DIY clay wall hanging


you’ve seen me make a lot of things with polymer clay, and i’ve already made a clay wall hanging — but i decided to make a new and improved one for the bathroom. i knew i wanted to do some semi circles and full circles but beyond that i wasn’t sure what i wanted to do — and i’m so happy with how it turned out.
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interiors / our house

our guest bathroom : the reveal


so excited to share the finished bathroom with you! if you forget what the room looked like before, here’s the refresher.  we tore everything out and started from scratch, but i still thought it was really important to do everything as affordably as possible — so i made a lot of design decisions that were really inexpensive.

the design of the room is super simple but it’s warm and bright — i also think it’ll stay in style for a long time since i went minimal with every decision.

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interiors / tips

10 tips for a painless + inexpensive bathroom reno


before i reveal our finished bathroom, today i wanted to share 10 tips that made our lives a lot easier planning and executing a very low key and very inexpensive bathroom renovation, in partnership with delta faucet for their inspired living blog.

01. Plan as much as you possibly can in advance!

this is so crucial. no matter what, there will always be hiccups and delays during any renovation, so if you want to make sure you personally don’t contribute to any holdups — have everything ready to go before your contractor even begins. you don’t want to be deciding tile patterns while your contractor is waiting on you, so try to make all the decisions you can! Read More

diy / printables

printable mini hand sanitizer bottles


while deeeeep in nesting mode — between organizing arlo’s changing station and diaper bag, i realized i wanted to keep a bottle of sanitizer on me at all times, but they’re always ugly. you know how strongly i feel about pretty packaging so naturally i decided to bottle my own!

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baby / motherhood

what’s in my hospital bag


while i’m very afraid that i’m totally going to be delivering a human any day now, today i’m just focusing on what my hospital bag essentials are. (i’ve never even spent the night in a hospital before, so i’m really a wimp with all this stuff)

but i’ve read countless lists and we’ve taken labor classes and i think our hospital bag is pretty properly packed — hopefully without too much excess crap we don’t need. we live 5 minutes from the hospital, so i’m not worried about under packing, but we’ll see what we end up using. from what i’ve read, i’m going to focus more on what i can take home with me from the hospital versus bringing enough for a week (the mesh underwear, diapers, peribottle…) Read More


DIY beaded plant hanger


i loooove a little pop of greenery in a bathroom, as soon as the renovation was done i realized what a huge visual difference a plant in the corner would make when you walk by. i looked online for a cute planter but ultimately realized i could make something in a few minutes that would be better and cheaper and i totally did!  Read More

interiors / roundup

18 cute modern end tables under $150


since redoing the bathroom and furnishing the nursery, i’ve been on the hunt for cute and affordable little end tables or stools and realized i can never not think of a spot i need one for. it’s a legit problem. i wanted one for next to the bathtub, but also just decided i need one for next to the rocker in the nursery and how do i not have one next to the sofa?! so i obsessed for a bit and found lots of cute options, all under $150!  Read More