the items we ALWAYS have in stock


1. Savon de Marseille Handsoap – Instant bathroom makeover.

2. Extra Long Matches – Nothing looks nicer displayed next to a fireplace that is never used.

3. Ikea’s Tekla Dish Towels – $0.49. Come on. Every time we’re at Ikea, I impulsively buy at least 20. I use them as dishtowels (they’re not the most absorbent or soft when washed), but they’re basically disposable! I also keep a ton of new ones on hand to use as cloth napkins for dinner parties.

4. West Elm’s Mercury Glass Votive Holders – In love with these. They look good scattered everywhere or in a bundle on the table. Target also had $0.99 versions around the holidays, which they don’t seem to anymore. I got 6 and went back for more the same week.

5. Widemouth Ball Jars – I drink water all day long out of them. And you can buy at the grocery store. Easy.

6. Cavender’s Greek Seasoning –  My boyfriend turned me onto it, it adds the perfect hint of flavor to pastas, meats, and brussel sprouts.

7. Caldrea Dish Soap – For some reason, they seem to have stopped making my favorite fragrance, Olive Oil! They’re all nice, but the Olive Oil smells insanely good and makes you actually enjoy doing dishes. For a minute or so.

8. Chock Full O Nuts Coffee – Not only is it my go-store brand for coffee, but it totally indulges me in my hoarding. I keep the empty canisters and spray paint them white for makeshift vases. You can never have enough coffee canister vases. Right? Right.

9. Martha Wrap – Parchment paper and tin foil in one?! So genius.


making this: the ikea rast campaign hack


Mainly the reason I started this blog, I tend to look at inspirational DIYs and hacks and try to copy them, this was one of the first cases of me just knowing what I wanted to make and doing it. And people on the internet liked it as much as I did!

After scouring flea markets and craigslist for campaign furniture, I gave up. It is so pretty! Am I the only person that can’t find the pieces in person? So I made my own from the Ikea Rast tiny little dresser.

So here is the step-by-step (well, somewhat.)















I picked up one of these guys for $35, not really positive of what I was going to do with it. So I scoured the internet for the best deals and most attractive brass hardware. Not the easiest thing. I bought three of these corner pieces, which conveniently came in 4 pack. Then purchased the pulls in polished brass. A long time was spent debating paint colors, but I ended up choosing a blue-ish slate color.




















I assembled the body of the dresser, and kept the drawer fronts on their own while I patched up the original knob holes.

After patching the holes, I drilled the holes for the corner pieces and pulls. (Sorry! No photos of these steps) A lot of pencil markings. Then painted each drawer front before actually attaching the hardware.

Once the drawer fronts were done, I assembled the drawers and VOILA!

hey – see my rast on Apartment Therapy and Little Green Notebook!

*** AND IF YOU WANT TO SEE HOW THE HARDWARE GOES ON – i’ve done a little follow up update post here!



oh hi blog.


My boyfriend and best friend say I need a blog. I’m a graphic designer/motion graphics artist/editor living in a little craftsman bungalow in Los Angeles with my boyfriend and our future would-be dog that we haven’t gotten yet. Adopting a dog is hard!

I am fairly obsessed with home decorating (no actual experience or education) and cooking extravagant meals that I sometimes tend to screw up.

And that explains the name of this blog!

And here are my two favoriteeeeee hotels ever:

The Parker – Palm Springs

Lafayette House – NYC