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DIY valentines day xo treat bags


DIY XO treat bags | almost makes perfect DIY XO treat bags

i’ve had these muslin bags sitting around for years ever since this project, and i finally decided this would be the holiday i’d use some of them dammit! we love candy in this house (gid is not far off from willy wonka), so any excuse to fill bags with candy is cool. these are also easy enough to make a whole bunch for your girlfriends for galentines, coworkers, classmates, whateveeeeer.  Read More

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happy weekend


desert things

first off i want to say a huge thank you for those of you have that have filled out the survey! i’m collecting results and will do a full post soon.

today we’re heading out to the desert for a quiet weekend and some R&R (i gifted gid this weekend at a spa for his xmas gift) — very excited to unwind a little! hope you guys have a good one. and some fun links to get you through your friday…

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a reader survey!


almost makes perfect bedroom

so i actually forgot to do a reader survey last year — but the 2015 survey was soooo helpful so i decided to try to keep that annual tradition alive, starting now. i know this isn’t the most exciting post or thing to ask of you guys, but i would really, really appreciate if you could take the time to fill this out and hopefully in turn i will be able to improve the blog as much as i can!  Read More


DIY minimal soap bottles


DIY minimal soap bottles | almost makes perfect DIY minimal soap bottles | almost makes perfect

you’ve seen before that i like sticking stickers on things. i even have the nerve to call it DIYing. while setting up the kitchen down to every detail, i struggled trying to find cute dish soap (cute hand soap is not a problem), so i at first contemplated leaving the dish soap under the sink but realized that’s not convenient at all — so i came up with this solution instead. Read More

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happy weekend


midland shop in LA | @almostmakesperfect

happy weekend! happy inauguration day! …ugh. i’m desperately trying to get back on track with regular posting, real life is hard especially when you have this pregnancy excuse. and pregnancy brain. and my vision really did start getting blurry just like they said it would. but i’ll be back to feeling normal soon… maybe. we don’t have much planned for the weekend besides returning things and some eating, and soon we’re going to be painting the babys room (guess what color!) hope you guys have a good one!  Read More


spice drawer organization


organized spice drawer | almost makes perfect organized spice drawer | almost makes perfect

i have always fantasized about having organized spices, and i’m so happy i made those dreams come true. we installed a small drawer next to our stove and i just took a few hours to transfer all our miscellaneous spices into matching containers. so worth it.  Read More


first trimester essentials


first trimester essentials | almost makes perfect

now that i’m almost halfway through my pregnancy and well out of the first trimester, i thought i’d round up the things i couldn’t have lived without during it. the first trimester is hard, your body is changing so much and your emotions are all over the place and you basically just have to take it one day at a time, and know that it’ll get easier when you just get to the second one. Read More

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big news


i swear i’ve had an excuse for being MIA lately — i am so excited to finally share the news that we’re expecting a baby boy in june!!! it’s been really hard keeping this under wraps because obviously it’s completely changing my life in so many ways, so i’m reaaaaally excited to finally get it out. that and i’m also showing now, so i can’t really hide it for any longer.  Read More