my brothers wfh office and guest room — before


i’ve been helping my brother jake and sister-in-law lauren update their third bedroom for a bit now and haven’t shared anything about it! like most people who were able to work remotely, my brother began working from home during the pandemic– and it seems like he’s not going back to the office anytime soon. Read More

home tour / interiors

home tour : kristine claghorns charming 1920s bungalow


i’ve followed claggie for years now– she is cool, funny and has such effortless style. she’s also so inspiring when it comes to living sustainably. i love the charm of their la bungalow, and especially love how it feels like they decorated to enhance the charm versus compete against it.

tell us about you and what you do! 

I was born and raised in a small town in Indiana and made my way out to California immediately after graduating from college. I’m about to hit my ten-year anniversary, if you were wondering how old I am, haha. I’ve lived on the east side since moving here, in Silver Lake, Echo Park, and now Highland Park. 

I’ve spent a lot of time since the craziness of last year reevaluating my career, so I’m a bit all over the place. My background is in marketing. I worked at an agency as a creative producer and then moved on to a startup that flopped. I currently do a bit of freelance content creation, sell vintage clothing, and am taking an Applied Compassion Training course through Stanford. I’m working on a capstone project titled “Compassionate Activism” to help navigate burnout, imposter syndrome, and difficult conversations with others. I’m also attempting to write a fiction novel, which has been a humbling experience thus far. 


you just got engaged!! yay!
what are you planning to do for your wedding?

YAY! We’re extremely excited. We’re having our wedding in Fort Worth, TX where my mom moved two years ago. Our wedding venue is Weston Gardens, a family-owned four-acre garden; and we’re having Taco Heads taco truck at our reception. That’s about all we have planned so far. I’m not the best planner, but I’m trying my best to tick things off of the list without stressing too much!

how many sq feet is your home? rent/own?

900sq feet-ish. Rent

what would you call your style?

Warm and sentimental. I used to say “sentimental minimalist,” but I don’t think our current space fits that description. There’s a lot of character in the 1920s home without our stuff in it, so we tried to bring in pieces that fit. A lot of the details are vintage finds that match the warmth of the wood in our floor + built-ins. 

whats your favorite spot in the house?

Definitely curled up on the couch with my fiance and pets, watching movies (or, let’s be honest, Love Island thanks to you, Molly)!

you are sooo inspiring when it comes to living sustainably, can you tell us how it affects your home design?

Thank you! I started getting into sustainability about a year into living in our space. I learned that I was recycling wrong and I started asking questions that sent me down the wormhole that is climate change. I love to find pieces for our space that are vintage or secondhand. We recently put in a wall desk that was an amazing Craiglist find (and the chair came from Craigslist as well)! I also try looking into the brands I purchase from to make sure their practices are ethical and sustainable. I have pieces that I bought before I started doing my research that may not be the most sustainable, but I don’t immediately get rid of them because making use of what you have is also a sustainable choice in my eyes. I try to stick to pieces that can fit into multiple aesthetics so they can go with me from place to place. 

what was the biggest splurge?

Probably our Modernica Case Study Daybed or the Article dining chairs. 

what’s something you want to change but haven’t gotten to?

We have been looking for a rug replacement for the living room (our dog chewed a corner of the jute rug off when we got her), but we are struggling to find the perfect one! 

what’s your best design advice?

Go for timeless over trends! If you do feel the need to indulge in a decor trend, try to find it secondhand first. 

what’s your favorite thing about your home?

The character! I love the wood frames around the windows and the built-ins. We also get great natural light, so it feels bright and airy while still feeling cozy. 

you’re gonna have to tell us about the emmy!

Yessss! Mark won an Emmy as the editor for ReMastered: The Lion’s Share. It’s on Netflix! He’s a documentary film editor, so we watch A LOT of docs. He also edited The Keepers, Visible: Out on Television, Flint Town, and amongst some other work. 

how much time do you spend watering all your plants?!

Honestly, I am terrible at remembering to water the plants. It’s all Mark! He waters everything once a week and I water the cactuses once a month when I remember. I really need to work on it, haha. I promise I love our plants! 

what are you watching/reading?

Watching: The docuseries Couples Therapy on Showtime, Shadow & Bone on Netflix (I read all of Leigh Bardugo’s books and I love them), and we’ve been watching Love Island because it’s so fun and this past year has been nonstop stressful. 

Reading: I just finished the book I’ll Give You the Sun by Jandy Nelson and absolutely loved it. I also read a lot of fantasy novels… I just started From Blood and Ash by Jennifer L. Armentrout after finishing Rule of Wolves by Leigh Bardugo and A Court of Silver Flames by Sarah J. Maas.

who are your favorite follows on IG?

@tommy__do for laughs, @besspier + @reserve_home for interior inspo, and @thedodo + @juniperfoxx for the animals.

what are 3 things helping you get through this time the most?

Adopting a puppy, the freedom to explore what I want to do (truly a privilege), and the support of my partner. Funny youtube videos help too. 


pendant light
plant holder: Sonadora Studio
towels: Towl Organic Bamboo Towel in Stone

bedding: Coyuchi Organic Crinkled Percale Sheets in GingerBuffy Breeze ComforterMatteo Vintage Linen Duvet Cover in White
art sources: The paintings are my own and the image of the mountains is from Jordan Sullivan’s Death Valley

desk: discontinued Ikea (SVALNÄS)
desk chair: Vintage Herman Miller Eames Aluminum Group Chair

shelves: We got lucky and they came with the place!
ceramics: bX CeramicsArtisan Artifacts, many thrifted pieces, and some gifts made by friends.
compost bin

couch: Modernica Case Study Day Bed (My fiance found one on Craiglist and we bought the second one from Modernica. We reupholstered the first one to match, so it saved us some $$$)
jute rug
coffee table: Mark found it at the Rosebowl Flea Market in Pasadena!
dog bed

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kids parties

a camp themed 1st birthday


don’t know why i never thought to share kids birthday parties until now, BUT GET READY FOR KIDS BIRTHDAY PARTIES!!!! i’m obsessed with cute parties so i’m so excited to share them to inspire you too, starting today with my friend jaymee who threw the sweetest camp themed birthday for her daughter noa’s 1st birthday!! 

the cutest little kids table setup!! 

and custom everything. can you tell jaymee is a graphic designer?? lol.

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kid things / roundup

stylish backyard things for kids to play with


now that it’s summer and we’re socializing again, i keep noticing how much more fun arlo has in his friends backyards than our own haha. a lot of that is probably because it’s someone elses house, but i have sort of wished we had more fun stuff to do back there (especially when we were stuck at home). 

we have our playhouse (above) and an ugly water table, some bubbles and we’ve put our cars back there as well, but i’ve just always wished we had a pretty swing set thing even though they don’t really exist.

finding stylish backyard jungle gyms and fun play things for kids is as challenging as you’d think, but i did my best! i rounded up a bunch of fun things below.
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things i ordered from amazon in may


a new monthly post — i thought it would be fun to share what i’m ordering every month, i’m always updating my storefront so i thought i should start sharing more of the everyday essentials and cute finds here on the blog. 

ps these are all my honest opinions and things i ordered with my own money:

i had to stock up on more of these brush markers i use for addressing my baby on board magnets. i love them!

our favorite nespresso pods. we’ve tried nespresso brand and small shop brands and we like these the best.

one step closer to arlo in his big boy bed, we turned his day bed around and added this bumper to keep him from falling. it’s a good size for his twin mattress

figured it was a good time to get one of these touchless thermometers so we can take arlos temperature without having to put one in his ear

got this popsicle mold to make yogurt fruit pops with arlo — it’s so so cute

the cutest striped pajamas for arlo, he’s growing out of all his old pairs and now i only want the striped ones, they are so soft! i always size up because i’d prefer for arlo to grow into them (but they always last a few years)

really needed some new turner spatulas and i love this two pack, these are now our all time favorites for sure.

i preordered this childrens book by kenesha sneed (of tactile matter). it’s beautiful, but you should know it’s about loss! 

its hard to find sunblock that is spf 50+ and doesn’t look white all over your face, really liking this

got this heavy duty canvas tote because it has pockets and a zipper, i really like it!

been having major cracking heels issues so ordered this natural pumice stone to try to remedy. my friend suggested it over the light grey kind i already had, and while my heels aren’t perfect all of a sudden, they are SO MUCH BETTER. it’s actually pretty crazy. 


father's day / gift guide

fathers day gift guide 2021


is it just me or is there is always a struggle with dad gifts? they’re always so predictable. like suprise! here is yet another wallet! BUT some men love wallets so i included one hahah. i tried to keep this gift guide all ages, but i would say it did kind of turn out kind of geared towards a cool dad. so hopefully the dad you’re shopping for is cool, or will be cool after you shop for him here!

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