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happy weekend


midland shop in LA | @almostmakesperfect

happy weekend! happy inauguration day! …ugh. i’m desperately trying to get back on track with regular posting, real life is hard especially when you have this pregnancy excuse. and pregnancy brain. and my vision really did start getting blurry just like they said it would. but i’ll be back to feeling normal soon… maybe. we don’t have much planned for the weekend besides returning things and some eating, and soon we’re going to be painting the babys room (guess what color!) hope you guys have a good one!  Read More


spice drawer organization


organized spice drawer | almost makes perfect organized spice drawer | almost makes perfect

i have always fantasized about having organized spices, and i’m so happy i made those dreams come true. we installed a small drawer next to our stove and i just took a few hours to transfer all our miscellaneous spices into matching containers. so worth it.  Read More


first trimester essentials


first trimester essentials | almost makes perfect

now that i’m almost halfway through my pregnancy and well out of the first trimester, i thought i’d round up the things i couldn’t have lived without during it. the first trimester is hard, your body is changing so much and your emotions are all over the place and you basically just have to take it one day at a time, and know that it’ll get easier when you just get to the second one. Read More

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big news


i swear i’ve had an excuse for being MIA lately — i am so excited to finally share the news that we’re expecting a baby boy in june!!! it’s been really hard keeping this under wraps because obviously it’s completely changing my life in so many ways, so i’m reaaaaally excited to finally get it out. that and i’m also showing now, so i can’t really hide it for any longer.  Read More

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2016 wrap up


aura photograph

this year flew by. i say that every year. but years fly by! it was a super eventful year for us, and a really good one — but like all of us, excited to get to 2017. sharing some of my highlights from this year before i say goodbye till next year to celebrate the holidays, get some r&r and also go to hawaii!

i’d always wanted to get my aura photographed, so happy we did that.

kitchen remodel

we finaaally finished the reno. it took about 7 weeks, which i think is pretty standard, but oh man, not having a kitchen is tough af. luckily it’s so insanely worth it and i know this is very shallow to say, but i honestly think my quality of life will now be better with this dream kitchen. gonna cook and bake and sit in there and be so happy. and i’ll show you the full reveal soon.  Read More

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5 tips for last minute get togethers



This is a sponsored post written by me on behalf of WINC for IZEA
All opinions are 100% mine

the holiday season is here and chances are you are being very social rn, perhaps even more so than you would like. yeah me too — but it’s also nice to spend one of month of the year being less of a hermit. so with that in mind, i wanted to share some of my personal advice for impromptu socializing, because come march it’s back to binge watching all weekend and keeping all that wine and charcuterie for yourself, in bed. or maybe that’s just us.

today i partnered with WINC, which is a very cool wine subscription service — you take a quiz on their website about your taste preferences, and they send you a personalized selection of bottles. perfect if you’re one of those people who never knows how to pick a bottle. my personal tip is to just choose based on labels (shocking i know) — but my favorite thing about winc is that they care about the labels too. all their wines are pretty! personally, i find that so important when you’re entertaining or bringing a bottle to a friend.  Read More

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happy weekend


modern christmas mantle | almost makes perfect

friday! one week till the holidays! i’m officially done with my part time job until 2017, but still wrapping up some stuff before i’m on break. we’ve got holiday parties tonight and tomorrow — and the kitchen is scheduled to be done next week! so stoked. have a good weekend!  Read More