modern counter stools (with backs) roundup


modern counter stools with backs | almost makes perfect

we were holding off on picking out stools for our kitchen island until we renovated our kitchen, but i realized that i don’t want to do that, because i want to be able to eat breakfast there. and even though i love the look of some backless stools, i’m leaning towards getting ones with backs because i know how long you can end up hanging around an island and i don’t want to cause complaining or back pain. our eventual kitchen will be mostly white with some lighter woods… so which do you like?

roadhouse leather stool / puerto stool / cora stool slope leather stool
bludot hot mesh stool / broeder rattan stool / bend goods lucy stool

9 comments on “modern counter stools (with backs) roundup”

  1. you have such wonderful taste. I like them all. It’s hard to choose a favorite, though, without seeing your kitchen. I’m kind of feeling the dot and bo, or the options!

  2. Crazy hard decision! I love the Dot & Bo stool but is rattan reallllly that comfortable? I also love the West Elm one and bet it would age really well!

  3. It seems to me that you guys live in a warm place, so i don’t think that leather -or even synthetics- is a good idea, things might get a little bit sweaty…

  4. Hi! I came across this posting in a search for bar stools. Do you remember the name of the stool from Wayfair? I’m opening a restaurant and I’d love to find that stool! Thank you! Your blog is great!

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