yada yada

off to maine


lobster roll

today gid and i are leaving town and going for a road trip in maine — we’re so excited. we have our itinerary pretty planned out (like 25 lobster roll places in 8 days), but we’re also going to try to wing it here and there and stop where we see cool things and do it proper. you can follow along on instagram and maybe snapchat (although i’ve been just doing IG lately because its all just too much)

let’s talk when i’m back, shall we?

i link you

happy weekend



so ready for this week to be over — seems like weeks feel way longer when you’re one away from vacation, but especially when there’s a lot going on. trying to finish up a ton before we go to maine next week, ready to just be there already. how are you?  Read More


printable to-do list


printable-to-do-list-almost-makes-perfect printable-to-do-lists-almost-makes-perfect

if i don’t keep lists, i always end up going nuts. like always. it helps me chill out to write out everything i need to do and checking them off (i also use this app lately).

now that summers over, i wanted to design some cute check lists to inspire all of us to keep lists, even the people who aren’t as crazy about ’em.  Read More