a sunday lunch for spring


spring lunch | almost makes perfect a springtime lunch | almost makes perfect

you know how sometimes you get married and you get lots of beautiful serving items from your registry, but then you just never use them because entertaining is such a thing? so i decided i’m going to try to entertain like 5% more than i do now. with spring here, there are lots of pretty new things in the produce section. so i made a simple and easy menu of a dope charcuterie tray, a fresh citrus salad, and for dessert : winesicles made from kendall-jackson pinot gris!

a spring party | almost makes perfect a springtime lunch party | almost makes perfect
a springtime lunch | almost makes perfect a spring lunch | almost makes perfect

i had my friend molly co-style the party with me — we kept the table pretty neutral besides the flowers and the food. we scattered airplants along the table, and i DIYed some patterned napkins and seed packet favors (which i’ll do posts on next week!) we also decided to make it very springy, so we created a real leaf backdrop as the focal point. i’ll also do a post on that!

gideon made the best looking charcuterie plate i’ve ever seen — so i will from now on be making him make that for event we host.

spring party winesicles with edible flowers | almost makes perfect winesicles with edible flowers | almost makes perfect

the winesicles were so good. i was worried they’d taste a little strong but i could seriously eat 5 of them. the vintner’s reserve pinot gris was the peeerfect taste for popsicles. and then fall asleep for the rest of the day. you can head over to the kendall-jackson blog to see the recipe!

a spring lunch | almost makes perfect a springtime lunch a springtime lunch

plates / wine glasses / cheese board / serving tray / serving bowl / vase / runner / table




california coast road trip


our roadtrip up the california coast

if you follow me on instagram, then you already know a few weeks ago i drove up north to my brothers wedding. gideon couldn’t go, so i went with my dad and stepmom and we had three full days to get from LA to the sonoma area for the wedding.

pismo beach | almost makes perfect

our first stop was in pismo beach — we’d been sitting in traffic for hours, so we were stoked to pull over in this cute little town and have an early dinner. we had clam chowder at splash cafe (and clam strips) and it was as good as everyone told me it would be. we then just walked around the town and down the pier a little before getting back in the car and heading to cambria.

in cambria, we stayed at the sand pebbles inn. it was cute and inexpensive, and the rooms have fireplaces and a cookie. the next morning we had our complimentary breakfast and walked down to the beach before heading to hearst castle — which was only about 10 minutes away.

hearst castle | almost makes perfect hearst castle tennis court | almost makes perfect
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diy mini spa kit


diy mini spa kit | almost makes perfect diy mini spa kit | almost makes perfect

i was attempting to post this a week or two ago for mothers day — but time totally got away from me. so while this would make the perfect easy little handmade mother’s day gift, if you don’t have time to make for mom day, you can make it for mom birthday instead.  Read More

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6 DIY mothers day gifts


i’ve said many, maaany times that my mom tucks her gifts away in a closet usually. it’s the handmade gifts that she always cherishes, so if your mom is like mine — here are 6 easy ideas that you can make this week in time for mothers day (with relatively helpful explanations of how to avoid her throwing away)

6 mother's day DIYs to do | almost makes perfect

01. these pretty little crystal knob boxes would be perfect for her dresser. why would she hide these?!
02. she’s guaranteed to use a DIY salt gift box at least once.
03. she will at least put these wood notebooks on her desk for taking notes on the phone.
04. if she puts these face sprays next to her bed, she’s bound to use it a couple times!
05. she may not use these gemstone soaps, but she’ll be stoked to display in her guest bathroom.
06. as soon as she opens the gift, attach a DIY leather luggage tag to her suitcase and she won’t be able to lose or toss!

gift guide / mother's day

mother’s day gift guide / under $50


we never go too big with mother’s day gifts, i usually make my mom something or give her a little something, so today i’m sharing a bunch of gifts under $50 for ya!

mother's day gift guide | almost makes perfect

01. this malin & goetz perfume is the best smelling EVER.
02. i feel like you can never have enough pretty makeup bags.
03. anything to make your mom find her phone a little easier is a good idea.
04. these earrings look fancier than they are. don’t tell.
05. give her a gift she’ll love that she might never use.
06. or give her one she will most definitely use.
07. for all the tea drinking moms, the perfect little present.
08. for the moms that try to stay organized.
09. for all the coffee drinking moms that like it on ice.
10. you can never go wrong with a pretty cookbook.
11. fill it with flowers and you’ll be the best kid ever.


diy cat scratcher


diy cat scratcher | almost makes perfect diy cat scratcher | almost makes perfect

if you follow me on instagram — you know i like my cats. i like them like they’re my babies. fyi their names are bodhi and lucy, and they’re brother and sister. i even assisted in their birth (from a pregnant street cat that my friend had taken in). i was there the day they were born and they just celebrated their third birthdays on saturday! i’ve never actually had cats before — i grew up in a dog family, and always believed all the stigmas about cats being weird. but when i met these kittens, things changed. i love that i don’t have to go out to walk them and we take full responsibility for having raised them to be total cuddlers.

so when fancy feast approached me to partner with them to promote their #WaysToWOW campaign to feature their new chicken broths, i thought it was the perfect timing to celebrate their birthdays — because we pretty much only feed them wet food on their birthdays. and bodhi doesn’t even like wet food normally, but they went CRAZY for this stuff.

along with giving them some celebratory grub, i also decided to make them a birthday present. we usually use the cardboard scratchers from the grocery store, but the cardboard gets EVERYWHERE when they go to town on it — so i wanted to see if they’d like sisal as much and i wouldn’t have to clean up after them as much. lucy loves it. bodhi is not so sure yet. Read More

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happy weekend


happy weekend

phew! it’s friday. this week has been a little overwhelming, as it always is coming home from a week away. last week was my brothers wedding and i survived my fear of public speaking and making the best man toast — plus the wedding was a total blast. i’ll recap my trip asap! i’m still totally not caught up on emails and deadlines — but i’m getting there. my dad is in town for his birthday this weekend, so we’re making him dinner and a banana cream pie. hope you guys have a good one!

⋅ love everything this girl does. her kitchen makes me swoon so hard
⋅ such a perfectly simple mothers day gift
⋅ random, but i bought this for last weeks wedding and i’ve never recommended a strapless bra before. it never fell down!
⋅ i totally want to do this to blogzilla business cards
this shop
⋅ guarantee not one guest wouldn’t worship you for serving this
for all the cat ladies
want this so baaaad. i don’t care how trendy it is.