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happy weekend


my little cactus

this was an especially long week for me — so i’m pretty happy to be leaving town for the weekend. we’ve rented a house in idllywild for the weekend with a bunch of friends and i’m excited to be away from home and deadlines and construction noises waking me up for two days. hope you guys have a good easter and/or passover weekend!

⋅ ok stop what you’re doing and watch this forever
⋅ obsessed with this pillow DIY
galaxy easter eggs
this font is sooo pretty and affordable
⋅ weather forecasts are surprisingly sexy
⋅ i feel like i should replace every piece of luggage i have with this
⋅ i can’t sew, but if i could, i’d make myself one of these
⋅ also i don’t have a bar, but if i did
⋅ i admire the veda house so much, loved reading this
⋅ love me some tres leches
this top i’ve been eyeing is on sale…


netfix gems ⋅ part 4


it’s been way too long since i’ve rounded up my favorite things on netflix at the moment – truthfully because i signed up for hulu and started watching way more TV shows than i used to. but i ran out of shows, and i came back to netflix. here are five things to watch.

what to watch on netflix | almost makes perfect

black mirror is a british mini series that you must have heard of by now. it’s super dark and focuses on the bad that comes from technology. some episodes are better than others, but i recommend watching all of it (plus the recent episode with jon hamm that aired which isn’t on netflix, you can find a way to watch i’m sure.)

the source family was so fascinating to me. it’s about a peaceful cult in 70s los angeles and i was totally compelled.

the one i love is a dark romance that i don’t want to say much about — but while i usually don’t like duplass brothers movies, i enjoyed this one. fyi : it’s weird.

you’re next is one of my favorite horror movies ever. and that says a lot because i’ve seen a lot. this shit is scaaaaary.

chef is a movie i’m sure you’ve already seen because everyone loves it. but i wanted to include it because i love it so much. any movie that combines feel good with delicious food is for me.

the unbreakable kimmie schmidt my mom said she couldn’t relate – because i think maybe it’s about and for late 20s girls. it’s really funny and you can power through in a weekend.

diy / holiday / printables

diy easter treat bags + free printables


diy easter treat bags | almost makes perfect diy easter treat bags | almost makes perfect

like i said last week, i won’t be decorating any eggs this year — but i DID design a printable treat bag topper for your candy bags! these are so easy to put together and not too pastel / easter-y for my taste!

diy easter treat bag | almost makes perfect


diy easter treat bags | almost makes perfect

print the toppers on standard sized card stock, cut out. fold in half. fill your bags with filler + candies, trim off the top edge depending on how full your bag is (aka how generous you are with candy). use double sided tape or a stapler to secure!

diy easter treat bags | almost makes perfect diy easter treat bag  | almost makes perfect

almost makes mixtape

almost makes mixtape ⋅ 90’s edition


almost makes mixtape | 90s edition
happy monday, it’s another mixtape for you guys today — but today is the 90’S EDITION! i have sirius in my car, and i only listen to howard stern. but when stern is on vacation or the wrap up show is on (i hate the wrap up show), i always have the 90s station on. always. i might never stop loving 90s music – so i decided to make a playlist of all my favorite 90s hip hop and r&b songs! they’re probably your favorites too, i mean they’re famous. enjoy!


holiday / roundup

six easter egg DIYS


6 easter egg DIYS to do | almost makes perfect

i am not huge into easter for two reasons.

one : i am jewish. that’s the big one.
two : because there is no way i would ever consider making a perfectly perfect egg inedible. like no way. when i have kids, we’re using fake eggs. i refuse to not eat the egg.

next week i’ll have one easter project for you guys, but it won’t be an egg project. don’t get me wrong though, i still admire beautiful easter egg projects, so here are my favorites!


the blog

advertise on almost makes perfect


almost makes perfect

by now you guys are probably aware that i’ve been doing this blog for a few years now – with a couple of lulls where i’ve wanted to just give up. but it’s because of you guys that i want to keep on keeping on!

so i’ve decided to announce that i will now be selling ad space on the almost makes perfect sidebar! this will allow me to create more original content, while only introducing you guys to brands that are like-minded, so it’s like a win win for all of us. you might be thinking — what a sellout. but no, i promise i won’t be one. i just want to be able to keep this blog around!

i’ve decided to use passionfuit for selling ads – it’s an online marketplace for blogger ads, and it makes the process really streamlined and easy, like you can buy an ad right now and it goes up as soon as it’s approved. it also is all swapped out via the site, rather than me doing it manually — so the process should be really quick and painless. WOO. anyone else use passionfruit? would love to know how it’s been for you!

so if you’re a brand or blog or business that wants to partner up, i’m running a promo code for 15% off the first five ad spots! use promo code : AMP ADS 2015 at checkout.


diy faux ceramic ring cones


DIY faux ceramic ring cones | almost makes perfect DIY faux ceramic ring cones | almost makes perfect

as you can tell from the photos, i have a lot of rings.

so making myself some ring cones seemed like the courteous thing to do for my husband who shares a bathroom with me. after doing the faux speckled candles, i knew i wanted to use that painting technique again soon — and well, here we are.

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