the easiest crusty bread ever


as you may have seen in my goals for the year, one of them was to try new things in the kitchen. i’ve been saying for months that i want to make a quiche, still haven’t gotten to that yet but bread. i have never made bread even though i live for bread, so i decided to try and am soooo happy i did. because now my life will forever be different. i know that sounds dramatic, but i will now live a life full of fresh baked bread and that is a life i want.

there are two major moments in my life where i was legit pleased with myself. when arlo arrived and when i took the top off of the dutch oven the first time i saw that i made bread. i was basically twirling around the house. one week and four loaves later and i’m still v pleased. i am also so happy that i got a lot of you to make this already with my infectious enthusiasm about it. we are all living our best bread filled lives now.  Read More

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2018 goals


ok guys i swear this will be the last post with 2018 in the title. enough is enough! i’m not really into making big, ambitious resolutions every new year, but instead i do like to take a little time to reflect on achievable things i can do that are usually in the back of my mind. here are some simple enough goals i’m setting for myself. Read More

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2018 reader survey


i looove your feedback in the reader surveys every year, it is SO helpful for me to know what you like and what you don’t, and always really gets me inspired to create lots of content you’ll enjoy.  Read More


2018 modern calendar + planner roundup


hi! you may have been checking in here and noticing i haven’t been around too much, because i am a procrastinator and i notice that every january i really struggle to get my sh*t together, but it always takes me a couple weeks to get back into a groove and then i can focus again.

so for you fellow procrastinators, i wanted to round up my favorite cute agendas and calendars, because while a lot of the good ones are sold out in mid january — there are still loads of cute options for all of you who have been putting it off, yay!  Read More


arlo : 6 months


a few weeks late with the holidays and our trip to hawaii, but i cannot believe my little babe is half a year old! time is flying by and i cried uncontrollably the other day when i got to the page in his baby book that said “happy half birthday little one”.

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2017 wrap up


the end of the year was suuuper busy for me, so i am so excited to sign off and take it easy till 2018. obviously this was a big year for us with arlo coming into the world, so the second half of the year was just all about arlo. Read More

entertaining / holiday / xmas

simple natural holiday table


we normally don’t host anything holiday related because our parents do it all, but this year we’re doing a simple little dinner on christmas eve with family. i’m keeping it v low-key because of the baby, but i’m going to cook a nice, easy dinner and i set a nice, easy table for it.  Read More


DIY stir stick wall hanging


i’ve been really wanting a little wall hanging or something for the empty wall in our new dining nook, and i’ve been thinking i’d make one if i found the time or energy, both are which are v fleeting at the moment — but when esurance wanted to challenge me a second time and show how i could upcycle something to have #madeitmine, i thought it was perfect excuse to find both the time and energy.

i do not think i’m the only one who hoards paint stir sticks, right? i always grab a huge handful every time i paint a room and end up only using one or two. so this wall hanging is so free. it’s just paint sticks and string!
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