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happy weekend


i’ve spent all my free time packing this week (and some not free time too) — and i am SICK OF THIS. but we’ve purged a lot and i’m trying to keep the pack as organized as possible so we can be sane for the next few weeks… moving is really all i can think about and i hope you understand. we’re celebrating two birthdays this weekend and having a special date night, so it’ll be nice to get out of the apartment and take my mind off it. have a great weekend!

⋅ these pumpkins are so freaking cute
⋅ wait so is this one!
⋅ you’ve probably watched this already, right?
⋅ love this minimalist bathroom
⋅ print yourself this good reminder and feel good
⋅ i’ve been wanting to make some more of these posts, but i’m BUSY.
⋅ i’m thinking this should be our first purchase for the house.


all things pretty

all things pretty : cleaning supplies


all things pretty | cleaning supplies | almost makes perfect

like i said in the reader survey, i want to change it up and do a new column to phase out the f21 roundups. if you’ve been reading this blog for a LOOONG time, then you might remember i used to do these roundups (like here and here) and i’m bringing them back!

i have this girlfriend whose apartment is insane. everything is tidy and gorgeous and corners aren’t filled with junk and it’s amazing. i asked her how she did it and she said that she is insane and makes it a point to only buy things that are beautiful and it takes a lot of research and money and time, but to me that means you don’t later want to toss things.

now that we’re packing and purging, i’m really focusing on buying smarter for our home — like no impulse buys. instead of running out and purchasing a cheap fan when it’s hot out, it’s a way better use of my money to spend a little extra to get a beautiful fan i’ll want to cherish forever. so that’s my new thing. and ps, i’m still going to read reviews on products and not to buy things just for the aesthetic but for function as well! i’m not totally stupid.

today is cleaning supplies! i hate cleaning, but maybe these would help inspire me. Read More


DIY mini granite pots


diy mini granite pots | almost makes perfect diy mini granite pots | almost makes perfect

today’s DIY is one of the easiest in a while! many of you have said you want some more planter projects, so here’s the first of hopefully many. guess what you do. yep that’s right you just spray paint. i ordered a bunch of these little PVC pipe caps and i wasn’t expecting them to have the little round bottoms that they had — but this is what happens almost every time i order supplies online. i still used them and i ended up being really happy with the shape after all. total tim gunn moment OMG.

diy mini granite pots | almost makes perfect


01. go outside and setup a safe spray paint station. spray with the primer, let dry.

02. spray with your granite spray and wait about an hour to do a second coat. stay far away while spray painting and the texture will come out a lot better.

03. for the half granite, just use your painters tape to tape off half. duh.

04. mix around with spraying, the half sprayed pot is a combo of a layer of the dark granite with a layer of the light on top. buy a few extra PVC caps to play around and see what you like!

05. once dry, plant your succulents or cacti. if you want to plant something else, drill a hole in the bottom to allow for draining.

diy mini granite pots | almost makes perfect diy mini granite pots | almost makes perfect

really cute right?! i want to make dozens of these and scatter them all over the house.

yada yada

reader survey results!


yay! it’s results time people. and i promise they won’t be as disappointing as americas got talent just was… yes, i watched that. gid made me because howard stern was on it, and then we got way into it and we are EFFING PISSED that the regurgitator didn’t win because we would spend serious money to see that guy in vegas. i would have done this follow-up sooner, but people kept filling out the survey so i held off.

anyway, i’ll end my rant so we can move on to the results! i want to thank you all from the bottom of my heart for taking the time to fill it out — obviously i had no idea if people would actually do it, but i was overwhelmed and stoked and honored on the amount of results that piled in. so that’s my THANK YOU. i learned a lot actually, there were some non-surprises, and then there were some whoa surprises too.

you guys had a lot of questions, so this is gonna be a loooooong post. there were some overlap with the questions, so i might get repetitive but i tried to thoughtfully answer all of them.

the overwhelmingly bad news though… 85% of you guys don’t watch bachelor in paradise. i was appalled, and i just have to say – that that show rules and you should totally watch it. it’s way better than the bachelor. it’s kind actually a perfect reality show. so please take my advice, will ya? Read More

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happy weekend


happy weekend | almost makes perfect

we’ve started packing up in a big way, even though we just postponed our move date for another week so that we can have the living room painted before move in. so basically, we’re about a month away from moving and we started packing already. what have we done. but i think this way we’ll feel nice and relaxed the whole time and be able to be more conscious of what we bring and what we don’t. the hotel toiletries above are decidedly being brought.

as soon as i do another walk through, i’m going to take photos of the house to share — but guys, it’s all i can think about. like any chance i get i’m watching property brothers on netflix and i’m making all sorts of photoshop comps of plans and theres so much i want to do and oh man i need to chill.

anyway, here are some fun links. have a great weekend!

⋅ i may use all lowercase, but i nailed this quiz.
⋅ the best movie in every state.
⋅ love this DIY halloween costume!
⋅ sadly i don’t think she’s rich like she should be.
⋅ a really handsome update for the kitchen.
⋅ want to drink them all.
i want this backpack.
⋅ super cute DIY concrete platters.



new orleans travel guide


new orleans guide | almost makes perfect new orleans travel guide | almost makes perfect

we had the best best time in new orleans last week for our anniversary, so i wanted to share a recap of our trip with you guys!

first off, we stayed at the old no. 77 in the CBD (the central business district) when we first got there, i was worried that we were too far from all the stuff – but i really liked the location and we were randomly walking distance from all of the restaurants we were going to for dinner.

guide to new orleans | almost makes perfect butcher | almost makes perfect new orleans guide | almost makes perfect new orleans guide | almost makes perfect Read More

recipes / yada yada

cooking better dinners


cooking better dinners | almost makes perfect cooking better dinners | almost makes perfect

even though i sometimes share recipes on here, i have to admit i’m not the cook of the house. gideon was always the one who was responsible for dinner, and now that he’s gone and gotten himself a full time job with a long commute — i’m the one in charge. so my weekly meal plan usually goes avocado toast, spinach tortellini, avocado toast, a big old caprese salad, avocado toast. no really, like those are the three things i make. sometimes i’ll mix things up and make a caprese salad AND avocado toast for one dinner. we keep joking about the fact that our kids are gonna hate moms avocado toast, so i’ve been trying to get myself to cook some things i’m less comfortable with lately. i made steaks a few weeks ago and even did a good job! (i dropped one steak on the floor but that was the only hiccup!)

blue apron reached out to me about trying out their meals, and i jumped at the chance because that meant i’d actually try out some new recipes and not even have to go to the store (which for me is one of the worst parts). they deliver you a refrigerated box full of all the proportioned out ingredients along with simple instructions and photos. and now i kinda wish all cookbooks had step-by-step photos.

cooking better dinners | almost makes perfect cooking better dinners | almost makes perfect

we made their summer eggplant and pepper tostadas, because we apparently always eat like vegetarians for some reason. they have packages that come for two people plans as well as family plans. next time i’d mix it up and try out the tandoori spiced chicken and the pork ramen.

cooking better dinners | almost makes perfect cooking better dinners | almost makes perfect

see how much fun i have when we cook together?! teamwork you guys. teamwork is cool. luckily i could have probably swung this recipe solo, because all their meals take less than 40 minutes to make and i can usually swing less than 40 minutes so long as i have a TV nearby.

if you wanna try it out for yourself — blue apron is offering the first 50 readers two free meals on your first order!

cooking better dinners | almost makes perfect cooking better dinners | almost makes perfect cooking better dinners | almost makes perfect



dream house

dream house : the entryway


dream house || the entryway || almost makes perfect

another thing you home owners or big apartment renters might take for granted is the space for an entryway — we kind of have one in our current apartment, well we have a massive AC unit that we keep our keys on, as you can imagine it’s super cute.

i’ve noticed myself majorly swooning over some of my recent entryway pins, which made me realize how excited i will be to have a proper entryway, and even just a little styled [and tidy] bench will do — because that’s all we’ll be able to have in the new house!

[ image above via ]

dream house | the entryway | almost makes perfect dream house | the entryway | almost makes perfect dream house | the entryway | almost makes perfect

simple benches and hats on the wall and sometimes a plant — can you see a very cute trend here? yeah i wanna jump on that bandwagon. [ image one / two / three ]

dream house | the entryway | almost makes perfect

sometimes a bench with a little clutter is cute too. [ image ]

dream house | the entryway | almost makes perfect dream house | the entryway | almost makes perfect

a simple chair or bench with a sheepskin is kind of all you need (this is in dream land people, stacks of junk mail don’t exist) [ image one / image two ]

dream house | the entryway | almost makes perfect dream house | the entryway | almost makes perfect

built-ins are rad. i love built-ins. [ image one / image two ]

dream house | the entryway | almost makes perfect dream house | the entryway | almost makes perfect

but small spaces can still be super cute too, especially someday when i randomly just wake up with the ability to style my house like a pro. [ image one / image two ]

you got yourself an entryway? is it cute and styled or is it totally cluttered like ours will be?