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passover printables : four questions place cards


printable passover four questions | almost makes perfect

happy passover! while i’ve never done a jewish holiday project or post, i’m attending my cousins seder this year and she asked me to make some special place cards for the occasion. well, i figured i must have two or three jewish readers, so why not share them?!

passover printable four questions | almost makes perfect

even though the four questions are usually for the kids – i thought they would make a fun theme for place settings. i’ve designed them so you can use them two different ways. you can cut out and keep them as is for placing on top of each plate, or you can fold them in half to create a more common style place card. there’s also a light grey box for writing your guests names.

download the PDF and print as many as guests you’ll be having onto standard 8.5 x 11″ card stock or any thick paper. these would look great on some colored paper too! carefully cut along the lines using an xacto.

passover printable four question place cards | almost makes perfect passover free printable four questions | almost makes perfect

enjoy and happy passover!

wish list

payday wishlist


i finished my taxes yesterday, so i’m feeling very very ready for the weekend. i’m assuming everyone else did theirs like… weeks and months ago?! well good work. we’re sttttill working on the wedding invitations and the website, so i’m going to try to spend as much time actually finishing those this weekend as i can. it is SO hard to design for yourself, but it’s especially hard when it’s your wedding and nothing feels perfect enough, for our vibe and personalities and all that we have to consider. but we did lock down how they’ll be printed! hope you have a lovely weekend!

payday wishlist

01. i was obsessed with birkenstocks when i was a kid. everyone at camp was replacing their adidas sandals with them, and i had to have some. so i subscribed to the catalog and would daydream about my own pair. i finally got some and never took them off. when birks started coming back a few years ago i was like “BLEGH” but i’ve now seen them on enough cute people that i want some again. this is how it works right? very easily brainwashed.
02. denim + triangles. i mean. so naturally i want this throw blanket.
03. the perfect beach / farmers market / summer / vacation bag ever.
04. i want every hanging planter i see, but especially love the color blocked yarn accents on this one.
05. who doesn’t need a pretty new notebook? well, probably me, but still i can want them.

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wedding stuff : bridesmaids dresses under $100


easy bridesmaids dresses under $100 | almost makes perfect

01 / 02 / 03 (sold out online! sorry!) / 04 / 05 / 06

i might be unlike most brides when i say firstly that i don’t want my bridesmaids to wear dresses that are bridesmaids dresses – they’re overpriced and i find most of them kinda stuffy. i definitely wanted the girls in a pale color, and have been scouring the every dress site on the internet with the terms “maxi / cream, beige, blush, tan” it’s way harder than i thought. i want something low-key but still dressy and i’m definitely not insisting they spend a couple hundred bucks on a bridesmaid dress. i’m just considerate like that!

bridesmaids matching white

i’m loving the matching on these super boho dresses, but i do have a hard time recognizing which one is the actual bride. (via style me pretty)

bridesmaids mismatched

i also love all the pale tones of these mismatched dresses working together, which i know can end up looking messy if you do it wrong. (via ruffled)

but i ended up buying three of one of #3 (which is now unavailable online – but i had to include it since it might be the dress! it’s still available in stores) so we may have found our dress, i’m just still a little confused on whether or not i want the three of them all matching or mismatched. the bridesmaids say matching. i’m not 100% convinced! so i could return two of them and keep one girl wearing it… do you guys have thoughts? it feels surprisingly uncommon to see matching bridesmaids dresses lately — so maybe i’m just used to that trend?!


diy ombre leather coasters


diy ombre leather coasters

can you tell i’m not sick of hexagons yet?! also not sick of this white faux leather i have. ok i’m lying. i’m so so sick of it, but i accidentally bought a ton more than i thought i did (this is what happens when i buy supplies online) so i’m trying to use it all up. remember when i used it here? oh and how about here?

rachel of the crafted life has been “barely” spray painting glass to create this gorgeous ombre effect, so inspired by her – i half spray painted these!

diy ombre coasters diy ombre leather coasters by almost makes perfect


leather or faux leather
printable template for stenciling
rotary cutter
spray paint in the color of your choice

diy ombre leather coasters


01. print out your hexagon. if you know what size you want and use photoshop, make yourself a template. if you want to use mine, click below to download. (these measure about 4″) cut it out.

02. if you have faux leather like mine, the back might have a soft backside which is easily draw-on-able. if you’re using real leather or a leather without a backing, decide which side is prettier and trace on the other one around your hexagons.

03. over a cutting surface, using your rotary cutter and a ruler, cut out your hexagons.

04. once you have them all cut, take them outside and place on a piece of cardboard. spray paint them by spray painting your cardboard surface and slowly work your way from side to side to cover some of your coaster. in retrospect, i may have liked them with less spray paint than these have. try the less is more approach, and add more after taking a step back. let dry.

diy ombre leather coasters | almost makes perfect diy ombre leather coasters | almost makes perfect

interiors / wish list

wanting / home items


wanting / home items

i ALWAYS want new stuff for the house, i don’t think there will ever be a point in my life where i wouldn’t be totally willing to purge everything and have a shopping spree at west elm. but right now with the wedding looming, it seems wrong to buy anything new for the apartment. but i want to so badly. here’s everything that i think about pretty regularly.

01. as comfortable as our office chairs are, i really hate that they’re black for the most part. it was my bad. the office would look so much cleaner with white shell chairs (or these if i’m feeling nice to our butts). and when i say cleaner, i mean cleaner because there is crap everywhere.

02. i reeeally want a new rug for the bedroom. right now we have a cowhide that doesn’t reach our feet, i’d love for the room to feel a little warmer with a big chunky simple rug.

03. i’ve been saying we need lamps/sconces for a while now. still haven’t done it.  and every time these onefortythree sconces come back in stock, i debate it until they sell back out. maybe i need to just DIY, right?

04. we have a docksta table, which i am ok with, but it barely fits four peoples plates. i’d love a big dining table for sprawling out my craft projects – because honestly that’s all i use the dining table for.

05. i’ve always wanted a butterfly chair, and i’ve never gotten a butterfly chair. not sure why. just one of those things.

06. you’ve seen our shelving unit, but you don’t know that it’s a pretty big eye sore at this point. i mean, i still like it, but i do kinda miss the bare walls. we want to move after the wedding, so it’s not worth taking down probably, although i mean, we’ll have to take it down at some point anyway, right? would be so nice to just see a simple cabinet with the tv at this point.

wish list

payday wishlist


friday came fast for me this week, yesterday after our couples therapy (yep, we’re trying to be smart about getting married and going to couples therapy weekly) we were rear ended super hard while stopped at a light. so we’re taking it easy today to make sure our necks aren’t hurting too bad. it’s supposed to get warm this weekend, so we’re going to head down to the lake and take the pedal boats out! i’ve finally convinced the boy it will be fun. hope you have a great weekend!

payday wishlist

01. i’ve seen cheesy specialty keys i’ve wanted in hardware store, but i’ve never seen ones this rad.
02. i am SO getting this little rug for the bathroom.
03. a lovely little ceramic cup i want ten of.
04. ever seen france, i’ve been wanting a pair of these. almost every woman i saw was wearing them.
05. i saw this jungalow hanging planter yesterday at west elm (the local section) and it’s amazing.
06. this claire vivier tote would be the perfect work bag.

i link you

i link you


i link you

such chic diy faux labradorite earrings (via fall for diy)

how stoked would you be to receive an adorable little bouquet like this (via paper & stitch)

shibori dyed easter eggs – maybe the best ever. (via tuts+)

my friend called the other day to say watch louis ck’s monologue on snl immediately. so i did. now i’m sharing it with you. (via digg)

would you be terrified if a turkey was chasing you? this woman is. so much. (via youtube / image via)

salted. chocolate. diablo. cookie. ice cream. sandwiches. ridic. (via the artful desperado)