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happy weekend



so ready for this week to be over — seems like weeks feel way longer when you’re one away from vacation, but especially when there’s a lot going on. trying to finish up a ton before we go to maine next week, ready to just be there already. how are you?  Read More


printable to-do list


printable-to-do-list-almost-makes-perfect printable-to-do-lists-almost-makes-perfect

if i don’t keep lists, i always end up going nuts. like always. it helps me chill out to write out everything i need to do and checking them off (i also use this app lately).

now that summers over, i wanted to design some cute check lists to inspire all of us to keep lists, even the people who aren’t as crazy about ’em.  Read More

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happy weekend


um duh | almost makes perfect

i love a short week! i’m a little stressed lately with a very long and daunting to-do list, but i’m going to hang out with family most of the weekend and try not to worry about too many tasks. also i saw this car / license plate at work and i like melted with excitement. have a good weekend and here are my favorite links this week!  Read More

entertaining / our house

our housewarming party


our housewarming party | almost makes perfect AMP_KenJackson-60 AMP_KenJackson-34

yay! so excited to share the photos from our housewarming party with you guys! it was a very long time in the making, we didn’t want to have the majority of our friends over until we had a backyard to host them in — so once the backyard was finally ready, we did it. and we went a little nuts with making it special, so much so that we won’t be hosting any parties anytime soon ever again. ever.

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