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dream house : the laundry room


dream house | the laundry room | almost makes perfect

todays dream house post is really gonna piss off my mom — she relishes in the fact that we come over every weekend for laundry and dinner, but we’re dreaming about having our own laundry. you laundry owners might forget what its like to stain something and have to wait until the next time you’re doing laundry to wash it, or what its like to have a pile of dirty dish rags waiting to be cleaned. omg, i can’t wait to have a washer and dryer again.

so here are some of my favorite simple and modern laundry rooms.

[image above]

dream house | laundry room | almost makes perfect

guh. so fresh and so clean. [image]

dream house | the laundry room | almost makes perfect

the copper and the sink and omg. [image]

dream house | the laundry room | almost makes perfect

proof that just a few little accents can give a lot of personality. [image]

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happy weekend


happy weekend | photo by almost makes perfect

YAY! long weekend long weekend long weekend! you guys have fun plans? we’re housesitting for the in-laws, and they have a pool and central AC and cable – so yeah, we’re stoked.

⋅ whoaaa. this is genius
⋅ this makes kanye so much more tolerable
⋅ like for real how good do these look?!
prettiest envelope inspiration
we all have wanted to do this at some point
five dishes to make this weekend
⋅ i like both of these people
if i had a dog…
these are so cute i want 10

almost makes mixtape



because it’s labor day weekend, i figured i just HAD to make a new mix for the occasion, so i hope you’re able to listen while you’re enjoying bbq and catching rays. yeah, that’s right. i said catching rays. it sounded cool didn’t it?

almost makes mixtape | vol 19


six DIYs to make for the kitchen


6 kitchen DIYs to do | almost makes perfect

as soon as the summer ends and we all end up spending more time at home, i think we all are trying to come up with ways to refresh our places, right? so i rounded up six DIYs to make to easily update your kitchen a little.

update dingy utensils with copper contact paper
make your glasses extra special / kelli hall 
keep track of your grocery list / the merry thought
give your fruit a gorgeous bowl to live in / fall for diy
fancy up your countertop with a copper + wood paper towel holder
make yourself (and your friends) some shibori towels / alice + lois

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happy weekend


pop up greens

phew! friday! we’re being more social this weekend than usual (usually we hang out with my mom on the weekends and that’s about it!). i’m just hoping we don’t melt — hope you have a fun one where you also don’t melt!

tetris cookies!
⋅ a really good makeout sesh
⋅ where do you live and which is your favorite emoji?
⋅ my favorite video of the week
⋅ i’m on the hunt for a cute cat bed
⋅ turn your jeans into shorts (i’ve blown this before)
⋅ been pining over one of these
⋅ this DIY bed is pretty incredible

f21 faves / style

f21 faves


f21 faves | almost makes perfect

so i guess it’s almost fall. are we buying things for fall yet? here’s a mix of the two, because i’m not ready for it to be straight up sweater buying time yet.

hat / chambray shirt / crop top / weekender / sunglasses / romper / boots / pouch


DIY recycled fabric covered notebooks


diy recycled fabric notebooks | almost makes perfect diy recycled fabric notebooks |  almost makes perfect

i make so many to-do lists. like daily ones, weekly ones, i have them scattered all over the place and even when i barely check off anything, i find myself feeling so much less stressed when i’m writing down everything i need to do, whether i do it or not. otherwise i’ll wake up in the middle of the night worrying about calling sirius radio before the renew my subscription at the un-discounted price.

another thing i have all over the house is bags full of clothes to donate. we have one so large in our bathroom that we can barely open the door, so i decided to scour a bag and use some of the retired old t-shirts to give them new life! don’t worry, there’s still plenty to donate. so with back to school time, i thought lining some notebooks in fabric would be fun for me, and be fun for you too. win win.

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