cocoon dresses


cocoon dress | almost makes perfect

so i’m not sure, but cocoon dresses might be the least sexy dresses from a guys point of view ever, but i am so into them. i love how they’re so versatile from day to night, and you could pretty much buy one and wear it the whole summer. but i don’t own one. do you?!

thought i’d round up some of my faves…
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happy weekend



well it’s obviously been a horrible week, so while i usually try to keep it pretty light here, most of this weeks links are about orlando. we’re heading to long beach today for a weekend away, and i’m so excited to be away from watching the news and get to go to the aquarium! hope you guys have a fun father’s day and a good weekend.   Read More

interiors / tips

how to choose an exterior paint color


how to choose an exterior paint color


when we bought our house and moved in back in november, one of the first things we did was have a painter come out to give us a quote because i haaaaated the yellow beige color. sadly with el niño coming, he said to wait till the late spring to paint, so we lived with it for months… el niño never came and my hatred for the paint color never left, so here we are!

we spent a good couple of months choosing our paint colors, so i wanted to share some tips we picked up along the way — to hopefully help you avoid spending months picking out your own colors.  Read More


joshua tree, california


joshua tree guide | almost makes perfect

over memorial day weekend, we rented a little house in the desert next to two other houses that our friends rented out. it was super fun to go away together but still have our own space. i love how quiet it is there, and even though we didn’t do much — we came back super relaxed which is just what we needed.   Read More

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happy weekend


our living room #casamadboom

happy friday! my two week hiatus from work is over this week, so boo. but during the break i got a pretty good amount of house progress done, the house is getting painted and it’s all very exciting. this weekend we’re celebrating my stepdads 70th birthday with a party and a sleepover in malibu. hope you guys have a good one!   Read More

father's day

10 DIY gift ideas for dad


10 DIY gift ideas for dad | almost makes perfect

father’s day is next weekend, did you realize?! while it might feel like it’d be impossible to actually make dad a gift that’s masculine and functional, i scoured a little and found some faves that i think he’d actually love and use.   Read More


DIY triangle leather pouch


DIY triangle leather pouches | almost makes perfect DIY triangle leather pouch |  almost makes perfect

a little fun fact, you can usually tell how easy and satisfying a DIY i’ve made is by how many i’ve made. so the fact that i made four of these means it’s like a good DIY ok?  Read More

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happy weekend


desert treasures

even though a short week should fly by faster, i had a hard time focusing on working this week! a really hard time. BUT i finally did a DIY that i am stoked on, and you’ll get to see it next week. have a good weekend guys.  Read More