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holiday gift guide : for the toddlers


it’s gift guide time– once again! your favorite time of year! first up is the littles.

having an almost 2.5 year old, i did a mix of things he has and things i think he’d enjoy but also tried to make it mostly gender neutral with a mix of interests! (art, music, cleaning, baking, cars, etc)

i only included one book, but if you need some more book ideas i keep a running list here. Read More

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disneyland with a toddler


i’ve seen a lot of people write posts about tips for what to pack etc but i thought i’d share my own tips, because why not!? when i was asking about disneyland with arlo on IG stories, i got a lot of super helpful tips which i’m including on here!

we debated if arlo was too young to go to disneyland yet or not, but in the end we are so glad we brought him. watching him meet mickey was worth the price of admission alone. ok well the price of admission is BAT SH*T crazy but it was close to worth it. we know he loved it because at least once a week he’ll wake up and ask if we can go to “DIDNYLAN?????” (when i say no, he says “CVS???” his disneyland alternative hahaha)

in another year (when he’s closer to 3.5), we think it’ll probably be more fun, but he was pretty into it all day! the rides were just a little overstimulating and scary and he is in a very “my way or the highway” phase (as if that would ever end lol).  Read More

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a hip city guide : northeast LA


you guys know i’m passionate about cute places. i’ve shared my LA guide but the new places come and go and it can be hard to keep up with what’s cool now that i’m a mom and all. but i don’t know anyone who is more passionate about cute places than my friend sophie carpenter. she can spend like every waking moment of her weekend on the hunt for new shops and brunch and has so much more energy for it than i even had at 21! so i thought she would be the absolute perfect person to help contribute to the blog and create some city guides of the coolest things to do and spots to eat and shop. 

she lives in one of the hippest neighborhoods of LA, the northeast– so we figured this would be a perfect first section of the city to do a tour of. and if you guys like this, she will totally do more!! just let me know in the comments. Read More

pretty everything / roundup

pretty everything : jewelry boxes and organizers


for some reason i get asked a lot about good looking jewelry boxes, i guess people have trouble finding them so i took it on as a challenge. jewelry boxes can get really insanely pricey for some reason, so i did my best to find ones that are mostly under $100. i mean i guess if you’re going to use the same jewelry box for the rest of your life, you could warrant a larger price tag but also, it’s just a jewelry box.

anyway, here are some of my favorites!

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a (secretly) v low key movie night


this post is in partnership with harry & david

in october we go sort of crazy watching horror movies (ok tbh we watch them every month) BUT  in october i step it up even more. i sort of don’t want to even consider watching a movie or show that doesn’t scare me lol. i don’t entertain much, but movie nights are actually the perfect get together when you have kids because you can do them after the kids go down and people won’t be as loud since they’re barely talking.

i always go overboard with food when i’m entertaining, but no matter what — i try to make sure it’s easy, like for every one item i cook from scratch, i try to buy another one and spruce it up a little. but this time i put together literally the easiest spread ever because everything is from harry & david! i’ve tried their fruit boxes around the holidays before, but i actually had no idea the amount of gourmet food they actually offer as well! almost everything arrives frozen so it’s super easy to just store until you’re ready to serve, making it such a giant help for entertaining and around the holidays. Read More

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7 ways to cozy up your bedroom for fall


this post is in partnership with brooklinen

i looove when fall arrives and the air smells different and you get all stoked for pumpkin patches and pies and ciders and cuddling and wool socks, even when you live in a place where the changing season doesn’t actually seem to look different– well we have one tree nearby that totally changes colored leaves, it’s so cool.

in honor of the new season, i wanted to update my bedroom with some new dreamy brooklinen bedding and share some simple ways to cozy up your own space. Read More

pretty everything / roundup

pretty everything : 21 attractive trash cans


we don’t actually have a cute kitchen trash can because ours our hidden in our cabinet, but i have gotten lots of requests for good looking trash cans! it was a little more challenging than i thought to find good ones, a lot of them are actually the same brand lol. while i was searching for modern kitchen trash bins, i found a lot of cute bathroom/office ones, so i did a roundup for both kinds!

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how i’ve been enhancing my bedtime routine


this post is in partnership with this works

while i’m for sure not an expert on sleep rituals, this year i have been trying to focus more on simple nighttime habits to create a more zen like bedtime. stuff as simple as putting hand lotion and lighting a candle, all of those little things add up to create a calming environment for me and i’ve been enjoying it a lot! i don’t always have a ton of time to myself to actually unwind, so those quiet few minutes after arlo goes down are a really nice way to relax before actually getting in bed.

i’m always looking to enhance my routine and i’m so happy to have discovered This Works. besides skincare products, they make pillow sprays that help reduce sleep anxiety and improve sleep quality. their deep sleep pillow spray is designed for people who struggle to fall asleep– it releases an immediate burst of fragrance that is proven to calm a racing mind.  Read More