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18 cute modern end tables under $150


since redoing the bathroom and furnishing the nursery, i’ve been on the hunt for cute and affordable little end tables or stools and realized i can never not think of a spot i need one for. it’s a legit problem. i wanted one for next to the bathtub, but also just decided i need one for next to the rocker in the nursery and how do i not have one next to the sofa?! so i obsessed for a bit and found lots of cute options, all under $150!  Read More

tips / yada yada

learning new skills


with my maternity leave underway and just doing less day to day in general till the babe arrives, i’ve been twiddling my thumbs a little looking for activities that don’t require a lot of energy. gid would be too jealous for me to binge watch a “good” show without him, so that’s kind of out as well. i’m totally one of those people who loves doing nothing, but gets very antsy doing nothing real fast — so i’ve been looking to do some creative things with my free time, and i discovered that skillshare is kind of perfect for that.

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beauty / diy

DIY floral bath salts


with bridal shower and baby shower season here and with my sister in law’s coming up later this summer, i’ve been brainstorming inexpensive DIY favor ideas that are easy to make in big batches. i teamed up with paper mart, who makes a huge variety of packaging for favors and parties for this very easy and suuuper cute favor idea. these are so easy, you can literally make a dozen of these at a time in a couple of minutes!  Read More

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modern baby registry


while i’m not deeming myself an expert since i have zero babies so far, i have done a lot of research on things i’d need and wouldn’t need, and while this list might not be the most minimal, i did try to keep our registry concise, and also as attractive as possible. i know in the long run, we won’t be able to keep everything baby related aesthetically pleasing, but at this point i can try.

starting your registry from scratch seems so overwhelming, because i too had no idea where to start — so looking at other peoples essentials and talking to moms made it a lot easier. if you’re in the same boat and having trouble even trying to begin working on your registry, hopefully this cohesive list will help.  Read More

baby / motherhood

our maternity photos


i wasn’t sure if i really wanted maternity photos taken or not — but i read and heard a lot of people say that it was a nice memory to look back on later and to just do it — and it turns out i’m glad we did. years from now we can look back on these and remember being young and cute and non parents.
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baby / motherhood / our house

the nursery : the reveal


we finished the nursery! it’s so fun to have it all finished and i looove sitting in here and spacing out and picturing this baby actually living in here instead of inside me.

it’s definitely my favorite room in the house, it’s so bright and warm and brings us so much happiness.

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gift guide / mother's day

mother’s day gift guide


i’m currently v into all things blush — and mothers day is the perfect holiday for girly blush colored gifts. so i rounded up some really pretty things that would make perfect mama gifts, for your mom or for you to send to someone shopping for you!    Read More