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holiday gift guide : stocking stuffers for him and her under $20


a lot of you guys asked this year for stocking stuffers — it’s not too late! most of these items are prime and ALL of them are under $20. i am pretty sick of seeing stocking stuffer suggestions that are like $40 because i am not filthy rich and if i’m spending $40 on a gift then you better believe i am wrapping that thing and making sure it gets a lot of attention and i get a lot of credit. so here are some more affordable, useful ideas! (and obviously, supplement with treats duh.) Read More


how soon is too soon to decorate for the holidays


honestly if it were up to me, i’d probably have my holiday decorations up for six months a year, but that’s borderline crazy, right? we all know that most people don’t get their tree until the weekend after thanksgiving, but that is just way too late for me! so instead, i pretty much go for it as soon as halloween is over. two months of christmas is not even enough, but it’s way preferable to one!

i partnered with pier 1 to “prematurely” decorate, they have loads of unique holiday items for decorating and entertaining at really affordable prices, and they were the first place i went when i became an adult and needed ornaments for my first grownup tree.

if you have a spouse or roommate who doesn’t believe you should decorate until after thanksgiving, first of all they are wrong. second of all, here are my tips for convincing them (or doing it anyway but without getting in trouble)…  Read More

baby / gift guide

holiday gift guide : for the little ones


you guys ask me a lot a lot for our favorite toys and stuff like that, so i’m working on a big post of lots of toys — but didn’t want to leave out the kids from the gift guides this year, since i have one now and all. here are some of my favorite gender neutral gift ideas for babies and toddlers.  Read More

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holiday movie night (with the best living room update ever)


we are big, big TV watchers in this house. we were a little more intense about it before arlo, but we’ve always made a big deal about having a dope viewing situation and i’ve always preferred watching movies at home to the theatre because i never have my seat kicked the entire time at home. so, we do not own small TVs, which is nice when you’re watching big blockbusters… but it’s always been a huge aesthetic problem. until now! not too long ago, samsung released the frame, the TV for every design obsessed person in the universe. have you heard of it?! (it’s one of oprah’s favorite things this year so you know its good) it’s designed to look like a framed piece of art on your wall, replacing that big black rectangle that we’re all sadly used to. when i saw this TV i literally dreamt about it. i know that sounds so shallow and materialistic but i can’t help what i dream about OK!? i am so excited to be partnering with samsung, because they did that thing where you dream something and they made it real (there should be a saying for that!) Read More

diy / travel

DIY 10 second brushstroke luggage tags


with arlo’s first trip coming up in a few weeks, i went a little nuts and got us all matching suitcases and then decided we needed matching luggage tags as well. (and i am feeling too lazy to make these cute ones again), and i’m planning to someday switch to my married name so i didn’t want to commit to my current one and blah blah blah anyway, i decided to just quickly spruce up some inexpensive ones instead!  Read More


how to make perfect scrambled eggs


this is a post very close to my heart. i am an egg person and always have been, i like them prepared all the ways, on top of all the things, i will never say no to any egg ever. my friend shoshana is a pro and has always made my all time favorite scrambled eggs, so i asked her to share her tricks. and i am so excited to now share them with you!

i’ve teamed up with made in cookware, if you haven’t heard of them — you should, right now! they make premium cookware that is affordable and so nice to use, and you know i’m a sucker for pretty packaging, they’ve got it. it’s the only hip line of cookware i’ve seen, so obviously i love it. sometimes you forget there are other options besides the big box and department stores for buying cookware, but made in is higher quality for a lower price than a lot of what i’ve used and owned in the past.

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DIY pickling kit gift box


ok, i’ve got the easiest holiday gift idea for you ever! if you were thinking how cute it would be to make homemade pickles or jam for all your neighbors, but realize you don’t have that kind of time — this is the next best thing. and perhaps way more fun for them.

instead, make them a DIY kit to do it themselves! i’ve teamed up with NEWELL BRANDS, MAKERS OF BALL® FRESH PRESERVING PRODUCTS again, to create this simple cute little kit perfect for holiday gifting.  Read More

baby / xmas

babys first holiday


it’s funny how this time last year i was pregnant and soooo excited (i was still first trimester and just popping, so it was all still so new exciting), we were daydreaming about how this time next year we’d be doing all the same things but with a baby in tow. and now it’s here!

i think you may know this already, but even though i’m jew-ish, we are a total christmas family. i loooove christmas everything, we always get a tree and i play christmas music the whole month of december and watch the christmas movies and basically just drink the christmas kool-aid. so i’m so excited for arlo’s first christmas, even though he won’t actually know what’s going on whatsoever, it’s special for us lol. so i teamed up with shutterfly to create all sorts of things to commemorate!

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