printable autumn/winter bucket list


ok i’m really excited about this! i’ve always wanted to do a seasonal bucket list and this weekend we finally did one.

i always have a list of things i want to do, looming in my head or scattered around in the notes app on my phone, but i think having one list full of fulfilling things to do will feel so good. and will make the weekends feel so satisfying. and when you’re thinking seasonally, you actually remember to do all those seasonal things like take arlo to a pumpkin patch or drive to candy cane lane (we have been saying we want to do that for at least 5 years now so let’s see if we do it now that it’s on paper. and also i need a new list because i just noticed i wrote santa clause lane lol) Read More


diy credenza makeover


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it has been so long since i’ve redone furniture — but i used to do it constantly! i had this one little side table i bought from the fairfax flea market that i painted a new color almost every year as my taste was evolving. (it finally evolved into my taste today and the table has now found a new home… i think. it might actually be deep in the garage.) Read More

baby / cats / tips

bringing a new baby home to cats


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during my pregnancy, everyone made me completely freak out about “my plan” for the cats. people would ask us if we were planning on getting rid of them, warning us about how they could react to the baby, basically as if i didn’t have enough to worry about already — now i had to panic about the cats killing arlo.  Read More

baby / roundup

modern baby push walkers


OMG i get so many questions about arlos toys and where we got his push walker, so i thought i would start a series where i share my favorite options — but i thought rather than doing my favorite toys in one series i would break it up into categories like this! so let me know which categories you want to see and i’ll do my due diligence.

we’ve had our walker for months but i actually hid it from him because he would get so frustrated and i would have to bend over for so long to help him my back would hurt — so i just hid it deep in the closet until he would be able to use it properly. and now he is so obsessed. you may remember we used to have this baby walker when he was younger, but now that he’s able to pull himself up and sort of stand, he is loving his grown up baby walker.

there are lots of options, obviously the pretty wood ones come with a higher price tag — but all of these are handsome enough to leave out in the middle of your living room.

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baby / tips / travel

traveling with baby : my carry-on packing list


now that i’ve taken arlo on two trips within two weeks of each other (that was a mistake on my part but i blame my ical) — i am way more conscious of what to bring and what not to bring on the plane with us, and how to survive a 6 hour plane ride with him.

a lot of people aren’t sure if you need to buy an extra seat or if it’s worth saving the money, and after doing two flights without gid and with arlo as a lap infant, i can honestly say if you can afford it — buy the extra seat. if he won’t sit in it, it’s still so nice to have the extra space because you can feel claustrophobic real quick.

arlo doesn’t drink milk anymore, so i’m not including bottles or anything like that on this list! but here are our essentials :  Read More


how to introduce a new cat to other cats



while it feels like we haven’t done everything right with the cats, we did make sure to do a proper introduction of rocky when we adopted her. i have actually been meaning to share our tips for years now, so i’m really glad that my partnership with comfort zone is motivating me to finally do it!

it’s sort of cathartic to write about this now because i was OBSESSED with rocky. she was my baby before arlo, and it’s so funny to remember how close we were back then. we’re still close and i still hold her and sleep next to her, but it’s definitely different. so this is kind of nice for me to write to remember the old days.

cats are so weird. i never had cats before the ones we have, so everything i know about them has been learned over the last few years. i am not an expert, but i do know that nothing is simple with them, so introducing cats to each other is basically a month long process because they are some hiiiiiiigh maintenance creatures. we took a lot of precautions because we really wanted to make sure they all liked each other. Read More

almost makes mixtape / baby

almost makes mixtape ⋅ baby playlist


i have gotten so many requests to make a playlist of arlo’s favorite songs. so i am finally sharing! after many looooong months of listening to raffi exclusively, i thought i would either have to drive off a cliff or get him to like something different. it turns out he loves oldies and seems to like songs that are also pretty fast paced for the most part. some songs grow on him, but some he loves immediately. i think the first time he ever heard barbara ann he immediately started smiling.

i don’t know how he came out so musical, but he really enjoys nothing more than listening to music and dancing and clapping along and playing his instrument toys. i definitely sang a lot while he was in the womb, but i don’t know where this comes from! i love it so much.

the playlist is mostly oldies besides the last two additions (two of his current favorite songs that i felt like i had to include). i might add some songs here and there too. hope your babies love these songs as much as arlo does! Read More