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holiday movies and shows to watch with kids


better late than never! i tried to finish this post a week ago but i didn’t, but just in time for christmas break anyway!! lots of fun holiday things to watch with your kids, thank you as always for your suggestions and making this post, because arlo only lets us watch the first two, haha. Read More

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simple printable thankful card


(reposted from 2018)

i really dropped the ball on designing a thanksgiving printable this year, but it’s not too late! i made it a super simple one this year, neutral enough to look good on any table setting and a fun way to get everyone around the table to take a moment to think about what they’re grateful for. we love doing these in our family. PS — that’s actually how we announced we were pregnant in case you didn’t know! (definitely watch the video of my moms reaction at the end of the post — it is so so good)

if you wanted to use them as place cards as well, you could also write your guests names on the back!

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izzy’s birth story


phew what a ride it was—

i spent all of my pregnancy planning to have a scheduled c-section and was at peace with that decision— i talked to tons and tons of women who told me the second time is a million times easier. i stocked up on c-section recovery items to help make this time better for myself than the last.

but in the last month of my pregnancy i did start questioning a vbac a little bit. i asked my ob and she said i’d be able to if that was my choice and that i could decide in the moment. Read More


butternut squash, sausage and fried sage pasta


but could there be a more autumnal sounding pasta?! i loved how this turned out so i wanted to share it with you guys. it is a perfect cozy fall/winter dinner that didn’t take me too long to make either.

i do have some revisions on the original pasta, i thought fried sage would be way more delicious than parsley, i found it to be too sausage-heavy, and the sauce not creamy enough! 

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horror movies to stream


you knowwww i love my horror movies, we pretty much exclusively rotate between watching reality tv and scary movies, yea we have very eclectic taste. so i love october because everyone else is finally interested in one of my biggest passions! i wanted to roundup some of my picks for what you can watch for free (mostly), if you don’t have the shudder app that would make sense, most people don’t, but if you are an avid horror fan i do actually recommend it. 

ps i have seen so many over the years that its hard to keep track of what to recommend and what i’ve assumed people have already seen, so this list isn’t my favorites of all time or anything, its just the ones i found on the streaming services. also i have my own (very long list) of ones to watch so i can continue to add if there are any gems we watch soon. Read More