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printable 2019 oscar ballots


i actually forgot i was even responsible for making oscar ballots for you guys until i got lots of DM asking — i have been passionately un-passionate about the movies this year. i feel like even the academy is like UGH maybe next year will be cool for movies!

but anyway, as it is the time for my annual oscar movie rant/review, and i do sort of enjoy binging on oscar movies a few weeks prior so it’s a little bit more fun to watch the actual oscars, here is what i saw :  Read More

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baby on board — car magnet!


so excited to share that i’ve updated the baby on board sticker, and it now comes in magnet form. honestly i didn’t even know car magnets were a thing until i got a ton of requests for one! it sticks on a car instantly and can be removed instantly as well! i’m so so happy with how they turned out. hope you like ’em too!

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super simple chilaquiles (aka CHILL-aquiles)


stupid name i know, but how could i not!? i get asked a lot about the simple recipes i share on instagram stories so i thought i would try to start sharing them more often like i used to!

i wasn’t planning on making this one a post, obviously– because i took one photo of it, but i thought i might as well post it because otherwise i’ll talk about doing it in the next few weeks and that’ll turn into months and then i’ll forget. so one photo it is!

we looove (verde) chilaquiles, i mean i order it anytime it’s on a menu anywhere basically, but as you probably know i’m not one for doing anything too ambitious, so the concept of making my own tomatillo salsa from actual tomatillos that you would buy and then put in a food processor is just not really ever going to happen. or if it does, i’ll do it once and talk about how i did it that one time and it was time consuming af. but this method is so simple you could basically do it every weekend! it takes like 20 mins! a few months ago i just whipped this up randomly and we loved it so much i’ve made it a few times since.  Read More

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arlo’s bedtime routine (at 18 months)


this post is in partnership with soraa home

we get asked about all our routines with arlo a lot, so i’m always happy to have a reason to share! we’ve moved arlos bedtime around quite a bit, always trying to figure out what works best for us. he’s gone to sleep as early as 7 and as late as 9, right now we are aiming for 730-745, and his nap is usually around 1:45.

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kauai (toddler-friendly) travel guide


we were in love with kauai! we’ve been to hawaii before, but this was our first time on the island and OH MAN — it’s so insanely beautiful. we stayed on the north side of the island, which is what i absolutely recommend, it’s so lush and rainforest-y and amazing. we only saw the south shore briefly but it looked and felt a lot more like the big island, it definitely didn’t have that same appeal for us at least. i was so happy with our location, the trip couldn’t have been better!  Read More

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arlo’s nursery : updates


this post is in partnership with brooklinen

this is a post i have been meaning to write for months, i get questions every single day about the sources for everything in arlo’s room and why we swapped out certain items, so i’m going to answer it all today!

brooklinen now has a whole collection of baby and kid bedding called brooklittles, and i love so many of their pieces — it seemed like the perfect excuse to do an update post.

obviously as most people do, i decorated arlo’s room prior to his arrival so as we spent more and more time in there actually using it once he was here, there were changes i wanted to make. to remind you, here was his nursery before he was born.

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new years resolutions printable (+ my personal resolutions)


happy new year!! wow it’s 2019. i meant to post this sooner, but totally got lazy during the holiday break and today is officially our first day back to real life. i am not usually super strict or into resolutions, but this year i have a few on my mind so i wanted to have somewhere to write them down and try to stick to them. i’m much more likely to stick to them if they’re written down (like the bucket list has helped sooo much)  Read More


2018 wrap up


i document my life and arlo all day long but sometimes i forget to really share it here. sometimes i even look back on my instagram and regret not posting more baby photos because i was worried about the lack of likes, and i wish i could look back and see more of him now. so maybe that means i should write more personal posts again when i can, because i like having them!! and you guys always told me on the surveys you did too.

anyway, with the year ending, i wanted to take a moment to look back on it.

arlo went from baby to toddler

we sleep trained him back in january and never looked back. 6 months of having him sleep in our room was plenty for me, i loved having our own space back and having him sleep better. he’s done almost everything behind schedule but he went from toothless for almost a year to 8 teeth, bald to becoming a blonde, having a giant roll covered body to basically being skinny UGHHHH. i know that i’ve said how lucky i feel a million times, but arlo is truly so special. his huge personality literally shocks me everyday, and has his whole life. watching him grow up this year and turn into a full fledged toddling kid has been incredible and gut wrenching.  Read More