how to do neutral tie dye


seems to be a quarantine rite of passage to tie-dye and you know i’m all about trying to stay cool lol. we’ve actually been tie dying for years (we even almost started a side biz selling tie dye swaddles when we first had arlo but never followed through lol). but we haven’t done in so long so i was really excited to see the results were still cool! it’s always so risky because unless you’re an expert, you’re basically just winging it and hoping it turns out not ugly. i love tie dye of all varieties but am loving how subtle and neutral these ones turned out. so i hope my instructions and video help if you want to try it out yourself!

and of course we had to take a family portrait in our matching tie dye…

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kid things

sesame street collage puppet craft


arlo definitely gets more excited about a craft when it’s themed around something he loves, so when i suggested we make elmo and grover he was immediately into it. this project was super easy and took up an entire pre-nap block of the day and he never got bored and left during it either!

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quarantine essentials from public goods


this post is in partnership with public goods

i get a lot of questions about public goods and what my favorite items are, so i’m happy to have it live on my blog permanently! their products are not only super useful, they’re also sustainable and extremely inexpensive. so now more than ever i’m really loving their store and all the very crucial items they sell.

obviously the initial attraction to public goods was their packaging design because i’d never seen such utilitarian simple shampoo and toothpaste bottles, but now they have expanded to cleaning, food, sanitary products, etc. and since the prices are so reasonable you can try a bunch of them without spending a lot. i’ve almost never browsed through the site without wanting to try at least 5 things.

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diy shoebox puppet theatre (with free printable puppets)


so excited about how this little project turned out! we started making some popsicle stick puppets recently for arlo so i thought a whole little stage would be really fun. i left the inside of the box white but it could be fun to make different backgrounds to swap out.

i had gid draw these guys, they are some of arlos favorite animals, the most fun part is you can print them and have your kids color them in so its like they made the puppets. kids are so obsessed with taking credit aren’t they? arlo sometimes claims he made our dinner when he wasn’t even there lolll.

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