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Today is my boyfriend Gideon’s birthday. Yes, I just said mine was 3 days ago. We share a birthday week. It’s nuts.

I thought I’d plug his stuff today. This website instacanvas sells canvas prints of his art taken with instagram. It’s a pretty cool and inexpensive way to get unique art. Like his. He’s very unique. And fantastic.

Go check it and buy something – it is his birthday after all!


making this: litterbox redo


By the time I am posting this diy, the kittens have outgrown this lovely litterbox I made for them. Jerks.

Anyway, I bought the smallest litterbox the pet store had in this ugly beige. And a white shovel for it. Well they weren’t very cute at all! So I decided to spray paint both. I spray painted the shovel with a brass spray paint.

Could something that picks up poop look any fancier? I think not.

Then I drew this pattern with a sharpie. It was so ugly. So I spray painted it AGAIN and started drawing again.

Much better! What an adorable place to take poops!


eating this: strawberry basil fizz


Today is my birthday! Hi!

I thought a fun fruity girly drink would be just about the only thing I’d want to make this week.

Strawberry Basil Fizz

5 strawberries
2 basil leaves
dash of simple syrup

Combine all of the ingredients in a blender with a dash of champagne. Blend, and strain into a flute to quarter fill, top with champagne.

Garnish with basil leaves or strawberries. I’m not huge into garnishing drinks, but you totally can.



making this: diy striped beach bag


I needed a beach bag desperately for Hawaii. When I was browsing at Michaels, I saw this cotton tote bag which is more expensive than the normal canvas tote but soooo much softer and comfier. I think it cost about $17.

I taped it flat down and very tightly to a board. I also stuffed thick pads of paper inside so it wouldn’t bleed through.

I didn’t really bother keeping the lines perfect because that would be impossible for me. And I didn’t care. It looks better this way!

I only waited about an hour or so to peel off the paint. I WAS SO ANXIOUS!

It came out just the way I wanted. I even got a couple of “where did you get that bag” compliments on vacation!

yada yada

our new kitties


Back in April, I posted about some new kittens and picking out stuff in case we were to get one. Well. We got TWO. They were best friends – how could we not?!

Say hello to our babies Lucy and Bodhi!

Yes, they’re that cute. It’s insane.

A week ago I wasn’t a cat person. Now I am a cat lady. I’m sorry to say I’ll probably be posting obscene amount of pictures and cat related DIYs.