our house

our backyard redo– the plan


i’m sure some people are going to be very bummed out to hear that we’re changing up our backyard, but i’m really excited to make it more suitable for our life now! i love the way it looks, but honestly we barely use the backyard besides to eat dinner when it’s warm out. 

when we first designed our backyard, we didn’t have arlo. we put tons of cacti all over and it was a beautiful desert oasis. once we had arlo and he started toddling around, we decided to remove the cacti (which had gotten HUGE by then) and add softer plants everywhere.

when we were in those initial design stages, i did consider adding a patch of grass for future children, but got lazy and just went ahead with a full yard of DG instead.

but over the years, i’ve realized our backyard isn’t fun, like at all whatsoever, and it’s kind of sad! i want the backyard to be a place that arlo can run around and have fun in, and now that we’re expecting another one– and now that we have put our house hunting on hold, i decided this would be a good time to make it work better for us in this season of our lives! Read More


really really good french toast


i don’t know what’s taken me so long to share my french toast recipe, because i’ve kinda perfected it over the last year or so! i used to keep the batter pretty simple but the more i played around and the more i started added a few extra special touches, the more it became EXTRA SPECIAL TASTING! Read More

gift guide / holiday

easter basket ideas for little and big kids


easter is around the corner, so i wanted to hurry and get this post up for those of you shopping! i never celebrated easter much as a kid, but now i love celebrating all holidays with arlo so i’m all for it. since we’re not like EASTER people, i don’t buy much that is easter specific, but i included a few cute things. 

first i did a little roundup for easter baskets that you can use again and again, and non plastic options for eggs for decorating and for hiding.

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pretty everything

pretty everything : melamine dishware


i love everything non breakable not only because we have a kid, but mostly because i am just very clumsy lol. i find it really nice to just be able to transport our dinners outside easily without worrying about breaking anything and everything is lightweight too! 

so i rounded up a bunch of beautiful outdoor melamine dinnerware along with acrylic non breakable cups for all your al fresco summer meals!

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kid things

our 4½ year olds favorite ipad apps


i’ve been asked so many times for arlos favorite ipad games, so first i’ll warn you that there are a LOT of games listed here– because we’ve downloaded many and he likes many (this is what gid does for a living so he’s passionate, i had him help me write this post too!) Read More


fudgy chewy salty brownies



if you follow me on instagram stories, you know i have been baking a lot of brownies during my pregnancy — and after a lot of recipe testing, i have totally found my favorite one for life.

i am obsessed with these — i really like fudgy brownies more than gid, who prefers the cakier kind, so i give him all the edges and he’s happy. these are so fudgy, so chewy, so rich — and i upped the amount of salt from the original recipe to give them a little extra saltiness which i love.

when you see how much butter and sugar goes in, you’ll see they’re the opposite of healthy — but like, in a good way.
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