eating this: crab rolls


The perfect thing to eat at the end of the summer when you’re really trying to hold on to the summer and you’re in total denial that soon enough, it will be dark when you drive home. UGH. Well I’m eating crab rolls all year. Except crab is super expensive, so we made this last for three meals – and yes, by day three, it was gross.

Remember when I just said crab is expensive? Well I meant it. We got the quality stuff so maybe the less quality stuff is cheaper but the can we bought was $35! I totally lied when I said I’d eat this all the time! By the way – this is unique for me, but I didn’t follow a recipe and I drank wine while I made it, so prepare to taste. The crab is very forgiving!

New England Crab Rolls

one can special crab meat
half an avocado – mashed
half an avocado – sliced
1 cup mayo
boston lettuce
4 tablespoons scallions
1 tsp tabasco sauce
1 tb lemon zest
the juice of 1/2 or the whole lemon (preference!)
hot dog buns (hawaiian or potato are always best)
butter or margarine (for the buns)

In a large bowl, throw in the crab meat along with the mayo, scallions and lemon zest. Don’t mix it yet! Split the avocado and in a small bowl, mash up one half of it. Slice the other half and add both to the mix.

Liberally butter the buns and cook them face down on a pan over medium-high heat for 5 minutes.

Gently mix up the crab salad and add the lemon juice and tabasco to taste. Garnish on top of the living lettuce.


solvang, california


We spent the weekend in Solvang for our friends wedding. Oh man – it’s pretty there! RIGHT?!

We stayed in a motel that had a modern facelift and I was all for it. That’s a cute room. We also ate lunch at Julia Child’s favorite mexican spot in Santa Barbara, La Super-Rica Taqueria. Really really good. But don’t get the gordita. That wasn’t that good.

We rode our motels bicycles up to see the mini horses but bailed midway through the ride. Then we drove there the next day.

Oh and we went to that wedding I spoke of. It was beautiful and rustic (if you didn’t guess) and did I mention beautiful? Oh look – I made that sign! Congrats to my friends Linda + Patrick.
We aren’t traveling again anytime soon so I can finally watch way too much hbo go.

yada yada

is going brunette a thing i could do?


I’ve had blonde hair for a while now. A bunch of years! And for a good chunk of that time, I’ve been kind of wanting a change. You know you think you want a change and then you do it and you’re like “oh SHIT“. I chopped off a good portion of my hair a year ago, and then I grew it back. So now it’s like it was before.

Here’s a secret: I’m naturally brunette. I guess. I don’t really know what the natural color is anymore, but I’m assuming I wouldn’t have to have my hair done every 6 weeks. But what if you’re better blonde. What if you just can’t tell. What if you go brunette and then it looks awful and it takes so long to go back to blonde. What if you’re secretly like Kristen Wiig and your hair actually looks amazing brunette and you’re so much better that way? So many questions. I like to think about these things and not do them. Maybe I’ll do them sometime. After all, it is autumn soon… and brunettes love autumn or something? Is this something other blondes debate? And torture their mind over? Or vice versa?!!?!?!

And when speaking of brunette, I cannot not mention my dream hair brunette idol/tv bff, Carole Radziwill.

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hey we went to big bear


Like I said already – camping is not the best time ever, in my opinion. But Big Bear is really pretty and we had this special campsite where it was just us, no other campers anywhere in sight. So we could be as obnoxious and cold as we wanted.

Someone in the group rented an airstream trailer. So awesome.

We slept in a tent. Did I tell you?

The dogs of Big Bear were very cute and seemingly tired.

Why yes – those are our his and hers ameri-chairs.

wish list

payday wishlist – camping edition


WAIT – CAMPING?! Well, I didn’t think it would happen… especially not in the same year, but it looks like I’m going camping this weekend. Again. This year. Sleeping in a tent. Again. Twice in a year. Yes, some of you may love camping, but waking up in a tent, all I can think of is “oh this is not my bed, I could be in my bed right now”. But camping is fun. And my boyfriend seems to be pretty into it. So now I’ll shut up.

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We are heading to Big Bear. It should be pretty beautiful. So today’s wishlist is all about cute camping stuff! (Yes, this is my second camping roundup. Here was the first.)

first aid kit / herschel backpack / bocce balls / bear sleeping bag / juice jug / leather bound flashlight

Have a good day labor day weekend!