how i edit my iphone photos for instagram


how i edit my iphone photos | almost makes perfect

i get asked about how i take my instagram photos probably more than anything else, and i promised a post on this months ago — so i figured it was finally time! we’re all our own worst critics, but i don’t see my own feed or photos and think it’s anything to write home about, so it feels a little strange to write this post honestly. but here goes!  Read More

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happy weekend


individual medley in LA @almostmakesperfect

yay friday! we’re doing a house project and going downtown for some fun stuff so it’s not all chores and errands this weekend. last night was the first night we let rocky sleep with us (we’ve been keeping her in the guest room at night so we don’t have to worry about them fighting), and she slept next to me from midnight – 6am!!! omgggg it was so cute. OH and speaking of cats, we saw keanu last week, if you are considering seeing it go ahead and do that because i loved it so much.  Read More


printable minimal recipe cards


printable minimal recipe cards @mollymadfis

even though i don’t write down recipes as often as i’d like to — i love writing them down. whether it’s a recipe of my moms or one that i’ve made after clipping from a magazine, it used to be my way of distinguishing it from the hundreds of recipes i’ve clipped or pinned. so i thought i’d make some recipe cards to inspire me to start it back up again.

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happy weekend


patterned floor | almost makes perfect

happy friday! i didn’t get a ton done this week with my newfound obsession with our new cat, and it was cloudy too. celebrating mother’s day this weekend by making her chilaquiles for the first time… wish us luck! also have a good weekend!  Read More

diy / interiors / our house

built in cabinet facelift


built in cabinet facelift | almost makes perfect

for some reason the owner before us had installed this big built in cabinet right in the entryway of the house. we initially planned on just tearing it out, but decided we needed the storage and we were too afraid of what the floor looked like underneath. it was this gigantic 9′ eye sore that is basically the first thing you see when you walk into the house — so i had to figure out a way to live with it.
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