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DIY cat repellant spray for plants


DIY cat repellant spray | almost makes perfect DIY cat repellant spray | almost makes perfect

you guys know i love my cats more than most things in the universe, but i also love my house plants and i hate how they jeopardize that.

because cats are way more sensitive to smells than we are, they are less likely to mess with or chew on the leaves if they smell gross. so i made some repellant spray and it’s totally worked!

DIY cat repellant spray | almost makes perfect


in your bottle, mix together 3/4 parts water with 15 drops of each essential oil. cats dislike eucalyptus, lavender, lemongrass, peppermint — just choose the ones you don’t mind the scent of yourself.

shake the bottle up and spray solution on the leaves of your plant and into the soil.

you can spray your plants pretty liberally, and you can add more or less oil depending on what works for you and your cats.

DIY cat repellant spray | almost makes perfect DIY cat repellant spray for plants | almost makes perfect

it’s only certain plants that the cats mess with — so we’ve been spraying all over them and they’ve completely left them alone. this stuff works!

DIY cat repellant spray for plants | almost makes perfect

rocky’s even cute when she’s eating plants. daaaamn she a qt.

26 comments on “DIY cat repellant spray for plants”

  1. My cats like to scratch on wicker furniture. I’m thinking this might work on that. Going to give it a try, I’ll let you know! Thanks!

  2. Hi there,
    cool idea. I have cats too and I love plants. Thats why I just own cactus and succulents, they don’t chew on them! I owned some yucca trees before and tried to use a water/oil repelent on these plants. The only thing that happend was that the leaves turned brown. Some plants react very sensitive on oil. So I wouldn’t try it anymore. Or you use just a tiny drop of oil in your spray. Hope you have more success with it than I did:-)
    Greetings from Berlin

  3. Oh man, I have got to try this – my cat won’t leave my favorite plant alone so the ends of the leaves are all chewed off. Fingers crossed it deters the dog too (unlikely, but a girl can dream).

  4. The oil in the mix will not allow the plants to breathe through their leaves so you could end up with dead plants which defeats the object of this method.

    1. it’s a pretty light ratio of oil > water which is why i think it’s been fine on our plants so far — we’re basically spraying lightly scented water.

  5. I love this! We don’t have any because our cats have always picked at flowers, and we were worried they would do the same with house plants. Maybe we’ll give this a try!

  6. Essential oils are very dangerous to cats. It will harm their liver. As limited as the risk of ingestion or skin contact may be, it seems overly dangerous. A safer option is hydrolats, which also has the smell but not the compounds that your cat’s liver cannot metabolize.

  7. I would caution against this. Essential oils are toxic to cats who lack the enzymes to break them down. Cats can absorb the oils by inhaling them, or through their skin. The effects are cumulative rather than immediate and can be fatal.

  8. You know lavender and peppermint essential oils are toxic to cats right? I would suggest buying non-toxic plants instead.

  9. I don’t think you should make this for your cat…lot of research says that peppermint, citric , eucalyptus etc.. are dangerous to cats when they inhaled with only small amount.
    remember you are spraying it in your house and your cats are in your house

  10. Some of these oils are toxic to cats (and any oils that are not pure and contain phenol are extremely dangerous) – would be best to investigate before using.

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