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gold sugar rim glasses


gold rimmed glasses | almost makes perfect gold sugar rim glasses | almost makes perfect

i don’t normally get super celebratory for the oscars, but like i said — i’m hosting my family for the first time ever, so i wanted to come up with some simple ideas to get a little festive.

gold sugar rim glasses | almost makes perfect

if you’re hosting an oscar party, or just having a couple friends over — these couldn’t be simpler if you’re serving wine or cocktails or whatever.

i bought the gold sugar here. in case you’re not sure how to sugar rim a glass, you just cut a wedge of citrus and slide it around the rim of your glass, pour the sugar onto a plate and dip your glass in.

gold sugar rim glasses | almost makes perfect

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happy weekend


happy weekend | almost makes perfect

yay weekend. we got a new bedroom rug as i shared on instagram and i’m also super glad this week was so short and quick. our bedroom is quickly becoming very beige, i think i’m ok with it, but i’m not sure. this weekend we’re celebrating my mamas birthday with dinner and a museum day — hope you guys have a good one!

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 james joyce or kool keith (this is my favorite thing)
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DIY air plant pots


DIY air plant pots | almost makes perfect DIY air plant pots | almost makes perfect

i looooove air plants because even if i kill them, they’re cheap enough to replace and keep like 20 scattered around the house. so i have a half of dozen planters and holders for them, but could always use more.

i found these doll heads that had flat bottoms and would stand up perfectly straight — and even though dip dying might be totally last year, i decided to dip dye. i was hoping they’d kind of look like little pieces of like, southwestern pottery, which they kind of do…?

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happy weekend


YAY friday. my dads been in town this week, so while i’ve gotten very little done — it’s been real fun and i’ve been eating way too much. he leaves on sunday morning, and gid and i are heading out of town for a little one night valentines getaway date. so excited! happy weekend and happy v-day!

OH and i started using snapchat ( a little late… ). it’s weird and actually super fun and my snapchats are real dumb. follow me! @almostmakesperf

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did you see this big dummy?
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my heart is meltinggggg

recipes / valentines day

crème brûlée french toast


creme brulee french toast | almost makes perfect

valentine’s day is the perfect day for a decadent breakfast in bed — so i wanted to share my favorite easy special brunch recipe. creme brulee french toast, i mean the name alone screams … so rich it’s for once a year. you can also make this the night before and finish in the morning so it’s the perfect lazy morning treat.

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