home tour

home tour : hannah garvins neutral beach pad


i have loved following hannah for years now– i first stumbled upon her because of her beautiful styling, ceramics and minimal style and i am obsessed with the way she dresses herself and her daughter in soft pastel color stories. hannah’s little house feels so laid back and california, just like her!

tell us about you and what you do!

I live in the Culver City area of LA with my husband and our two littles. I’m a full time mom and we spend lots of our days playing outside soaking sunshine. l work part time doing styled product and lifestyle photography for women led brands and also make small batch ceramics!

how long have you lived in your home?

3 years. We moved here right after Ever was born. We had been living in an apartment in Santa Monica that was blocks away from the beach, but Ever was living in a closet, so we needed another bedroom. 


We rent. 

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gift guide / holiday

easter basket ideas for little and big kids


easter is around the corner, so i wanted to hurry and get this post up for those of you shopping! i never celebrated easter much as a kid, but now i love celebrating all holidays with arlo so i’m all for it. since we’re not like EASTER people, i don’t buy much that is easter specific, but i included a few cute things. 

first i did a little roundup for easter baskets that you can use again and again, and non plastic options for eggs for decorating and for hiding.

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diy / kid things

DIY painted circle shelf


been meaning to share how we did this circle shelf for a bit now!! i’m sort of an expert since i ended up doing it twice in arlo’s room– yes twice. i did it on one wall before bringing his big boy bed in, and once i did, i realized the layout of the room would be weird — so i had to change things around and decided it would just be best to just redo it on another wall haha. wow it was exhausting. Read More

pretty everything / roundup

pretty everything : medicine cabinets


i’m very torn on medicine cabinets because i really do love a beautiful statement mirror, but i have too much stuff to forgo any storage space. now that we’ve lived with medicine cabinets for a few years i don’t think we could ever give it up. the height for storage is so optimal and convenient and i can’t imagine putting everything in drawers or cabinets below now! so while aesthetically, i definitely prefer a beautiful mirror, convenience wise a medicine cabinet is just crucial!! YOU SHOULD SEE ALLLLLL THE CRAP WE KEEP IN OURS! 

first– let’s look at some very convincing arguments for medicine cabinets. 

this one is soooo goodaustralia has all the best stuff!! 

oooomg i love that this insanely stunning bathroom is using standard inset medicine cabinets and they look so GOOD.

australia, once again, has all the prettiest home stuff ever!

another very simple standard medicine cabinet, but looks so elevated along with a beautifully designed bathroom.

i’m also sad to report that our medicine cabinets have been discontinued, there was a safety recall and they came and added a piece to our mirrors so they wouldn’t fall off and shatter– and at the same time it seems like they just stopped making them altogether. i wish they would just sell them with this new little mirror piece instead because they’re definitely my favorites and i would even buy them again for our next house, but since that’s not an option– i rounded up some alternatives that i think look pretty great. 

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an easy (but SUPER FANCY looking) apple tart


a few weeks ago i ordered a bag of bananas to make banana bread and they delivered a bag of apples instead. yeah– i didn’t know bags of either were really a thing but online grocery shopping is full of adventures! we are an apple family actually, but they were granny smith and we are not granny smith people, SOOOO i decided to bake something with them instead!
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