DIY graphic tees


DIY graphic tees | almost makes perfect DIY graphic tees | almost makes perfect

even though almost every t-shirt i own is a plain white or black one, lately i’ve been liking retro inspired graphic tees with cute little sayings on them. but the ones i’ve wanted aren’t cheap, and so i decided to make some for real cheap.  Read More


DIY patterned vase


DIY patterned vase | almost makes perfect

for some reason, among all of the serving trays and candles and ceramic pitchers i own — i don’t own almost any simple glass vases. so when i recently realized that i bought one on amazon, and it was so cheap that i decided to buy a second one to make one cool.

so i came up with a super simple technique to make it patterned, by just using tape and frosted glass spray — which i was surprised to like so much. i also considered using white spray paint, but i thought this way would be a little more understated.

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how to make your own city guide


make your own city guide | almost makes perfect

you guys know i love to create travel guides, i find it super satisfying to explore new places and try to hunt down the cutest shops and restaurants while on vacation. gid’s not as into that challenge as i am, but he’s very patient.

you may also know i’m equally passionate about my own city, so i came up with a super fun idea to make a print version of my LA guide for out of town visitors. it’s a perfect little gift for special visitors, or perfect nightstand reading material for your own guest room (or even your airbnb).
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happy weekend


hammock | almost makes perfect

it’s a VERY HAPPY WEEKEND FOR US. it’s the first weekend we can actually hang out in the backyard! we’re not quite finished, a few more things to finish before it’s done done, but the furniture is out there and we’re going to setup our BBQ and we’re so stoked. can’t wait to show you guys.

and you may have seen we hung our hammock, it’s big enough for both of us and it’s like what dreams are made of. i’m so obsessed.

also, if you forgot, wanted to ask you again to please vote for me in the bloglovin’ awards. love you.

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an indoor picnic dinner party


an indoor picnic dinner party an indoor picnic dinner party | almost makes perfect

there’s something so casual, cozy and romantic about sitting on the floor to eat — i’ve always loved sitting around the coffee table for a meal. maybe because we did it as kids and we got to watch tv while we ate chinese food, so it was awesome.

anyway — i thought it would be a fun idea for a themed dinner party to take that up a notch, and make it feel like a picnic.  Read More

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happy weekend


kitchen mouse in highland park

another weekend! we have some family plans and we’re also going to pickle lots of things this weekend for our upcoming housewarming party. it’ll be action packed. lol. have you ever had pickled watermelon rind? it’s so dope, i had it once and i’m very excited to make it. we’re also going to do pickles and carrots and maybe some other things? if you have any ideas, i’m all ears!

hope you have a good one!

OH and i’m nominated for best DIY blog in the bloglovin’ awards — will you vote for me please?! 

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