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modern advent calendars and what to fill them with


i never had an advent calendar (being a jewish kid), but since we got one for arlo last year i’m so into it now! they are really fun and i just love doing something festive every single day leading up to christmas. last year i made a printable so that our calendar was filled with more activities than stuff, but i got some stuff this year for ours too.

i ended up getting a new one this year because the one we used last year had such tiny pockets, i wasn’t really able to fit much besides paper in there– so i’m excited to have some more space this time! it’s from gathre and i copied a friend who put the stocking garland on hers

(i gotta say tho, this is the large size advent and i swapped for the small because the large is MASSIVE. unless you have a bunch of kids, i prefer the small size!)

this cute advent calendar is so nice and simple!! Read More

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printable advent calendar activities


i’m so excited to do an advent calendar for our first time this year! i bought this cute one from target (and i cut the tassels off to simplify it a bit), but wasn’t sure what to fill the pockets with. i got a couple little things like elmo bandaids and was gonna put some little cars and chocolates and maybe some ornaments in them, but decided to also incorporate a lot of activities to do together instead of just material things!

the pockets are really small on my advent calendar, so i had to cut the cards way down to fit, but i left them square on the printable version so you can use them as is or cut down if needed! i also only did one set of 12. it was hard to come up with 12 things to do, and you can supplement the rest with treats and things.

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holiday gift guide : for the in-laws


i feel like in-laws are especially hard to shop for because you may not be comfortable asking them what they’d actually want, or maybe you don’t want to spend a ton of money but still want to give them something meaningful– so i found lots of different types of gifts at different price points! Read More

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neutral holiday pajamas for kids


i got lots of requests for a holiday pj roundup this year, and can’t remember ever doing them in the past so i guess everyone is feeling EXTRA festive right now!!

you know i’ll usually lean towards the simple and minimal varieties of holiday pajamas (love me a simple pale red stripe haha), but i found some more fun ones that are still super cute and not bright red or green too!! aesthetic holiday pajamas for all!!!!! Read More