and modern and boho decor. Read More