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happy weekend


hi! thanks so much for all your sweet comments on the kitchen reveal this week. so fun to finally just be done with it (and to move onto the next room). we got so much done on the babys room last weekend that this weekend we might not do as much. we’re going out of town next week on our babymoon to new mexico, i am v excited to take a break! did i already ask if you guys have any tips? i feel like i might have.

also did you see get out yet? it’s so good, go see if you haven’t.  Read More

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cool nursery art


while i’ve been planning the nursery i’ve found some cool, modern, and like, not corny art that fits in the baby’s room without being all lame and overstimulating. here are 12 art prints i love that strike a good balance between kid appropriate and adult friendly.  Read More

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happy weekend


friday! we’re not doing much this weekend, just working a little more on the nursery — oh for those of you who asked about the closet door shopping, we just went to lowes and home depot! and we didn’t find anything big enough so we’re gonna have them built instead. ugh. we’re having some friends over to watch the oscars and our due date is in 119 days omg.

oh and guess what i’m FINALLY DOING — i’m shooting photos of the kitchen! i will share the full reveal with you guys asap!  Read More

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12 modern flatware sets


i am still very kitchen obsessed rn, and i’ve reeeally been wanting some new flatware lately because ours isn’t cute or clean anymore. gold, copper and matte black flatware is finally way more accessible and affordable than it was a year ago — so let’s all get some or whatever.

here are my favorites….  Read More

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happy weekend


happy friday! we’re celebrating my moms birthday this weekend by cooking her a nice dinner, and then we’re going closet door shopping for the baby room, we’re also considering doing a big plant shop to replace all the dead guys — besides that i’m just excited to have a long weekend to chill and finally watch the walking dead. hope you guys have a good one!

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2017 reader survey results


WOOHOO finally the results of that survey you took! thank you again for taking the time to respond, it means a lot to me to read your comments and to try to make this place somewhere you and i can both enjoy.  Read More