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my tips for disneyland while pregnant


we just did 2 days at disneyland with arlo (sort of a birthday trip slash pre-kindergarten slash the last time it will be just the three of us) and it was so much fun. i was nervous about a disneyland trip at 6mo pregnant in july, but it worked out*! i knew my limits and we took LOTS of breaks. having the two days helped a lot because we weren’t worried about cramming things in as much. Read More

kid things

cute school supplies


is this the most colorful roundup i’ve EVER DONE?! arlo’s love of colors has made me realize how a few pastel colors make him very happy haha. i mean he even says his favorite color is “rainbow”. he’s getting me more into them!! 

anyway, school starts back up sooner than it should here in california, so i wanted to round up some cute school supplies for all your little kiddos! lots of backpacks, lunchboxes, and some elementary school supplies they may need! 

also, since i get asked all the time– the links for arlos name labels and stamps!


i got these “rainbow” labels for all of his hard things like water bottles, lunch box, notebooks etc. i got font #5


i’ve been using this on arlos school clothes for years now! super happy with it — the ink doesn’t bleed through and they’ve held up well against a million washes. (it’s the small size)


peach, pistachio and crispy sage pizza


i have been getting way into making pizza the past couple months, but like all my cooking, i’ve struggled with creativity and thinking outside the standard toppings (i usually do pepperoni, mushrooms, peppers, onions etc) but when i saw a pizza from this place mykes pizza in arizona on instagram stories, i was INSPIREEEED.

i still haven’t made my own dough which a lot of you tell me is very easy, i’ll try it soon– i usually mix it up between dough from trader joes, the italian deli near our house, or these flatbread doughs that are insanely easy and i love a crispy flatbread crust. you can do this recipe with whatever dough you want, but i used the flatbread one.

the first night i made it i couldn’t believe that i’d hyped it up so much in my head and it lived up to it. it was super delicious and so easy, and seems fancy enough to serve as a fun appetizer for entertaining too. the next time i made it, i decided to go a lot heavier handed with all the ingredients and i can’t recommend that enough! the bites that have all three toppings are the best bites, and you bought all the ingredients so you might as well cover that pizza!!  Read More


my pregnancy essentials


my pregnancy has been way more chill than my first, and i was lucky the first time around too. my pregnancy with arlo i had heartburn every single day, but i took pepcid AC which helped a ton, this time i haven’t had anything like that really (actually until this week!)

i had some strong smell aversions in the beginning, but that’s really the worst physical symptom i’ve had 6 months in! i’ve been extremely lucky, so this list of essentials might be very different than others.

i’m not planning on another baby after this so i haven’t wanted to invest too much money into things that are specifically maternity, instead trying to find things that will work for these next few months as well as postpartum and beyond. (i spent a bunch of money on things i never wore again last time and it was a mistake) Read More

kids parties

arlos mario themed 5th birthday


to be honest when arlo got so into mario and requested a mario theme this year, i was not super into it. we all know primary colors are not really my forte lol. but the more i pinterested, the more i realized it was my most exciting challenge so far. Read More


cucumber and yogurt crostinis


it’s basically tzakaki on bread, but these are sooo good. my FIL has been making them every summer for years and i always look forward to it, so i realized i could start doing it myself! 

it’s a super simple recipe, perfect for chill summer dinners or entertaining –but i promise it will impress all of them! my stepdad was over the other day and shocked how good they are.

Read More

my fave things this month

my fave things this month | may



i love wearing an anklet and i upgraded mine to this cute shiny one, i love that it comes in small sizes too!


got this tumbler for my iced teas and i’m so happy with it. the color is beautiful and it fits in my cup holder and i love that the straw is chewy hahah. 


its the little things, very excited about these ponytail holders i got that look so much cuter on my wrist than the typical black ones. i personally don’t care about them matching my hair and would way rather them match my aesthetic lol.


these frozen recyclable coffee pods are so amazing, you can use to make iced or hot drinks and they work with tons of different roasters. use code PERFECT for $30 off!!


this dress looks so much more expensive than it is (normally $20), super easy to throw on all summer long and good for daytime or nighttime (and a growing bump!)


after a few times of getting my food super stuck to the grates while grilling, i got these mats and i love them. i still get grill marks with them and they just make it so much easier to cook foods that would stick (fish, chicken skin, veggies). i’m sure grill aficionados would never use them, but luckily i’m not one of those lol. 


ever since i’ve started using this moisturizer my skin is like 60% softer. i love it so much! 


after ordering a few different versions and colored leather tissue box covers, i finally found the one i love most — the camel color is perfect and it makes your tissues look so good. fyi the first couple tissues in the box will require two hands to remove haha.