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happy weekend


happy friday! we’re celebrating my moms birthday this weekend by cooking her a nice dinner, and then we’re going closet door shopping for the baby room, we’re also considering doing a big plant shop to replace all the dead guys — besides that i’m just excited to have a long weekend to chill and finally watch the walking dead. hope you guys have a good one!

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2017 reader survey results


WOOHOO finally the results of that survey you took! thank you again for taking the time to respond, it means a lot to me to read your comments and to try to make this place somewhere you and i can both enjoy.  Read More

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the nursery : the plan


you guys seemed to be excited about designing the nursery, so i thought i’d share right away!

his room is pretty much cleaned out now — but it’s been the junk room since we moved in, we always had the intention of making it the nursery someday but let it fill waaay up when we just had the movers put everything miscellaneous in there. we’ve spent the last few weeks slowly taking everything out (and trying to sell a bunch on craigslist) and it’s finally starting to feel more like his room.  Read More

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happy weekend


pottery | almost makes perfect

happy friday! it finally just warmed up here a little so i’m sorry for all of you in the snow. i got things back from the kiln in pottery for the first time in months, so it was veeery exciting. even outweighing the fact that i rushed through trimming and totally ruined a little vase i made… oh well.

we’re doing a shoot this weekend, and then we’re gonna go test out strollers because i hear that’s something we have to decide on. anyone got a recommendation? i need something lightweight because i’m 5 feet tall and have almost no strength. we’re also going to celebrate valentines day on sunday (meaning i’ll cook rack of lamb) because i’m not gonna feel like it after work on tuesday. have a good one! here are some fun links.  Read More