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printable donut favor boxes


printable donut favor boxes | almost makes perfect printable donut favor boxes | almost makes perfect

been meaning to share these printables i made with you for a few weeks now! and today is the day! my real life friends know that if i’m a guest at a party, often times i will bring a box of donuts — they’re cheap, everyone likes them, and most times there are leftovers (a day old old-fashioned donut is basically the best thing ever). so i decided for those of you who feel the same way, and like to pick up a dozen donuts for guests, here’s an easy way to turn them into a instant party favor as well — put them in a cute box!

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our wedding

our wedding video


so excited to share our wedding video with you guys today, i’ve been waiting patiently for 297 days — but my brother came through with the video as my birthday gift. i mentioned during the wedding planning posts that we couldn’t afford a videographer in our budget, so instead we had my brothers co-worker come and shoot footage. my wedding photographer insisted that even if we didn’t do video of the wedding, we’d at least want the ceremony shot. that didn’t work out so well as we forgot to use the microphone for the ceremony, so the audio is pretty bad. but this is the kind of shit that happens when you have a wedding – and i’m just so happy to have this.

i’ve since watched it 5 times and cried during each viewing. the video really does bring me right back to those moments that feel like they happened so long ago. hope you guys enjoy it as much as i do!

dream house / interiors

dream house : the bathtub


dream house | the bathtub | almost makes perfect

i’m sure for some of you, a bathtub just sounds like a given, but for someone who hasn’t had one for years — that little corner of a bathroom where you can actually use all those bath soaks you got for christmas sounds so appealing.

we actually have a bathtub in our apartment, but we’ve been using it for storage almost ever since we moved in. right now it’s housing all of our wedding gifts. before that it housed everything we wanted to sell in a yard sale. totally not trying to sound woe is me — we have to use our extra tub for storing nice things! but i’m just excited to maybe take a semi-annual bath ok?! also, we want babies, so i know the importance of bathtubs for real life and not just to use said gifted bath soaks too.

[image above]

dream house | the bathtub | almost makes perfect

love the modern shape of this tub. [image]

dream house | the bathtub | almost makes perfect

and love every detail of this one. [image]

dream house | the bathtub

although i feel like i’d forget to water it, look how warm a little green makes the space. [left image / right image]

dream house | the bathtub

i have a real thing for this tub shape that i’m seeing everywhere lately. [image]

dream house | the bathtub dream house ~ the bathtub | almost makes perfect

double swoon. [top image / bottom image]

dream house  |  the bathtub

like, come on. i feel like i’d be so much more inspired to clean myself if this was where i did it. [image]

dream house | the bathtub | almost makes perfect

i’m not usually a huge fan of dark grout, but i am loving all the contrast in this perfect bathroom. [image]

so, you got a bathtub? do you use it or does it just look pretty?

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happy weekend


bathroom knobs | almost makes perfect

OH HI! sorry for the infrequent posts this week, and there might be some infrequency next week as my dad is coming into town today for MAH 30TH BURFDAY. my birthdays not actually until next week, but we’re celebrating a little early so i am very excited for whatever’s in store (i’ll keep you posted because i actually don’t know!)

we’re also still maybe house hunting this weekend, last weekend we went and saw a bunch of reeeally cute flips (some we really can’t even afford). we’re still kind of in the process of deciding if we want to try to find something that needs a little less work or something cheaper that needs more work and how much we’re gonna want to end up fixing ourselves realistically. the photo above is clearly a very cute and very expensive house that instead i’m just going to steal some design ideas from.

anyway – have a good weekend guys!

⋅ a beautiful DIY that has eeendless possibilities.
secrets for the haircut we basically all have.
⋅ need to print 52 of these stat.
⋅ this print is so in it’s basically out.
⋅ i hope wes anderson reads a lot or else he’s a real literary poser.
⋅ cute and easy, my kind of project!
⋅ so speaking of houses, this one is my idea of perfect.
edible flowers make everything look gorgeous. i should try some on my next big mac to see if that theory holds up.


DIY brass curve necklace


diy brass curve necklace | almost makes perfect diy brass curve necklace | almost makes perfect

i’ve been hoarding a piece of thin brass from the hardware store for like six months, so finally decided to make something with it! being a minimalist when it comes to jewelry, i wanted to make something super simple, and i don’t think this project gets any simpler. you basically just bend a piece of brass.

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f21 faves / style

f21 faves


f21 roundup | almost makes perfect

another batch of favorites, clearly i’m feeling a little monochromatic right now. i’m stoked on literally all of these picks, and seriously about to buy that perfectly simple LBD — but my absolute favorite is the purse. i bought it for our trip to paris because my bucket bag gets super heavy and i knew i wouldn’t want to walk around with it all day. so i got this simple little bag and i am obsessed. not only is it the perfect size, but it doesn’t get heavy feeling and it’s also so cute and really doesn’t look at all cheap. i bought it like three weeks ago and have had a dozen compliments followed by “that’s from forever 21?! i want” so go buy it right now if you trust me.

purse / crop top / skirt / loafers / anorak / shift dress / bra / necklace

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happy weekend


pop up shop at the moon & co

yay – another week down! i’m finishing up a boat load of items to sell tomorrow at a pop up shop i’m participating in! if you live in LA, you should definitely swing by because the lineup and inventory is reeeal good. here’s all the info. i’ll be selling dreamcatchers and ring cones! i hope to see you there but if not, i still love you and i still want to share some good linkage with you.

⋅ remind me later to get myself a pet owl.
⋅ in love with this DIY bowl
⋅ because i’m in full on house hunt mode, can’t stop swooning over pretty makeovers
⋅ so helpful + informative, now i just have to go shopping
⋅ i put herbs de provence on almost everything, so naturally, gimme that
⋅ another real cute hand written font
⋅ GTA5 + full house – this is perfect (maybe even if you didnt play gta??)
⋅ some good reminders about making new friends

maker spotlight

maker spotlight : susan connor new york


maker spotlight ~ susan connor new york | almost makes perfect

i have been a long time fan of susan connor new york, so i am so excited to share her story and her gorgeous shop with you guys today. you can see right away that susan has such a perfect shop, with a meticulous collection of pillows, throws, and brass wall hangings. take a look at her shop below and meet this girl!

susan connor ny | almost makes perfect

i’m an artist and self-taught pattern designer, and i live in new york city. i design and sell artfully made homewares and accessories. my line launched just over 1 year ago. my vision for the shop was to create a space online that would share the care that goes into my work, so that people could see the quality and detail of the items, in a calm and creative studio-style setting.

i’ve been creating since i can remember. it’s a key part of who i am, and i can’t imagine life without making things, it’s that vital, and that much of an impulse for me. i’ve always made being creative a priority in life. i’ve been blessed with really supportive family and friends who have encouraged and supported me along the way.

susan connor ny | almost makes perfect susan connor ny | almost makes perfect

i began working with the ideas for what would become my business a year before i launched; collecting images of inspirations, writing about my intentions, sourcing the right materials, researching the marketplace, slowly creating a set of first designs. i also developed the process by which the textiles are printed, which took a while to perfect. when the whole picture started coming together, it was something i hadn’t seen before. i saw that my work was going to add to the conversation, and i knew it was time to share what i had been building.

the most challenging thing about running susan connor new york has been staying focused on where i want things to go. often, this means i’ll have an idea, or something i really want to make – but it doesn’t fit with my brand, or it won’t work with some other aspect of the business. i have had to learn to be more selective and to say no and maybe later, more often.

susan connor ny | almost makes perfect susan connor ny  |  almost makes perfect

i love TCM, i love old movies, and they play so many good ones. after a long day of work, i love to grab popcorn and watch a movie from the days of the silver screen.

let me preface by saying i’m very happy with my current boyfriend of 8 plus years, kurt, i love you! but… i have a well-known weakness for viggo mortensen.

susan connor ny | almost makes perfect susan connor ny | almost makes perfect

i tune out, go and do something else for a couple of days. maybe run errands, go on a trip, go downtown, get pizza, see a bunch of friends, exercise, swim, you name it, *anything* but sit there staring at what i was trying to work on.

be clear on who your audience is, make sure that you offer them a great experience, and top-notch customer service. think of how you would want to be treated, and do everything possible to create that experience for your customers.

susan connor ny  | almost makes perfect susan connor new york | almost makes perfect

and, as the bearer of good news, susan is offering 20% OFF all items in her shop until july 15th!