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our guest bathroom : the plan


WTF?! yes! i really, reeeaally wanted to have one nice bathroom before arlo gets here, and i figured it should be while i’m also earning an income. we debated which bathroom to renovate because we don’t like either of them, but ultimately decided the guest bathroom was the priority because it’s the one everyone sees and it’s the one we’ll be using for bathing him. Read More

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happy weekend


happy friday! it was kind of hard getting back into the swing of things after our week away — i’m still getting used to being home and getting my inbox under control. i’ve also been slowly fixing up the studio because i realized if i don’t do it now, i might not do it for a veeeery long time. hoping i can get everything organized and cute and i’ll finally share the reveal with you soon. we’re doing some errands this weekend and seeing family and its supposed to rain so i will do nothing if it does. have a good one!  Read More


naming the babe


if you’re a human girl, chances are you have kept a mental or a literal list of baby names you’ve liked over the years. i had a really long one full of cute ass names for all my cute ass babies i’ve been storing as i’d hear them for quite some time now.

i wanted to make this post “how to name your baby”, but every couple is different and i won’t probably be of any help, so this is just how we did it.  Read More

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happy weekend


we’re heading to new mexico today! super excited to spend a week away from my to-do lists and work. but i think it might be real cold for us there so hopefully i can survive. we’re spending the first leg in santa fe (we’re planning to do little day trips like to taos and to georgia o’keefes house), then two days in albuquerque before we visit white sands and fly home. v excited! follow along on instagram to keep up with the trip, gonna update on the blog when we’re back.

have a good weekend! now some links before i go…  Read More


custom printed everything


i’ve always fantasized about designing my own products (and owning my own boutique, and being a talk show host…), so i’m really excited to partner with shutterfly today to show you how i made my own “collection” of products, that i’ve literally scattered all over my house and couldn’t be more personalized to my own taste! Read More


fudgy chewy salty brownies


if you follow me on instagram stories, you know i have been baking a lot of brownies during my pregnancy — and after a lot of recipe testing, i have totally found my favorite one for life.

i am obsessed with these — i really like fudgy brownies more than gid, who prefers the cakier kind, so i give him all the edges and he’s happy. these are so fudgy, so chewy, so rich — and i upped the amount of salt from the original recipe to give them a little extra saltiness which i love.

when you see how much butter and sugar goes in, you’ll see they’re the opposite of healthy — but like, in a good way.
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