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a modern “cool kids” holiday table


this post is sponsored by bed bath & beyond

i am a little too excited about this! technically arlo is still a little young to be off on his own, but looking over at the little kids at their own table is one of the most adorable things in the world ever. today i am partnering with bed bath & beyond to share some tips for how to setup a kids table that looks cool enough for grownups to sit there!

you guys remember on broad city how abby was a bb&b aficionado? that’s me. i have a drawer full of coupons and i’m there every couple months to exchange my soda stream carbonators. i know the store can seem so massive and overwhelming, but it’s actually organized in a way that makes shopping really easy since the sections are all categorized. it’s def a one stop shop for holiday entertaining, i think a lot of people assume they just sell roasting pans and towels but they so many have gorgeous things i honestly struggled narrowing down what to use for the table.

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holiday gift guide : littles


i feel like i’m slacking already on gift guides, but here is the first one! i get asked for baby and kid gift ideas the most so i thought i’d start here :) here are some things arlo loves and some things i really want to get him!  Read More

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how to make your own instagram links in bio page


recently i realized it would be so helpful to have more links on my instagram bio, because i honestly spend way too big a portion of everyday referring people to shop my baby faves, shop my house, etc and it would be so much easier for me to have them all there — so i started looking into linktree and all of the alternatives and realized not only in order to customize them it would be $5 a month, but that it also basically takes the traffic away from your site which really seemed like a bummer. and not at all worth it.

since you do only get to have one link in your bio, it can be really limiting! i have lots of links to share! so i am so excited about having this now. it’s also easy enough that i can add temporary links or swap them out whenever i feel like it.

i am SO not wordpress or HTML savvy or anything like that, but i was able to make my own alternative in 10 minutes and it looks cute too! so i thought i would share how to do it in case you wanted to make one. the instructions are basically just to download this plugin, but hey if i can help one person then, like i’ve done my job.

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simple printable thankful card


i really dropped the ball on designing a thanksgiving printable this year, but it’s not too late! i made it a super simple one this year, neutral enough to look good on any table setting and a fun way to get everyone around the table to take a moment to think about what they’re grateful for. we love doing these in our family. PS — that’s actually how we announced we were pregnant in case you didn’t know! (definitely watch the video of my moms reaction at the end of the post — it is so so good)

if you wanted to use them as place cards as well, you could also write your guests names on the back!

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interiors / our house

our master bedroom refresh


this post is sponsored by casper

ok so our bedroom was the first room we finished, you may remember the big reveal? i can’t help but wanna change things up over time (to be honest i’d love to swap out some of the furniture too but that will have to wait for now) so i decided to do some other updates! it feels the same but fresh to me and i’m really happy.

the updates were inspired by our brand new mattress, the Wave by Casper. we have a new tradition that we lay in bed on weekend mornings to watch tv and cuddle with arlo, just like i used to do as a kid too — when i was a kid my brother and i would lay on the couch and we’d ask our parents to “SET US UP!!!” which meant turn on cartoons, put blankets over us and give us a bowl of dry cheerios. arlo is loving getting tv time and we are loving our cuddles. the only issue is he has literally already spilled food a dozen times on our bed. (another new tradition is changing our sheets sunday evenings!) our mattress was looking pretty ragged so i was so excited to start fresh and actually use a mattress pad this time!  Read More

interiors / our house

our simple hallway makeover


this post is in partnership with frame it easy

a hallway is so easy to overlook, and i didn’t even realize because it was completely overlooked for almost exactly 3 years now! (our house-aversary was halloween) there are so many more important spaces in a house that take precedence but we spend so much time in the hallway, walking from room to room (as one does in a hallway) and our laundry is in the hallway so we spend a LOT of time sitting and watching the exciting process (arlo’s hobby, i personally don’t find it as fascinating). so after needing a little house project to “get my fix”, i decided to do a mini makeover.

we’ve always wanted to hang some family photos up now that we have arlo, because that’s like, what family does. but we really don’t have a lot of wall space in general (our house isn’t big), so we’ve never come up with a place for them. i considered our hallway but since it’s so long and narrow i didn’t really think it was the right spot but that was dumb of me because it’s actually the perfect spot! they aren’t in our faces all the time and they’re a fun thing to look at when we walk by. i worked with frame it easy, it was so easy to order from their site, and i was able to fully customize the exact size i wanted to fit the wall perfectly. i was also able to quickly duplicate the frame so i didn’t have to rebuild 5 times, and the frames arrived super fast too.  Read More


an attempt to look way less tired


arlo sleeps pretty well these days (really hope i’m not jinxing myself by writing that in a blog post), and actually much better than me! i don’t know what it is about taking care of a kid but omg by 830pm i am BEAT every single night. many nights i’ll get in bed and immediately fall asleep. it actually was a running joke i made with gid in the early days with arlo, i would say “watch my trick!” and instantly be asleep hahah — i still basically feel like that even after 16 months of motherhood. i wake up around 630-7am but it almost always feels like it’s 2am and like i JUST went to sleep. and this dumb daylight savings time is not doing us any favors.

so when Olay reached out about their new Brightening Eye Cream, i knew i was a good candidate to try it out! if i’m being honest, i generally would say i have pretty good, young skin (my mom is almost 70 and has like no wrinkles!). but i did think i could use a boost. especially since i go so natural with my makeup. so in an effort to stay young looking, i am happy to be adding the eye cream to my night time routine.  Read More