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easy homemade strawberry pop-tarts


i wasn’t planning on creating a blog post when i decided arlo and i would make homemade pop tarts but it was actually so easy and a super fun recipe with a toddler so you should do it too! they don’t look great and i forgot to crimp the edges but WHO CARES!!!?!

you could totally make your own pie dough but if you have store bought and a toddler, i am all for the easiest methods. when i decided on pop tarts it was because we had so many blueberries and lemons so i wanted to use some of them up, but then i started researching and realized i could just use jelly instead so again, EASY!

so yeah ours came out looking like crap, we overfilled them, i forgot to crimp the edges like i said, and the jelly leaked out everywhere during baking– BUT i was able to salvage but trimming with a chefs knife prior to adding the glaze. and yes they’re totally asymmetrical but as i always say, you can blame your kid for that. now is not the time to care about doing anything perfectly, it’s hard enough to do anything at all lol.

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gift guide

mothers day gift guide (while quarantined)


mother’s day is going to look pretty different this year obviously. and while i’ve always been a homebody and focused mostly on cozy gifts, this year they’re a little bit cozier. a bunch of things that would be useful or comforting in this weird phase of our lives… hope they help you! Read More


printable weekly meal planner


well it seems everyone i’ve spoken to is also having food anxiety and needs a meal planner badly, for their sanity. we usually eat leftovers or sandwiches every day for lunch, but i included a lunch section for you guys too, as well as a little notes area at the bottom.

the first step we took when this all happened was going through our giant freezer and writing down the entirety of it, itemized and categorized. since then i reference that list (and cross of things we’ve eaten) and i cross reference with our fresh food/pantry items to figure out what needs to be eaten, what can go together, etc. so then i come up with a weekly plan so i’ll know what i’m making and not have to stress about it (plus it helps me remember to thaw dinner in time everyday). i’m excited to have a pretty and eternally-reusable place to write down our meals for the week now.

anyway, we’ve been exclusively shopping for food online for about a month now so it’s been very limited and stress inducing, so the meal planning has definitely helped ease my anxiety about it. i hope it helps you too! Read More

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10 easy + good looking crafts to do with toddlers


ok so in an effort to try to keep things on the blog and not just on instagram, i’ll continue to do roundup posts of all our projects here! will try to do as often as i can before they get lost in the abyss of my camera roll.

we are doing a TON of crafts over here, trying to do one project a day whether it be a cute little diy or baking a recipe, i definitely find that having one major thing to focus on each day helps both arlo and i get through it. but that’s just us. don’t put pressure on yourself to be a crafty mom if you’re not. take it day by day and see how you feel. i just get way too bored playing with cars, would way rather paint!! Read More

diy / kid things

diy fruit salad party bowl


well this has to be one of the cutest projects i’ve ever made– inspired by poppy and his love of fruit, and thus inspired by arlo and similar his love of fruit, i wanted to create little fruit “puppets” that could all be housed in one big bowl.

draw and cut out fruit shapes from cardboard, let your kid paint each one (my trick for not mixing the colors up is to do a big palette with all the colors and a designated brush for each). once dry, attach googly eyes and a popsicle stick. fold a paper plate in half and tape across the seam. cut slits on the top for each fruit and stick them in!

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how to make a simple nature collage


i’ve been making so many projects over on instagram but trying to keep up with the blog too! i’ve been making videos of some of my favorite projects so i’ll just be sharing the videos here, they’re usually more helpful than photos anyway. and waaay more soothing. anyway, i made this simple nature collage that i’ve hung in the window and it makes me so happy, even though it’s browned a bit since this pic!

all you need is clear contact paper and foraged florals, leaves, sticks, whatever you see! take a walk, collect some pretty leaves, lay out a piece of contact paper sticky side up. add the florals as you see fit, and lay down another piece of contact paper sticky side down. trim your edges and hang in your window.  Read More

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printable neighborhood scavenger hunt


for those of you who are still able to roam around your neighborhood, a perfect activity for any kid who needs some motivation to get outside and walk around (arlo most certainly does)– i put together this printable scavenger hunt list. obviously everyone lives in different climates, so i’m sorry if you don’t have squirrels or airplanes or nice people where you live, but i tried my best!  Read More