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happy weekend


charcuterie board | almost makes perfect

friday! i’ve still been getting the house setup, we installed a new light, took down a ceiling fan, all those little things that seem so big! my dad just came into town early for thanksgiving, so i’m very excited to have someone help me carry big things. and to have a proper guest room! hope your week was awesome, and also hope your weekend is awesome.

⋅ this is true love
⋅ i don’t want anyone to do this, but i will watch it
⋅ if you live in NYC, i’m very jealous
read about my holiday traditions
⋅ ew they’re hideous! 
⋅ loooove this studio tour
⋅ super cute DIY storage
⋅ i want these in my mouth
⋅ beautiful holiday inspiration
⋅ my girl rachel has an e-course on photo styling, use code AWESOMEPHOTOS for 10% off!

diy / holiday / thanksgiving

DIY calligraphy place cards


diy plexiglass calligraphy placecards | almost makes perfect diy plexiglass place cards | almost makes perfect diy plexiglass place cards | almost makes perfect

are you ready for one of the easiest and most satisfying place card DIYs ever?! i came up with this idea and had finished them a few hours later. if you DIY, you might know that doesn’t happen often (usually there’s a long and tedious process of brainstorming, executing, rejiggering, re-executing).

we have more or less the same motley crew every year for thanksgiving, so i wanted to create a more permanent and durable place card that we could reuse annually. not only are these going to last, but they took me about 3 minutes max per place card – so making more is no sweat. Read More

gift guide

holiday gift guide : for the homebody


holiday gift guide - for the homebody | almost makes perfect

i think we all have someone special in our life that’s a total homebody, i like to think of myself as wearing many hats — and g and i most definitely wear homebodies hats. so i wanted to round up some cozy and practical gifts for staying in.

01. most homebodies also want to keep their home tidy, so this book is the perfect inspiration to do so. and if that’s not their thing, heres another good book to gift for the TV binge watcher.
02. a chunky beautiful throw blanket is something i definitely want for christmas.
03. a beautiful porcelain teapot paired with some teas is the perfect gift for the tea drinker.
04. the most gorgeous aroma diffuser ever. a gift they may have not even known they wanted.
05. for the music lover, a very cool + affordable record player, paired with vinyl they’ll love.
06. homebodies take baths, that’s just a fact, probably.
07. gift them a cast iron waffle iron along with waffle mix + syrups – here’s my favorite syrup ever.
08. we all want a pair of cozy slippers for the winter, and don’t you dare deny that.
09. in case they don’t already own cards against humanity
10. a quirky pillowcase or two for their bed or sofa. i want these for our guest room.
11. the most beautiful water filter of all time makes the perfect gift because we all drink water.

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happy weekend


this week flew by! i feel like all the weeks leading up to the holidays do – and somehow my dad is already coming into town NEXT week for thanksgiving?! he’s coming early, but still. i spent the majority of this week still unpacking and assembling furniture and all that super fun stuff. this weekend we’re gonna do a whole bunch of adult house errands that sound boring and can hopefully chill a bit. hope you guys have a good one!

did you watch friends? did you ever notice this?!
i wish i wish i wish i had done this when i was 18
ugh, melty heart. and that’s what my kitty looked like when he was a kitty
vintage design was way better than current design
love our new mailbox i just bought
now i also wanna buy this, do you like it?
this would be super cute for thanksgiving decor
if this is true this changes my alcohol diet stat
⋅ randomly came across these last night… and i have no words
some lovely thanksgiving table inspiration


diy / interiors / tips

how to create a 5 min gallery wall


tips for creating the easiest gallery wall ever | almost makes perfect how to create a five minute gallery wall | almost makes perfect

with the holidays coming up real quick, i assume we all want to spruce up our space for holiday entertaining. so today i’m sharing how to upgrade an empty wall with a unique no-fuss gallery wall.

i personally find most gallery walls to be a little… stiff. so i wanted to create one that was a little more organic and unexpected – and EASY.

Read More

our house

my studio : the plan


my studio | the plans

before i reveal the entire house (i haven’t taken all the photos yet ok?!), i wanted to show you the studio in it’s “before” state. i think it was originally a tuff shed of some sort, but it was expanded onto. it’s about 300 square feet in the backyard and wired with electricity.

there’s a lot to do before i can really work in here — so i’m hoping to try to get this stuff done before the new year, but we’ll see how that goes.

my studio | before Read More

gift guide

holiday gift guide : for the hostess


gift guide for the hostess | almost makes perfect

the holidays are around the corner, so it’s time for holiday gift guides! up first is the host(ess), someone who i pretend to identify with, but really i just like to collect nice things for the parties i plan to have someday. these gifts will guarantee you’ll be invited over asap.

01. a beautiful brass bottle opener to keep on their bar cart or coffee table
02. and because everyone wants a pretty coffee table, i’m in love with these geode coasters
03. a beautiful scented ceramic candle, you can’t go wrong
04. a unique wood chopping or serving board
05. a set of beautiful linen napkins 
06. a water carafe that’s a perfect addition for their guest room
07. bone cheese knives that would make a perfect gift along with some cheese and bread
08. gorgeous drink rocks for gorgeous cocktail making
09. a quirky (+ sexy) planter that’s a perfect conversation piece
10. marble trivets, because who wouldn’t want marble trivets
11. soap so beautiful you wouldn’t want to unwrap it, but it’ll look gorgeous in the bathroom

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happy weekend


doorbell | almost makes perfect

so how was your week?! i know i’ve been in and out – but i’m coming back for real, soon. now that we’ve moved in, i see how quickly you can spend money on monotonous little details, like we needed a new doorbell – so i spent hours looking at doorbells. and obviously found the best one ever. i’ve spent so much time researching squeegees, window shades, ceiling fans, mailboxes, all these super fun things that make me realize i’m like, a boring grownup now.

the house is almost unpacked, well the living room and kitchen and our bedroom — but the other two bedrooms are basically just filled with boxes. hoping we make some progress this weekend in between a friendsgiving dinner and a whole bunch of house errands. i’m also gonna do a house tour for you asap even though it’s filled with things now. and i’ll start showing you our plans too! hooray! have a great weekend guys!

well this guy must get a lot chicks
for sure worth being fat for
cute handwritten canisters
love this cozy little house tour
adorable little dummies
just bought this and now i swear by it for quick zit removal
at least they were both super nice about this
want this right now, and also on thanksgiving