whatcha eating whatcha watching

whatcha eating whatcha watching


a fun little journey into what we’ve foods we’ve been eating and what shows we’ve been watching!

what we’re eating

this has become one of my favorite lunches lately — a rosemary salt bagel (from hanks) with cream cheese, cucumbers, tomatoes, red onions, fresh dill and basil and a bunch of coarse salt and pepper. it is so simple and good!

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kid things

cute first day of school signs


we’re only 2 weeks out from back to school but i thought it wasn’t too too late to find some cute first day / last day of school signs for your kids! most of these are usually pretty corny looking in my opinion but i think i found some good modern ones! Read More


a little backyard birthday brunch


this was the first get together we’ve had since we redid the backyard (realizing now i need to do a blog post with the updates too!)– but i also decided i’m going to post even the little parties i throw on here.

not sure why i haven’t in the past — but i love entertaining more than most things– so i should be sharing them permanently here! so, starting NOW. 

ok so for my stepdads birthday in june, we threw a sweet little brunch with all the grandkids and had bagels, cakes and waaaay too many water balloons. Read More

home tour

allegra rose berger’s little beach bungalow


i have to admit i’m sort of allegra’s super fan, she’s one of those people on instagram that i always click on when i see her stories on my feed. i just really like her simple beachy style and she’s also a very cute person!

she recently moved into the cutest little beachy bungalow and it looked effortless and perfectly styled within what felt like weeks, so i begged her for a house tour and here we are! i hope you enjoy it too. 

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miscarriage / pregnancy

how we conceived using mosie baby


this post is in partnership with mosie baby

when i wrote my last update announcing my pregnancy, i mentioned how we used mosie baby and got a lot of people writing me asking about it –i am so excited to share a whole post with you about it today, because i strongly believe in this product!!

i know everyone is different, but we have had so much luck with it that i definitely think it’s worth trying if you’ve struggled in your journey to get pregnant. Read More

pregnancy / tips / travel

my tips for disneyland while pregnant


we just did 2 days at disneyland with arlo (sort of a birthday trip slash pre-kindergarten slash the last time it will be just the three of us) and it was so much fun. i was nervous about a disneyland trip at 6mo pregnant in july, but it worked out*! i knew my limits and we took LOTS of breaks. having the two days helped a lot because we weren’t worried about cramming things in as much. Read More