arlo : 6 months


a few weeks late with the holidays and our trip to hawaii, but i cannot believe my little babe is half a year old! time is flying by and i cried uncontrollably the other day when i got to the page in his baby book that said “happy half birthday little one”.

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yada yada

2017 wrap up


the end of the year was suuuper busy for me, so i am so excited to sign off and take it easy till 2018. obviously this was a big year for us with arlo coming into the world, so the second half of the year was just all about arlo. Read More

entertaining / holiday / xmas

simple natural holiday table


we normally don’t host anything holiday related because our parents do it all, but this year we’re doing a simple little dinner on christmas eve with family. i’m keeping it v low-key because of the baby, but i’m going to cook a nice, easy dinner and i set a nice, easy table for it.  Read More


DIY stir stick wall hanging


i’ve been really wanting a little wall hanging or something for the empty wall in our new dining nook, and i’ve been thinking i’d make one if i found the time or energy, both are which are v fleeting at the moment — but when esurance wanted to challenge me a second time and show how i could upcycle something to have #madeitmine, i thought it was perfect excuse to find both the time and energy.

i do not think i’m the only one who hoards paint stir sticks, right? i always grab a huge handful every time i paint a room and end up only using one or two. so this wall hanging is so free. it’s just paint sticks and string!
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entertaining / marriage / our house

backyard campfire date night


date nights are few and far between these days, so lately we’ve really been trying to make an effort to make the most of the time we have together, at home. i try to have dinner cooked by the time gid gets home from work, and where the first few months with arlo — we ate separately while one of us watched him, we’ve finally gotten to the point where we can sit down together to eat. it’s so important!

when pine mountain fire logs reached out about trying their extremestart firestarter, i was super excited to actually use our firepit… for the first time ever. i thought sitting in the backyard cozied up with a fire after putting down arlo would be a perfect date night at home!  Read More

gift guide

holiday gift guide : stocking stuffers for him and her under $20


a lot of you guys asked this year for stocking stuffers — it’s not too late! most of these items are prime and ALL of them are under $20. i am pretty sick of seeing stocking stuffer suggestions that are like $40 because i am not filthy rich and if i’m spending $40 on a gift then you better believe i am wrapping that thing and making sure it gets a lot of attention and i get a lot of credit. so here are some more affordable, useful ideas! (and obviously, supplement with treats duh.) Read More


how soon is too soon to decorate for the holidays


honestly if it were up to me, i’d probably have my holiday decorations up for six months a year, but that’s borderline crazy, right? we all know that most people don’t get their tree until the weekend after thanksgiving, but that is just way too late for me! so instead, i pretty much go for it as soon as halloween is over. two months of christmas is not even enough, but it’s way preferable to one!

i partnered with pier 1 to “prematurely” decorate, they have loads of unique holiday items for decorating and entertaining at really affordable prices, and they were the first place i went when i became an adult and needed ornaments for my first grownup tree.

if you have a spouse or roommate who doesn’t believe you should decorate until after thanksgiving, first of all they are wrong. second of all, here are my tips for convincing them (or doing it anyway but without getting in trouble)…  Read More

baby / gift guide

holiday gift guide : for the little ones


you guys ask me a lot a lot for our favorite toys and stuff like that, so i’m working on a big post of lots of toys — but didn’t want to leave out the kids from the gift guides this year, since i have one now and all. here are some of my favorite gender neutral gift ideas for babies and toddlers.  Read More