movies / printables

printable 2021 oscar ballot


ok i really didn’t want to bother with an oscar ballot this year — because i only just remembered yesterday when my brother asked if i was making one, and i saw barely any of the movies this year. one of them i saw 20 minutes of that i’ll never get back… can you guess which one i’m talking about? lol. please try to guess. 

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gift guide / mother's day

mothers day gift guide


honestly all i want for mothers day is some alone time haha — i’m even going to a hotel alone next week to just finally get a little solo quiet time!! i think that even a few hours of uninterrupted peace and quiet is the ideal gift right now, but you know i had to round up some pretty things too.

ps last year, not only did i get to stay in bed for a few hours, i had gid and arlo leave the house and go pick up some lobster rolls for dinner so it was win win. quiet AND my fave food :) 

last year’s mothers day gift guide focused on being stuck at home– this year, since we’re mostly still stuck at home but it’s not news at this point– this gift guide is more focused on self care and rest. we all need it so bad right?!? here are some thoughtful and beautiful gifts for any moms in your life. 

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gift guide / miscarriage

a miscarriage gift guide


since my recent miscarriage, i’ve gotten asked many times about what to get or how to support a friend going through one, i know firsthand how helpless you can feel when you want to be there for someone going through it– and you just don’t know how to help or be there for them, properly.

i know people sometimes don’t even know how to respond or what to say when it comes to miscarriages– but even just a text that says you’re thinking of them or that you’re sending love is a good start. even if i wasn’t in the mood to respond to texts, seeing an outpouring of love in my messages from family and friends meant so much to me.

so if you’re not sure if you should reach out or not, reach out. support is so crucial to get through it. and if you’re wanting to get her something to show her you care, i thought it could be helpful to share what i appreciated most or what i think would have made me feel loved, from my own personal experience.

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diy / kid things

DIY play kitchen dinnerware


this post is in partnership with sculpey

arlos play kitchen has been one of his longest running fave things to play with (so i’m so relieved because it took me sooo long), so gifting him accessories for his kitchen are always a hit. he has tons of things to cook with but not “serving” pieces, so i thought some mini dinnerware would be a perfect addition to his kitchen, and i wanted to make them all different colors because he loves everything to be rainbow these days.

sculpey air-dry clay has a really easy to smooth texture, and it’s so soft and pliable right out of the package so you don’t have to sit and condition it for a while like with polymer clay. air-dry clay is also super convenient if you want to craft with kids at school or outside since you don’t have to worry about baking it. 

and i love that you can work with it like real pottery clay (scoring, adding water, etc)– luckily i did pottery classes a few years ago so i did ok with it, but i think it’s pretty easy for anyone to use! sculpey air-dry clay comes in white and terra-cotta color but YOU CAN COLOR IT too– all you have to do is add oil paint and knead it till it’s incorporated. i would definitely try that next time because it seems even easier than painting.

k now i’ll show you how i made his little mini pottery!

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home tour / interiors

home tour : ashley hosmers cheerful (and fragrant) abode


i love following ashley— she is cheeky, honest and FREAKING passionate about candles. like really passionate haha. she has actually taught me a ton about proper candle care and so therefore i am forever indebted to her. following her feels like taking to a friend and i felt like her friend pretty instantaneously! her home is for sure an extension of her fun personality and feels so her. i hope you enjoy it as much as i do! 

tell us about you and what you do!

I’m Ashley, I live in LA with my husband Matty and our dog Mia. For my job I run email and influencer marketing and in my spare time I review candles and decorate my home!

how long have you lived in your home?

We moved in February of 2020. We actually filmed an empty home tour that’s on my IGTV where I walk around talking about all the hosting we’ll do in our home. We have yet to host anyone haha.

how many sq feet is your home?




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interiors / our house / review

our interior define couch : a review and FAQ


always getting so many questions on my couch so i thought it would be helpful to have EVERYTHING in one place!!! and thank you for sending your questions so that i hopefully don’t miss anything you might be curious about! 

we got the couch 3 years ago, when we went to the interior define showroom, i actually had another couch in mind. this couch was so big and i was just like oh thats a really big couch cool, but then we sat on it and we quickly realized it was our favorite. little baby arlo loved it the most too. since then, i’ve seen a ton of people on instagram get this couch so not to be like hey i started the trend butttt well i never saw it before the showroom. 

all the basic info

it’s basically two long deep sofas put together, one has an arm and one is armless. they’re secured together on the underside with hardware.

model name: jasper
color: wheat — cross weave (kid/pet friendly fabric)
base finish: natural oak – solid wood rail
one long, deep armless sofa and one long, deep one arm sofa right
size of each sofa: 72″ x 48″

my thoughts after 3 years of living with our couch

look wise i still love the sofa. it’s modern but also feels like it won’t go out of style anytime soon. comfort/size wise as well. the first week we got the couch delivered i was for sure a little nervous i went way too large, but once you get used to it — we may never go back. normal couches feel so tiny and cramped now haha. 

the fabric has held up well (i’ll talk more about the cleaning care below) but it does pill, the back down cushions do need a lot of TLC to look good, but i’m not sure i would prefer foam because i like how squishy they are now. overall, i’m really happy with the couch and i do recommend it! Read More


a month of using blue apron and some FAQ


this post is in partnership with blue apron

after a year of living at home through a pandemic– the food anxiety, the frantic midnight grocery shopping just trying to secure a delivery window, the constant cooking and never ending meal planning, i kinda have NO CLUE why we didn’t try a meal kit box sooner. i’ve used them sporadically in the past for one box at a time, but this was my first time doing a few boxes in a row. 

anyone who knows me or follows me closely knows i am a total creature of habit when it comes to cooking, i pretty much make the same handful of dishes because it’s nice for me to not have to come up with new ideas, especially on weekdays. so i am so excited to have used blue apron for the past month because i’ve made so many new things i would normally never even think to try making, and we’ve all really enjoyed it too!! 

since you’re probably well aware of blue apron by now, they deliver chef created recipes with super easy to follow instructions and pre-portioned responsibly sourced ingredients. 

it has been FREAKING BREEZY to not have to worry about meal planning or grocery shopping the last few weeks, i can’t even express that enough. i’ve had to shop for essentials and that’s it, and it’s just felt like such a weight lifted off my back. to not have to even think about what i’m making for dinner has actually felt like self care after the year we’ve had. i know this all sounds dramatic but i guess i am dramatic lol. Read More

baby / kid things / roundup

my favorite places to shop for cute kids basics


tbh i always wanted a daughter so i could pick out cute little dresses and onesies but i actually have loved dressing arlo over the years!! shopping for boys is definitely different and can be way more challenging. for some reason whenever i’m shopping for kids clothes, i always notice how much cuter the girls options are than the boys. it’s so weird how obvious it is!! i have no problem buying things for arlo from the girls sections, i just wish stores didn’t seem so geared towards exclusively girls. 

even though he’s 3.5, i still only have arlo wear soft pants and leggings, i’m really not into the typical trousers they sell for little boys, so i usually have him wear leggings from girls sections (i just have to size up, maybe only because arlo is especially tall).

i love dressing him in basics because they’re timeless and gender neutral, and you can mix and match! here are a bunch of favorite shops, i didn’t link to specific clothing since they’ll all sell out eventually. this post is to just help guide you there! 

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