making this: the ikea rast campaign hack


Mainly the reason I started this blog, I tend to look at inspirational DIYs and hacks and try to copy them, this was one of the first cases of me just knowing what I wanted to make and doing it. And people on the internet liked it as much as I did!

After scouring flea markets and craigslist for campaign furniture, I gave up. It is so pretty! Am I the only person that can’t find the pieces in person? So I made my own from the Ikea Rast tiny little dresser.

So here is the step-by-step (well, somewhat.)















I picked up one of these guys for $35, not really positive of what I was going to do with it. So I scoured the internet for the best deals and most attractive brass hardware. Not the easiest thing. I bought three of these corner pieces, which conveniently came in 4 pack. Then purchased the pulls in polished brass. A long time was spent debating paint colors, but I ended up choosing a blue-ish slate color.




















I assembled the body of the dresser, and kept the drawer fronts on their own while I patched up the original knob holes.

After patching the holes, I drilled the holes for the corner pieces and pulls. (Sorry! No photos of these steps) A lot of pencil markings. Then painted each drawer front before actually attaching the hardware.

Once the drawer fronts were done, I assembled the drawers and VOILA!

hey – see my rast on Apartment Therapy and Little Green Notebook!

*** AND IF YOU WANT TO SEE HOW THE HARDWARE GOES ON – i’ve done a little follow up update post here!



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My boyfriend and best friend say I need a blog. I’m a graphic designer/motion graphics artist/editor living in a little craftsman bungalow in Los Angeles with my boyfriend and our future would-be dog that we haven’t gotten yet. Adopting a dog is hard!

I am fairly obsessed with home decorating (no actual experience or education) and cooking extravagant meals that I sometimes tend to screw up.

And that explains the name of this blog!

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