making this: homemade robocop costume


Okay – now I must warn you. This is some real cosplay shit. You know those people that dress up in costumes for conventions and stuff? I felt like that. And it sucks. I told my boyfriend when we first started dating that I wanted to be Robocop for halloween in passing. Anyway, it came up again this year and since they’re remaking it and the suit looks so stupid and my robocop costume dreams would suddenly become history once the remake was released, he decided to make me my costume. Great boyfriend, huh?

This is me feeling very embarrassed in my amazing costume. We went to an elevator at the Bonaventure Hotel in downtown LA because we thought the setting would be super Robocop-y. People saw me in public during the day and thought I was totally into cosplay.

The whole costume cost about $25 max plus a lot of boyfriend energy.

He made my chest and back piece out of cardboard and attached velcro on the sides and elastic to the shoulders so I could slip it over my head.

My helmet was made from a childs hockey helmet we got at goodwill, he added a leftover cpk frozen pizza box, and after we spray painted, we hot glued old hosiery for my eye piece (my one idea!).

My legs were made from cardboard, and he stuffed napkins into duct tape to make the trim. He later attached buckles so the legs hung from the chest. He attached those aloe juice bottles to the knees.

My arm pieces were made from two ocean spray bottles cut in halves to which he attached elastic.

My feet were my old rain boots that I never wear being so pink with the smaller sized aloe juice bottles duct taped all the way around.

I just wore a black turtleneck, leggings and gloves.

Then we spray painted everything silver. Silver spray paint seriously makes things look instantly robot.

OH and here is me as Robocop.

Next year I’m wearing a dress for halloween.

halloween / roundup

last minute halloween costume ideas!


Do you have your costume picked out for halloween? YOU DON’T?!!?!? Well then good news for you – I’ve gathered up some fun movie costumes that I think could be thrown together pretty easily and on the cheap, just in time for frantic overnight shipping!

shop this pretty woman costume: tank / bangle / mini skirt / lipstick / boots / wig

shop this jurassic park costume: chambray shirt / tank / shorts / mens chambray shirt

shop this fear and loathing costume: blouse / sneakers / cigarette holder / sunglasses / hat / shorts / socks

shop this annie hall costume: pants / tie / glasses / vest / shirt / hat

shop this true romance costume: sunglasses / blouse / leggings / elvis shades / hawaiian shirt

shop this mommie dearest costume: dress / lipstick / headwrap / face mask 


eyes + ears // 1


I’m going to do a new weekly column! I always find or see or hear images and songs that make me smile or forget about the weeks stresses, and from now on I’ll be sharing them!

A little humpday gift for your eyes and for your ears.

click the song title to listen.

photo by tamar levine / sylvia striplin photo via


eating this: lemon mousse


I can’t really think of a dessert that has more elegant simplicity than this mousse. Plus it’s super easy. So there you go.

I always like desserts that you can make and plate a day ahead and just pull them out of the fridge to serve guests. This is totally that. Cold desserts rule.

There is a lot of stirring and if you don’t like eggs and eggy consistency, then you’re totally gonna barf.

I offered Gideon 20 bucks. He still said no.

Lemon Mousse (adapted from Martha Stewart’s Dinner at Home)

4 large eggs
2/3 cup sugar
2/3 cup fresh lemon juice (2-3 lemons)
1 cup heavy cream, well chilled
*special equipment: fine sieve

Stir together eggs, sugar and lemon juice in a medium saucepan. Cook over medium-low heat, stirring constantly with a wooden spoon, until slightly thickened, about two minutes.

Raise heat to medium, continue cooking and stirring and cooking and stirring, until thick enough to coat the spoon (about five minutes).

Strain through the fine sieve, pressing with a flexible spatula, into a metal bowl.

Cover with wax paper, pressing the paper directly onto the mixture. Refrigerate until well chilled (40-45 minutes).

Whisk heavy cream in a mixer until soft peaks form, and gently fold into the lemon mixture.

Cover tightly with plastic wrap, refrigerate for 30 minutes – 2 days before spooning into dessert cups.

Garnish with raspberries, strawberries, blueberries, or get really nuts and use some nilla wafers or oreos. NUTS!


yada yada

almost makes perfect – the shop


I am really really really excited to announce that I have opened a shop! A one-stop etsy shop for obsessively curated vintage home goods.

I’ve been crazily preparing it for about a month now and it’s finally here. And it’s open. I hope you like it! Buy stuff!

Click on the image to shop. You might also notice there’s a shop button on the sidebar now. So don’t worry – it’ll always be there for you to click!

wish list

payday wishlist


one love this preppy sweater for fall from dorothy perkins (if it ever gets cold in la again) / two someday i will spend the money to buy a pouf. maybe. this new kew dhurrie pouf from west elm is super pretty / three really cute “over the moon card” from rifle paper co. (oh my is that a cat?) / four the transport tote in snakeprint from madewell / five stacked chevron earrings from sosie / six dwellstudio throw blanket yes yes please / seven i really want to trade in my current crosley record player for this slightly slimmer and much bluer version


diy / halloween

bloody mini pumpkins


diy mini bloody pumpkins

i was racking my brain trying to come up with a halloween craft that I hadn’t already seen. there are only so many things you can do with cheesecloth and paint. i bought a bunch of miniature pumpkins and figured i’d wing it. then, in the back of a drawer, I found my puffy paint. my original idea was to paint weird scary limp bizkit faces with the puffy paint but soon realized blood was the easiest and prettiest (in a violent creepy way) to go.

i loooove horror movies. but when I was too young to see it, I watched hellraiser 3 and there was this scene at a nightclub where pinhead killed everyone but there was this statue on the wall of a woman’s arm squeezing a heart and blood comes out. that scene messed me up. anyway, painting these totally reminded me of that scene!

bloody pumpkin diy diy-bloody-pumpkins

step one . paint them white! (unless you buy white pumpkins and save yourself a step.) they don’t have to be perfect and i seriously didn’t bother trying too hard. i did end up doing two light coats on each.

diy mini bloody pumpkin

step two . the paint from the top down each crease. vary the lengths and you can round out the ends by going back up a tad with your bottle once you’ve reached the point where you want the drip to stop. let dry for four hours. and you’re done!!!

they make a really fun weird centerpiece. definitely a conversation piece. you’ll have conversations such as “why are your mini pumpkins bleeding?”

bloody pumpkins diy

another pro of this DIY? the cats have not been interested in going near them. hell yeah. you got cats? make these.