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happy weekend


sunday morning | almost makes perfect

if you follow me on snapchat, you may have seen the 72 videos of our NEW CAT. last week when my dad was in town for his birthday, we walked into an adoption center which we probably shouldn’t have done, because i met a little girl i fell head over heels for — and well a few days later we got her home with us! she’s half ragdoll half persian long hair and she’s 6 pounds and she’s so freaking sweet. we’re in love. she belonged to a hoarder who was caught with 120 cats and they all got adopted out but she was kept as evidence until a month ago! i’m so happy we found her. and btw gid is so cute, he said yes to adopting her just based on a photo i sent him.  Read More

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DIY moon tote bag


DIY moon tote bag | almost makes perfect DIY moon tote @mollymadfis

so moons are totally still in right? what’s the next moon? i’m not sure, but i’m still way into moons. i have a trunk and a drawer and a kitchen cabinet full of reusable bags, so basically i believe you can’t have enough bags (especially when bags cost 10 cents at the store). so i made one today!
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happy weekend


entryway | almost makes perfect

happy friday! this week was a stressful one for me. my day job has gotten a little more intense as of late and i owe so much money to the IRS its like a joke. wouldn’t it be so fun to go live on an island all alone (if there was TV)? but i started taking a pottery class and i’m loving it — it feels so good to have a creative outlet that isn’t a blog. my dad is in town next week for his birthday, so we’re getting our guest room ready this weekend (feels like we’re always doing that) and i want to eat a burger. big plans.
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DIY woven wall hanging


DIY woven wall hanging | almost makes perfect @mollymadfis DIY woven wall hanging @mollymadfis

in my opinion, the hardest place to decide art for is above the bed. but that’s especially true when you live in california and your husband won’t let you put anything above the bed because it’s not earthquake safe (i’ve talked to many friends whose husbands say the same thing) — so i came up with a solution! if this falls on our head during an earthquake, we’ll just be like MY HOW SILLY WE LOOK IN OUR MUPPET WIG!
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almost makes mixtape

almost makes mixtape ⋅ vol 20


almost makes mixtape | vol 20

i had a very busy week last week, the first half was spent in palm springs with a bunch of old and new blogger friends, and the second half was in ventura for craftcation. i’m so happy to be sleeping in my bed again, but i’m still getting adjusted… so today i’m sharing a mixtape to space out to. Read More