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a modern outdoor kids playhouse makeover


this post is in partnership with ace hardware

so excited to finally share arlo’s outdoor playhouse with you guys! i wasn’t actually 100% set on having a playhouse, but i wanted to have something for him in the backyard now that we’ve removed the cactus and made it more toddler-friendly. whenever we are at the kids museum, he seems to enjoy the little houses most so i thought he would probably love a playhouse and gid rationalized that we can he do playground stuff at the playground.

i looked for any pre-fab houses that were attractive as they came, but all the best looking ones i could find were built custom and i just knew that wasn’t a realistic option for us. maybe if gid were a carpenter, but he’s not so i’d rather just spend less than $500 to buy one. i didn’t love the look of any as is, so i found one with the best “bones” and knew paint would transform it into an actual attractive element of the yard. i worked with ace hardware’s paint studio and i’m so happy with how it turned out.

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pretty everything / roundup

pretty everything : toilet brushes


in my lifelong battle to try to never buy ugly things, i’m going to try to do these roundups as more of a regular series (…have i said this before?) since we’re renovating the bathroom, i’ve been on the hunt for an attractive modern toilet brush, so of course i wanted to round up my favorites for you!

these range from around $10-$85 so there’s one for every budget (i decided to exclude one that was really handsome but $175 because i’m all about pretty things but honestly who would spend that.)

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our master bathroom : the plan


our final room renovation! it’s actually sort of sad! but also so happy. we chose to do our guest bathroom before the master because it’s the one everyone uses and we wanted to have it nice for arlo, but oh man i am so ready to enjoy our own bathroom. Read More


printable spring/summer bucket list


since i made the bucket list for last fall/winter, obviously i had to do another one! while i didn’t finish every item on our list, we filled the whole list and only left a handful of things undone. it was actually really nice to have because on weekends when we didn’t have plans, we could just look at our list and choose something on there to do– i honestly think it pushed to do way more activities than we have in the past. so now i’m a big fan.  Read More


vanessas bedroom — after


yay! i e-designed a space! in case you missed the before yesterday, i virtually designed my friend vanessa’s bedroom via email, text and facetime. and i am so happy with how much better it looks. i’m now helping her with her new studio space too!

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vanessas bedroom — before


for years and years i’ve wanted to introduce other spaces besides only my own on here but never have — but finally doing it today! my friend vanessa told me she was struggling with making her bedroom cute and asked me to help out. i thought it would be super fun to design her room virtually (because she lives in san diego), so we did everything via email and text and i’m so happy with how it turned out. Read More

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h&m home faves


it’s been a bit since i did an h&m roundup and they just always have so many cute things i feel the need to share! i have the app on my phone and check in sporadically to see the new home arrivals — it’s a v dangerous hobby.  Read More

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25 faux plants that actually look good


i know faux plants are frowned upon, like duh how could they not be. but at the same time, in my 33 years of life i have probably killed 3,333 plants. and it’s soooo relieving to have some faux ones we don’t have to worry about. (the wandering gypsy above)

our great room is unfortunately pretty dark, we have a giant tree in our front yard which keeps our house cool but keeps the light out too. so it has made it really hard to have trees and plants in here sadly. we’ve tried different types, different areas, but nothing has worked for us and we’ve lost quite a few — so in the last year i’ve decided to invest in more faux and never looked back. it’s so nice not having to replace them! i also love that arlo can mess with the ones that are in unbreakable pots like the one above and i don’t have to worry about it. so i went and rounded up my favorites for you.

ps we do still have real ones scattered around, but only in the spots that get way more light than our living/entry/dining room. Read More