interiors / our house

our dining nook


whewwww i’ve been trying to redo our dining nook for months now, and it’s been quite a process but it’s FINALLY done!!

i decided i really wanted to do a round table because it has been so difficult to get into the book and the space has always just felt wrong to me.

it’s a very small house and a small corner and the rectangular table was just too big and too… rectangular! here’s what it looked like before.

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our house

the kids bathroom : updates


a couple months before arlo was born, we renovated this bathroom. then a couple months before izzy was born — i fixed it up again! my nesting phase has a real issue with this room lol.

i was trying to go simple, fast and cheap when i renovated because we had very little time before arlos arrival, so i chose a super inexpensive floor tile and after a while i realized i’ve never really been in love with it. i even considered painting a pattern onto it but decided to just keep it as is because it’s nice enough.

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interiors / our house / tips

how to create an entryway in a small space


this post is in partnership with allmodern

it’s been forever since i’ve touched this corner, but i thought it could use a little updating — it’s always in total shambles because of lack of storage and way too many jackets/bags/hats/shoes. we raaaeally could use a coat closet in our next house!!

so i did a little update to our space and i also thought it’d be fun to share my tips of how i created this little entryway and created storage, without actually having anywhere to store our stuff. i got a couple really pretty things from AllModern and it doesn’t look dramatically different, but i can’t stop staring over at it blissfully lolllll.

if you’re itching to do a little house updating because after all, it’s january, i always search AllModern first because they have sooo many beautiful things but also fast + free shipping because i’m not into delayed gratification haha. Read More

holiday / tech

holiday frame tv art


i loveee being able to change out the art on my frame tv for holidays, this year i wanted to get new art and scoured etsy, so i figured i’d share them all with you! so many pretty ones, and they’re all super inexpensive as well!

i will warn you if you’re not into vintage snowy paintings, you may not like this post lol– that is definitely the majority of the ones i liked!

and ps, if you need help changing the art on your tv, i shared how i do it super easily here.
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diy / xmas

diy shell mosaic ornaments


arlo collects rocks and shells and little sticks and whatever the f he finds, and we just have little boxes and boxes of these things — so i thought it would be really sweet to make mosaic ornaments of some of them and they would be like all our vacations and memories all in one ornament!

would also be so cute to do this with a collection from one trip, and mark where on the back so you remember each one.

anyway, i’m calling these treasure ornaments :) they make me so happy!

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recipes / xmas

festive fruit salad


if you follow on IG you probably know we’re a big fruit salad family because poppy gives us no other choice– but all poppy ever does is chop up his fruit and mix it together. this fruit salad is not only chopped up fruit mixed together– it has additional non fruit ingredients AS WELL!!!! 

i’m calling it a festive fruit salad because 1. i used red and green colors to make it festive, 2. it would be perfect for xmas morning and it actually tastes even better if you let it marinate for a day and 3. because arlo ate it the other day and said “it tasted like christmas” –totally unprompted!! Read More