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holiday gift guide / for the kids


holiday gift guide | kids

01. every kid needs a constant reminder to not be gross. might help to hang one of these in their bathroom.
02. and because every kid needs a cute yarn tassel. ok, well maybe they don’t need…
03. for the little one that’s saving all their money for college, encourage them with a cute piggy bank.
04. the cutest little moccasins ever. my future kids will be wearing these for sure.
05. a really beautiful alternative to jenga. if you’re feeling active, you could also DIY it.
06. the cutest leggings that i wish came in grown up sizes.
07. adorable socks that will make you and said kid smile.
08. toys don’t always have to be ugly! the pretty ones are just way more $$ and kids might hate them.
09. for the artistic little guy or girl — inspire them to keep it up with an andy warhol coloring book.
10. because i mean, what kid would not look cool in this panther sweatshirt?
11. i always love that gifts that you can do an activity together, and most adults i know want to build robots.
12. for the musical kid, get them a ukelele which is at least 1000x less annoying than some alternative instruments.

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printable thankful bingo


printable thanksgiving bingo | almost makes perfect

did anyone else just realize thanksgiving is next week?! maybe it’s just me. i’m super bad at calendars. if you’re looking to spice up your thanksgiving this year, i’m sharing this free printable for a very snarky and fun bingo game to play.

free printable | thanksgiving bingo | almost makes perfect

all you have to do is download from the link below, print to the size you’d like (works best on cardstock), and in the print settings > add crop marks for the easiest trimming. then hand one out to everyone (or just limit it to the young people if the oldies don’t have a sense of humor)!

thanksgiving bingo | almost makes perfect

my mom had surgery last week, so gideon and i are in charge of hosting thanksgiving this year. something i’ve never done despite being very close to 30. so we’re feeling very intimidated about cooking for 15 people, but excited that i get to be in charge of table design! so i got a chance to practice for this post, and i’m going to practice AGAIN for ANOTHER THANKSGIVING printable as well! OOOOO!

printable thankful bingo | almost makes perfect



brit + co x almost makes perfect


brit + co x almost makes perfect  | stamp kit

exciting news! if you were a fan of my DIY stamped scarf or DIY stamped napkins, i’ve teamed up with brit+co (!!) to create holiday craft kits for you to make your own! brit+co chose some of their favorite craft projects from different bloggers, and they decided to create not one, but two separate kits for you to recreate that project!

buy the kit for a loved one, buy the kit for yourself, or if you realllllly want to be a sweetie, buy the kit and make it for them! three perfectly legit options. i made my mom a stamped scarf for mother’s day and i won major brownie points.

you can also read a little interview about me on the brit+co website here!

brit + co x almost makes perfect | stamp kit brit + co x almost makes perfect | stamp kit brit + co x almost makes perfect  | stamp kit

so do you wanna get one for yourself? here you go.


brit+co X almost makes perfect


holiday giveaway / giftry


giftry giveaway | almost makes perfect

based on yesterdays gift guide, i’m now in full on holiday gift mode. remember a few months ago when i posted about this new site, giftry? it’s a place that makes it super easy to collaborate on gift lists, and takes the guess work out of getting someone something that they actually want. every year my parents require christmas lists from every family member. this was after the christmas when my mom received four different copies of moulin rouge on DVD. no joke. she was OBSESSED with that movie and we weren’t so good at communicating with each other.

giftry makes that way simpler, because my mom can now sign up and make a list for herself, and us kids can actually discuss what we’re getting her based on what she’s picked out. and lucky for you, giftry is giving away up to $1000 worth of gifts for the holidays! details and some of my personal gift ideas after the jump!

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gift guide

holiday gift guide / for the boys


i can’t believe it’s already time to start buying presents. well it’s at least time to start thinking about it anyway. the first holiday gift guide this year is for the boyfriends, husbands and brothers in your life. i attempted to avoid the typical cliche boy gifts as much as possible, but if we don’t buy them their fancy grooming products annually — who will?

holiday gift guide for boys | almost makes perfect

01. this super rad minimal mp3 speaker would definitely make him happy
02. seems like a new clean pair of sneakers is something a boy needs every 3 months
03. when a gift can be fun for both of you, it wins. sriracha margarita mix wins.
04. boys love sunglasses. fact.
05. instead of actually going camping, you can just give him a dope camping knife and call it a day.
06. another gift guide, another handsome dopp kit. have you given him a dopp kit yet?!
07. this black oxide money clip is the most masculine money clip i ever did see.
08. literally the coziest sweatshirt ever. and i try not to use the word literally. i swear he won’t take it off.
09. cooking and swearing, two of my boys favorite things together in one cookbook.
10. harry’s razors make your shower look good, and gideon says it works well too!
11. the unavoidable grooming product purchase for him. after shave or beard oil always goes well.
12. a fish eye lens for his iphone is an easy and fun little last minute gift, if you didn’t spend enough.
13. a pretty skateboard that isn’t an eyesore for your house. always a good idea to motivate him to go outside.

roundup / style

shopping for coats


i think it might be finally cooling down in LA, and not just for a few days but maybe for the whole winter! although i really love the weather here, last winter was pretty warm the entire season – and i really miss wearing sweaters and jackets. so now it’s time to daydream about what i’ll wear, when i can believe it’s actually cold. jacket weather | almost makes perfect