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my baby shower


i had my baby shower a couple of weeks ago and it was sooo much fun. it was so nice to have something fun to look forward to that didn’t include anything besides friends and eating and celebrating (a nice change of pace from newborn classes and stroller shopping and crib assembling and all that boring baby stuff you have to do)

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DIY zig zag coat rack


super into this project! i really wanted to put a coat rack near the door in the nursery for carriers and stuff, and something that looked special too. i’ve seen a few variations of zig zag shelves lately and was loving them, so stoked on how this turned out!

it also may look challenging or hard, but it was really just tedious and a little time consuming more than anything else!

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DIY upcycled plant hangers


i don’t know if this is normal, but every time i finish a product, i take a minute to decide whether or not to recycle or to keep for some repurposing — we keep empty jelly jars for watercoloring, empty tea tree pad containers for corralling nails and screws, and when i buy really pretty fancy hand soap, i just reuse the bottle forever and refill with new soap.

i am way into repurposing, so today i partnered with aveeno® to share a fun tutorial for earth day, making these simple hanging planters that can brighten up any boring corner. Read More


new mexico


we had such a good time in new mexico for our babymoon! we had been trying to come up with a place that was a short flight away from LA and zika free, and on a whim chose new mexico without knowing much about it whatsoever. i’m really glad we went. i looooved our trip!  Read More

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DIY modern baby rattle


ok here it is! the first baby DIY. i loooove all the simple wooden toys that are available for babies, but they’re pretty pricey, so when i saw a simple wood rattle i realized i could make a bunch at once (perfect baby shower gift too)!

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happy weekend


happy friday! i took a second glucose test this week (the three hour one…) and passed, so i am v excited about eating all the bad things to celebrate this weekend. we also have an 8 hour newborn class at the hospital where i guess we’re gonna learn how to do things to a baby or whatever. and we’re cleaning up our backyard after a very rainy winter messed up real good. how are you?

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