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happy weekend


pottery | almost makes perfect

happy friday! it finally just warmed up here a little so i’m sorry for all of you in the snow. i got things back from the kiln in pottery for the first time in months, so it was veeery exciting. even outweighing the fact that i rushed through trimming and totally ruined a little vase i made… oh well.

we’re doing a shoot this weekend, and then we’re gonna go test out strollers because i hear that’s something we have to decide on. anyone got a recommendation? i need something lightweight because i’m 5 feet tall and have almost no strength. we’re also going to celebrate valentines day on sunday (meaning i’ll cook rack of lamb) because i’m not gonna feel like it after work on tuesday. have a good one! here are some fun links.  Read More

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happy weekend


new rug

happy friday! this week we finally finished cleaning out the babys room, so now we’re going to paint and change out the light before starting to furnish — but i DID get a new old rug for it! anyone know how to get rid of a gross smell from vintage beni rugs? it smells like nair. ugh. my dad is in town this weekend so we’re hanging out with him — and i guess we’re like watching the superbowl or whatever. i’m from massachusetts btw. my family is very disappointed in me! hope you guys have a good one.  Read More

diy / valentines day

DIY valentines day xo treat bags


DIY XO treat bags | almost makes perfect DIY XO treat bags

i’ve had these muslin bags sitting around for years ever since this project, and i finally decided this would be the holiday i’d use some of them dammit! we love candy in this house (gid is not far off from willy wonka), so any excuse to fill bags with candy is cool. these are also easy enough to make a whole bunch for your girlfriends for galentines, coworkers, classmates, whateveeeeer.  Read More

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happy weekend


desert things

first off i want to say a huge thank you for those of you have that have filled out the survey! i’m collecting results and will do a full post soon.

today we’re heading out to the desert for a quiet weekend and some R&R (i gifted gid this weekend at a spa for his xmas gift) — very excited to unwind a little! hope you guys have a good one. and some fun links to get you through your friday…

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