h&m faves


every new season, i find myself wanting way too many things from h&m home. it’s very dangerous to have the app and check their new arrivals… but i do. frequently. AND I WANT SO MANY THINGS! i’m really a little too obsessed with mustard colored everything at the moment. can you tell? lol — here are some current faves i rounded up…  Read More


our life with three cats


This post is sponsored by Comfort Zone
All thoughts and opinion are 100% my own

i am so excited to announce my partnership with comfort zone, i truly love and swear by their products and have for years! as you guys know, i have many cats and i bring in new furniture pretty often, and we would not be able to have anything nice without comfort zone.

people usually don’t understand what the product is exactly when i explain it to them — they assume it’s some sort of cat nip type of thing. but it’s actually not that at all. comfort zone products mimic a cat’s natural pheromones to send them calming signals and help reduce unwanted behaviors, such as multi-cat tension, general anxiety, urine spraying and destructive scratching. the comfort zone diffuser just plugs into an outlet and is detectable to cats, and it makes them feel like they’re in a safe space.

all three of our cats are kind of stress balls in their own ways… Read More

roundup / style

15 cute beach essentials


since going to the beach for the 4th and seeing that arlo could not only handle it, but he actually even enjoyed himself — i have now declared us beach people for the summer, and proceeded to buy an umbrella and beach chairs immediately. so since i spent hours searching for everything, i figured i’d do a roundup as usual of hip beach essentials because it’s not easy to find! it’s actually so hard to even find beach chairs that aren’t bright blue. here are some of my fave picks…  Read More

baby / entertaining

arlo’s sky themed 1st birthday party


i’ve basically been planning his party since arlo was born, because what else would i do with my time? i have no problem admitting that i went a little overboard on his party, a friend walked in and said it looked like a small wedding lol — but i think a first birthday is the perfect excuse to go overboard if you want to. i love going overboard! who knows how many more chances i’ll get!?

when arlo was teeny tiny, he was always weirdly obsessed with everything cloud related. on his stroller arch, on his exersaucer, if there was a cloud element that was the thing he was most drawn to, always. if you’ve been following on instagram stories for a year, you might remember how he used to stare at that cloud in his bouncer. so i thought a cloud party would be perfect — but then i found that sort of limiting, so i just changed it to sky everything instead haha.

the party was also featured on 100 layer cakelet today!  Read More


arlo : 12 months


i can’t believe he is a year old!! i am sooo emotional about it. it’s so weird how basically overnight you notice they’re so different than they once were. he has grown up so much that i kind of don’t even recognize him sometimes. Read More

entertaining / wedding

palm springs bachelorette weekend


a few weeks ago, i threw my best friend a weekend-long bachelorette party. it was soooo much fun and went by way too fast. while i was researching and planning the weekend out, i actually struggled trying to find any inspiration that wasn’t tacky or penis-centric. so i wanted to share all the details and decorations in case you’re planning a bachelorette party yourself!  Read More

baby / tips

tips for weaning from breastfeeding



i’ve gotten a lot of messages asking about the weaning process since i shared that we’d be doing it, asking for tips, how i did it, how i felt… i want to start off by stating the obvious, whether you breastfed for a month or 18 months — we felt this was the right time for us and these are the methods that worked for us, everyone is different!

and i am so happy to be partnering with dreft today — full disclosure, i reached out to them because i am such a diehard fan of their products after a year of using them. a new survey has found that dreft baby detergent’s iconic scent helps parents feel more bonded and connected with their babies, so i thought it was the perfect reason to share how i weaned, because it’s the perfect remedy to help with that yearning feeling you experience when you wean. 

when i suddenly felt physically disconnected from him — dreft helped play a role in reconnecting us. the scent is so reminiscent of his newborn days, while it also preserves that bond into toddlerhood.  Read More

father's day / gift guide

father’s day gift guide


father’s day is next weekend — and i too always struggle with gifts for all the men in my life. as easy as it would be to just get them a dopp kit over and over and over, guys don’t seem to have the same appreciation for “just” pretty things, it seems like they need to be functional too. psh.

01. gid wears his pool slides to go outside daily — they are crucial!
02. all guys like fried foods, don’t they?
03. guys also like to charge their electronic things
04. i love this french press so much i almost got it for myself even though i would never use it
05. this gardening tool set is so nice to look at
06. guys also like to eat bbq
07. i love the color of this leather billfold
08. a pretty way to pack their lunch
09. love this daddy baseball cap
10. some men love nice watches (mine doesn’t though)
11. a thing most men won’t buy for themselves but are in need of — new underwear
12. didn’t i mention that men like to bbq?