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11 attractive solutions for plugging things in


cords can be pretty too! well if you really hunt for the pretty ones. most of our cords are concealed in our furniture (i even have a media console in our bedroom instead of a dresser so that it can conceal cords for our TV), but we still have the annoying tangled plugs everywhere under our nightstands and our couch.

so if you also hate an eyesore cord explosion, here are some cute ways to make them “disappear”… well not really, but disguise the ugly. Read More

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12 modern table lamps


even though you’ve seen my living room on instagram, i’ve never really shared it here on the blog because it’s never felt like i actually finished (or even worked on it) so much… so i finally decided to do all the things i’ve been thinking about for years now, like get a side table and maybe a table lamp and hanging some art on the opposite wall… i’ll be sharing when i’m done, but for now, i’ve been on the hunt for a cute lamp… which i will cover in museum putty so arlo can’t knock it off. Read More


arlo : 8 months


can’t believe my little guy is 8 months old. time is just flying by and i am finally able to plan his birthday party without judgement!

he’s so happy and so fun, his smile and his laugh are so infectious i honestly don’t think i’ve ever brought him anywhere without at least one stranger ogling over him. which of course we both love. he always flirts way harder when they notice him flirting (and lately i really notice him staring at people until they look over at him) Read More


our favorite baby books


i don’t think i’ve ever gotten more requests for any post than this one! if you follow my instagram stories, then you’re well aware of our nightly ritual where arlo chooses between two books before bedtime. he definitely has favorite books that he’s loved for basically his whole life, and usually he either immediately takes to a new book or doesn’t, but we read to him so often i am always trying to introduce new ones (i get sick of them real fast when i have to read them 4 times a day).

a lot of people have also asked about how we got him into reading, and basically we have no strategy. we just started doing it regularly when he was about 3 months old, and around 4 months he started paying attention and now that we’re at 8 months — he really loves books!

Read More

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anthropologie spring collection faves


have you seen anthro’s spring collection?! there are so many pretty things, enough to keep me scrolling through 16 pages of new arrivals, so i wanted to save you the trouble possibly and round up all of my favorite items. there are so many pretty home decor items and so many good patterns and shapes.

how amazing are these salad plates? they also have dinner plates.

and this door knocker is so dope. if i needed a door knocker, i would want this one fo sho.

this shelf would look so chic in a nursery. Read More

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DIY painted pet bowls


we give the cats wet food every night, and we’ve been using our human bowls forever, and it has always, always bothered me. i’ve been wanting to find some cute little ones to designate as cats only… until i decided, of course, to make some bowls cute instead.  Read More