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our 4½ year olds favorite ipad apps


i’ve been asked so many times for arlos favorite ipad games, so first i’ll warn you that there are a LOT of games listed here– because we’ve downloaded many and he likes many (this is what gid does for a living so he’s passionate, i had him help me write this post too!) Read More


fudgy chewy salty brownies



if you follow me on instagram stories, you know i have been baking a lot of brownies during my pregnancy — and after a lot of recipe testing, i have totally found my favorite one for life.

i am obsessed with these — i really like fudgy brownies more than gid, who prefers the cakier kind, so i give him all the edges and he’s happy. these are so fudgy, so chewy, so rich — and i upped the amount of salt from the original recipe to give them a little extra saltiness which i love.

when you see how much butter and sugar goes in, you’ll see they’re the opposite of healthy — but like, in a good way.
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printable 2022 oscar ballot


so i have barely seen ANY of the movies this year and have very little interest in even watching the oscars probably, but i got like 3 messages from people saying they use my ballots every year so the guilt got to me — here it is, your 2022 printable ballot! Read More

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kid-friendly restaurants + activities in los angeles


such a long time coming for this post, but a follower said she’s visiting soon so it gave me the push i needed to finally write these down!

to be honest, i’m sad there aren’t more super kid friendly restaurants in the city, we could really use them! i thought of some that we like but will try to add to the list if we discover any more! if you have good suggestions please lmk! Read More