september faves


well september really flew by and now it’s autumn and that doesn’t really make a difference here in LA yet because its still way too hot. but i’m really excited for all the upcoming holidays!!!!! something to look forward to! 

i’ve been asked about the always pan so much since getting it, i kinda want to do a little dedicated blog post but my thoughts on it are simple. i LOVE IT.  Read More

baby / tips

how we liked our SNOO


i wish i had written this post two years ago when it was actually fresh in my mind– but i get asked often about how the SNOO bassinet worked out for us so i thought i’d share my little review in a post for easy access!

i know the SNOO is super expensive, so if it doesn’t end up working out then its such a complete bummer. but lucky for us, arlo loved it. it was such a life saver for those first few very challenging months. 

we put him in it from the very beginning and we turned it on too. i know some people are afraid of having their babies rely on it from the jump but we quickly noticed arlo slept way better with white noise playing (we noticed day 2 still in the hospital actually), and i decided i’d rather him rely on sleeping in it for however long and figure out how to wean him later. 

so arlo slept in it for both naps and nighttime. it senses their crying and goes up to the top level of soothing if they wake up, but if he was still crying and the intensity started going down, (and he didn’t need to be fed) we’d control it to go back up for a bit from our phones haha. then he’d finally fall back asleep and we’d high five each other and be like omfg our baby just fell back asleep and we didn’t have to stand up. so yeah, for us it was an actual life changer. Read More

pretty everything

pretty everything : cloth napkins


the other day i shared my table linen drawer and got lots of requests for a roundup post! so here we are. in my 20s– i used paper napkins frequently, because i didn’t know any better, now i realize how wasteful that is and only use cloth at home! and i actually find it just as convenient. i keep a small hamper in the kitchen and throw the soiled napkins in there, but have enough at this point that i have plenty for rotation. we use the same ones for about a week unless they get stained, but overall i love only using cloth napkins now. they feel grownup and always make the table look nicer. here are lots of gorgeous ones! 


01. “perfect linen napkins” from east fork pottery
02. the prettiest tie dye cotton napkins in lots of beautiful color combos
03. these linen napkins come in so many pretty colors and are super well priced

obsessed with all of cultiver goods beautiful linen napkins

walnut dyed napkins from housework

the most perfect color linen napkins from cultiver goods

stone washed linen napkins in tan from magic linen

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style and home and baby faves


i’ve been asked to do more clothing and style roundups but never end up finishing them these days, as you might know i am waaay into always updating my amazon faves, but i definitely don’t update my favorites on here as often.

so last week i took some time and added a new section for home favorites, baby + kid favorites and style picks! i will continually add to them all but if you are looking for a link for something now you can check there and hopefully i’ve added if its not on amazon! 

they will all permanently live under “shop” on the top menu for easy access, i hope this makes it easier to find things! all my cabinet organizing has me craving some more organization on here too!

shop home faves

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and you can always shop my amazon faves here. 


how to keep your house cool during a heatwave


This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of Trane Residential. All opinions are 100% mine.

in what’s now felt like a month long heatwave here in LA, we have been more stuck inside than EVER (who thought that was even possible at this point?!) so this post is so topical! for those of you who have central A/C, happy to share some tips for keeping your house cooler and save money and energy.

i really need to follow these because you may remember just weeks ago our A/C was busted right in the midst of a 100 degree evening. luckily we were able to get a guy out to repair it within two hours but oh man that could have been really bad for us. we’ve actually now had some sort of A/C issue during almost every heatwave over the last few years so it’d be nice if i could actually monitor our unit and make sure this doesn’t happen every single time.  Read More


ideas for celebrating halloween at home


so many people sent me good ideas for halloween this year in lieu of normal trick or treating, so i wanted to save them all in one accessible place!

i get really festive on all holidays, so despite doing the normal activities this year, i wasn’t planning on not celebrating big. we are renting a house with my family in palm springs (just randomly for halloween because it was the week that was avail) but because we’re always together on halloween, we thought it would be a super fun way to celebrate.

ps the one and only silver lining of not trick or treating is that arlo only took almond joys last year since they’re blue, we were like omg arlo stop please take any other candy!! now we can curate the candy selection hahah.

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august faves


i’ve been wanting to do this sort of post forever but better to start the tradition now versus never. if you’re a loooong time follower you might remember i used to do a monthly roundup post of my life but since life is pretty much the same thing day after day lately, a wish list is way more fun.

the color of this preserved hydrangea bunch is sooooo pretty.

the sweetest little shell locket! you can get engraved too. i love this.

this was a targeted ad and boy was it targeted correctly. i feel like i need this hand powered mincer?

the cooooolest bookshelf. yes i totally see how its flistones-y but also IT IS SO COOL.

i bought this vegetable peeler a few months ago because it’s so beautiful, so yeah it must not actually work that well, right? well guess what i am here to report THATS NOT TRUE. it is THE BEST peeler we own.

we got this collapsible cup for arlo and its beautiful and functions so well.

i have worn this bra basically every day of quarantine lol– gross but it’s honestly the most comfortable and somewhat supportive bralette i’ve ever tried.


our dollhouse : living room tour


woo! sorry for the delay, but the day has finally come that i’m going to start sharing dollhouse room tours! i decided to do it room by room because otherwise i’ll be too overwhelmed. so first up is the living room! one of the first rooms i finished, but honestly i want to do more to it. i planned on making a lounge chair but just kept pushing it further and further down my to-do list until i skipped it. i also really want to make a wall sconce for over the couch but it never happened. and now that i have a second house to work on, i probably won’t get to those things but the room is cute as is!

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