diy copper bar earrings


diy copper bar earrings | almost makes perfect

i loooove those modern bar earrings i feel like i’m seeing everywhere lately — so decided to make my own using some super tiny copper pipe i’ve had sitting around for a while. just like last week, this is another DIY that takes only a few minutes!

diy earrings | almost makes perfect


super super tiny piping : this comes in all metallics at my hardware store
earring posts and closures
needle nose pliers
super glue

diy bar earrings | almost makes perfect


01 | cut down your earring posts to be as tiny as possible, do this by holding onto one with your pliers and snipping.

02 | cut down your pipe to whatever size you want, i just eyeballed it!

03 | glue together! let dry overnight.

04 | if you’re making as a gift, to make a paper backing for your earrings, just cut out a piece of card stock and poke holes with your studs. i prettied mine up by sloppily stamping before cutting!

diy bar stud earring | almost makes perfect diy copper stick earrings | almost makes perfect

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freeloader // 8


free iphone wallpaper - shibori

we can all agree that not only is shibori and indigo super trendy right now, but it’s also soooo pretty. so i decided to use my love of shibori patterns for a new iphone wallpaper! these wallpapers were digitally painted by my talented husband to be, gideon. he might be the first boy painting shibori ever?

shibori iphone wallpaper | almost makes perfect

shibori on shibori. mind blower. thanks again to gideon — and everyone else, download and enjoy!

this wallpaper is for personal use only, and NOT for re-distribution.
if you’d like to post a link sharing them, you may not directly post the downloadable files.
please credit and link back to this post for downloading the wallpaper.

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swimsuit season


swimsuit season | almost makes perfect

it’s been HOT in la… i know i’ve been complaining but 105 is not ok. so while i try to keep cool in our office, i’m mostly just daydreaming about our honeymoon already. it’s practically summer, time for swimsuits YAY.

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diy entryway organizer


diy entryway organizer | almost makes perfect

because i’m completely swamped with freelance and wedding stuff this week — i have very little time to work on the blog, so i’m SORRY. I APOLOGIZE. but in the spirit of being busy, i decided to do a DIY that takes five minutes! this might be the simplest DIY to date on the blog.

diy entryway organizer  |  almost makes perfect

you may have seen simple bungee entryway organizers before, and i’ve always loved them – so when i saw this wood box at the craft store, i immediately knew what to do with it.

entryway organizer diy


wood framed box
two pieces of bungee (mine had hooks on either ends that we chopped off)
a drill

entryway organizer diy entryway organizer diy

step one | measure where you want your bungee and drill holes

step two | tie a knot on one end of your bungee and loop it through to the other end. tie a knot on the other end on the inside.

step three | hang it.

5 minute diy | entryway organizer

throw your keys and sunglasses on there, you can slip important outgoing mail in there… endless possibilities.

diy entryway organizer | almost makes perfect

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fiesta bridal shower


fiesta bridal shower | almost makes perfect

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now i know i’m not supposed to be planning or consulting on my own bridal shower… but of course i am. my maid of honor is in charge of all the games, and another bridesmaid is handling the decorating, but how can i not help?! pinterest is my favorite pastime!

we came up with a modern fiesta theme, because it’ll be a daytime party in my moms backyard and i love tacos and margaritas. to save money and to make it more special, we decided to have my fiancé cater the thing – he’s good with tacos.

our big ordeal is that we had planned on it being late june, and due to my work schedule changing – i realized we had to change the date to a week sooner so now we’re only a month away and we still haven’t sent out invites or done anything really besides buy some papel picados.

has anyone thrown a fiesta themed party before? if so, please share some easy and cheap tips of how to make it special! and SOON!

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i link you : mothers day edition


i link you | mothers day DIYs

with mother’s day this sunday, it felt totally selfish to roundup things i want for myself. but if you’re still looking for gift ideas for her, check out the mom gift guide.

if you still need some inspiration, here are my favorite girly projects that you can bust out tomorrow before her big day!

01. all moms drink tea, right? that’s their thing. so this diy tea box is simple, easy and perfect. (via freutcake)
02. super lovely watercolor floral mothers day cards by yao chang that you can print right out! (via the alison show)
03. moms love breakfast in bed, but what if you made her a gorgeous crepe cake like this?! (via the house that lars built)
04. homemade milk bath for the mom who loves her bath time (via handmade mood)
05. this beautiful floral gift wrap is perfect for mothers day and printable! (via oh happy day)
06. pick up some edible flowers, throw them on top of everything — your party is made. (via studio diy)

have a happy mothers day and a great weekend!

diy / mother's day

diy stamped no-sew napkins


diy stamped napkins | almost makes perfect

as promised, i decided to use yesterdays DIY stamp to make some napkins using leftover jersey fabric! now, i’m not suggesting jersey is the best fabric for napkins – but you could use any durable fabric lying around or even stamp onto store bought cloth napkins or flour sack towels. and don’t forget, these are machine washable! YAY!

diy block print stamp

to make the stamp, follow the same instructions as yesterday’s DIY stamped scarf post.

my only tip for this project is if you’re reusing your stamp, make sure not to wash the stamp under running water. it wears down the adhesive – so the best way to reuse it is to clean with a soapy paper towel. but let’s be real – these stamps aren’t super durable for long term use. the good part is though, they’re easy as shit to make – so you can make a new one whenever!

diy stamped napkins | almost makes perfect

now wouldn’t these make the perfect mother’s day gift? oh and speaking of mother’s day… print out the gift tags i shared to wrap them in and you’ve become the favorite child!

diy stamped napkins and printable mothers day gift tag diy stamped napkins   |   almost makes perfect

or just throw your mom a brunch, use the napkins at the brunch, then say “see these napkins? they’re your gift! sorry they’re dirty.”

diy stamped napkins  |  almost makes perfect


diy / mother's day

diy no-sew stamped scarf


diy stamped scarf | almost makes perfect

i wanted to share the DIY project that i chose for the anthropologie event this past weekend : stamped scarves! these are so easy and it might be one of the most fun diys ever, actually. you know, because you get in the zone.

also, jersey knit makes for the perfect lightweight summer scarf, so i don’t have to tell you this would make a great mothers day present. do i? ok, well it would.

diy stamped scarf | almost makes perfect

making your own stamps is insanely easy, so now that i’ve “mastered” it, i’m making a new stamp for everything.

diy stamps


craft foam with adhesive backing *
wood block (we had these cut from scrap wood at the hardware store)
jersey knit fabric
fabric paint
foam brush

* to make sure the stamps were thick enough, i doubled each piece of craft foam by simply sticking one piece to another.

diy stamp

step one | trace your block onto the back of your craft foam to get an accurate size. you can also skip this step if you’re impulsive.

step two | draw out your desired shape. i went with a striped pattern so just cut out a ton of lines. they’re definitely not perfect, but i think all the imperfections add to the charm of these.

step three | remove the backing and stick your foam onto your wood block.

step four | cut out a piece of fabric that seems like a good size scarf. this one measures at about 13.5″ x 65″. because it’s jersey, the raw edge is pretty unnoticeable and the edges roll nicely.

diy stamp

step five | lay your fabric down flat on a work surface and tape down to secure.

step six | brush paint onto your stamp and stamp away!

diy stamping diy stamped scarf  |  almost makes perfect diy stamped scarf | almost makes perfect diy stamped scarf

because i was so into the block pattern this stamp made, i wanted to show you yet ANOTHER easy diy you can make with it, just in time for mother’s day. i’ll be sharing part 2 tomorrow!

diy stamped scarf