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custom board books + my tips for making photo books


this post is in partnership with artifact uprising

so excited to share these custom board books i made for arlo!! this is definitely one of my fave products from artifact uprising, the quality is so good and they are so simple and well designed. i had way too much fun making them, that i went from making one to three. they have themes you can choose from or you can do a custom book like mine. Read More

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modern advent calendars and what to fill them with


i never had an advent calendar (being a jewish kid), but since we got one for arlo last year i’m so into it now! they are really fun and i just love doing something festive every single day leading up to christmas. last year i made a printable so that our calendar was filled with more activities than stuff, but i got some stuff this year for ours too.

i ended up getting a new one this year because the one we used last year had such tiny pockets, i wasn’t really able to fit much besides paper in there– so i’m excited to have some more space this time! it’s from gathre and i copied a friend who put the stocking garland on hers

this cute advent calendar is so nice and simple!! Read More

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holiday gift guide : for the in-laws


in-laws are hard! i know mine are. i struggle more with their gifts than my own family every year, so i wanted to put together some really simple easy gifts that most people would like. this could also double as a gift guide for older parents who “don’t want anything”. i hope these ideas help you!
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holiday gift guide : for the obsessive redecorator


ok well this was definitely the quickest i’ve ever put together a gift guide because i guess this one is for me lol. being stuck at home for most of the year means a much more constant itch to change things up, so this gift guide has mostly beautiful home accessories so they’d be perfect for anyone who loves home decor.

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sweet potato pie bars with pecan graham cracker crust


arlo mentioned casually he wanted to make sweet potato pie when we saw a picture of it in a magazine or something, so naturally i put it on our bucket list immediately and was like LET’S GO. in our house we all prefer bar form to pie slices so we went the bar route! 

we made these way before thanksgiving but they would make such a good dessert for thanksgiving or christmas. Read More

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holiday gift guide : for the WFH-ers


a lot of people who still are lucky enough to still be employed these days are working from home, so i put together some high–low gifts that would hopefully be helpful to those who are behind a desk all day. trying to do more “2020” themes this year so obviously a work from home gift guide was essential.

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