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a modern scrapbook from artifact uprising


this post is in partnership with artifact uprising

when i was a kid i was obsessed with looking through family photo albums and keeping my own scrapbooks. sadly i was an irresponsible dumb kid so i was always taking photos out to cut up and put on a collage so now there are so many pictures missing haha— big regret!! these days it seems like no one really keeps a scrapbook because its just so much easier to print a book from your phone directly instead, but there is something so fun about doing it yourself, and going slowly with it. 

artifact uprising never seems to make a product i don’t love, and their modern scrapbook called “the stories we tell” is no different. its got a simple clean layout like all their products, but what i love most is how its divided into sections so you can document whatever you want— big or small. it’s also beautiful enough to keep on your coffee table— which is not only the most interesting thing to look at on someones coffee table, but also keeping it there inspires you to keep adding to it versus keeping it stored away somewhere.

i keep a box of little mementos, ticket stubs and cute cards from gid and i’m so happy the album has little envelopes for keepsakes like those! because i save them but literally never have any clue of what to do with them lol. i’ve also been putting all the little art arlos made at preschool in them too! and besides the little slots for mementos, they also have a page of tear-off notecards where you can have other people contribute to your album. so sweet!

the best part about the scrapbook is that you can give it to your loved ones right off the shelf, there have been many times when i’ve gone to create a custom photo book for someone and then decided against it because its too much work or i don’t have certain photos, etc, so with “the stories we tell” you can just let them do all the work themselves! its the perfect holiday gift for the sentimental people in your life. they come in five different colors, with a beautiful pen, adhesive and a credit for printing photos.

i loved keeping my first year scrapbook for arlo (also from artifact uprising) and i was really sad when it ended. no like genuinely SO SAD. i think i may have cried because it just felt like this chapter was closing haha— so this is the perfect sequel to keep the momentum of documentation going. its so easy these days to just let all the photos in your camera roll sort of fade away as the photos just keep getting accumulating (speaking as someone who has 100,000 photos in their camera roll gulp.) so i really try to make it a point to get photos printed every few months.

if you want to order one for xmas, orders need to be placed by december 15th for USPS and december 22 for overnight shipping!

use code AMP20 for 20% from now until december 17!

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holiday gift guide : for the cook


soooo sorry i have been slacking on gift guides this year! did we all realize thanksgiving was a week later so december came way too fast. i’ve been so busy that i was like maybe they don’t need lots of gift guides this year but i got some very sad messages so here we are. i’ll try to do as many as i can!

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printable advent calendar activities


i’m so excited to do an advent calendar for our first time this year! i bought this cute one from target (and i cut the tassels off to simplify it a bit), but wasn’t sure what to fill the pockets with. i got a couple little things like elmo bandaids and was gonna put some little cars and chocolates and maybe some ornaments in them, but decided to also incorporate a lot of activities to do together instead of just material things!

the pockets are really small on my advent calendar, so i had to cut the cards way down to fit, but i left them square on the printable version so you can use them as is or cut down if needed! i also only did one set of 12. it was hard to come up with 12 things to do, and you can supplement the rest with treats and things.

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modern christmas decor roundup


i get asked so often about where to find minimal xmas decorations so i thought i’d go through all the stores and roundup my favorite things for you guys!! this took me a WHILE so you better appreciate it :) the big lesson is that if you just shop carefully, you can totally put together a hip, minimal decorated house for the holidays– it just takes a while to find the right pieces! ps– twinkly lights everywhere.



tree skirts + baskets + toppers



wreaths + garlands


decor + advent calendars

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holiday gift guide : for the toddlers


it’s gift guide time– once again! your favorite time of year! first up is the littles.

having an almost 2.5 year old, i did a mix of things he has and things i think he’d enjoy but also tried to make it mostly gender neutral with a mix of interests! (art, music, cleaning, baking, cars, etc)

i only included one book, but if you need some more book ideas i keep a running list here. Read More

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disneyland with a toddler


i’ve seen a lot of people write posts about tips for what to pack etc but i thought i’d share my own tips, because why not!? when i was asking about disneyland with arlo on IG stories, i got a lot of super helpful tips which i’m including on here!

we debated if arlo was too young to go to disneyland yet or not, but in the end we are so glad we brought him. watching him meet mickey was worth the price of admission alone. ok well the price of admission is BAT SH*T crazy but it was close to worth it. we know he loved it because at least once a week he’ll wake up and ask if we can go to “DIDNYLAN?????” (when i say no, he says “CVS???” his disneyland alternative hahaha)

in another year (when he’s closer to 3.5), we think it’ll probably be more fun, but he was pretty into it all day! the rides were just a little overstimulating and scary and he is in a very “my way or the highway” phase (as if that would ever end lol).  Read More

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a hip city guide : northeast LA


you guys know i’m passionate about cute places. i’ve shared my LA guide but the new places come and go and it can be hard to keep up with what’s cool now that i’m a mom and all. but i don’t know anyone who is more passionate about cute places than my friend sophie carpenter. she can spend like every waking moment of her weekend on the hunt for new shops and brunch and has so much more energy for it than i even had at 21! so i thought she would be the absolute perfect person to help contribute to the blog and create some city guides of the coolest things to do and spots to eat and shop. 

she lives in one of the hippest neighborhoods of LA, the northeast– so we figured this would be a perfect first section of the city to do a tour of. and if you guys like this, she will totally do more!! just let me know in the comments. Read More