DIY streaming device cover


DIY streaming device cover | almost makes perfect DIY streaming device cover | almost makes perfect

we are totally a TV couple, as in we’re not one of those couples that doesn’t allow a TV in the bedroom. we have one and it’s big and we watch it all the time. but i still don’t understand why apple tvs don’t come in white. so i decided to create an easy way to disguise the little black box sitting on the credenza. and btw, yes! apple tv remotes old and new work through the balsa wood! (not sure about roku but i have a feeling they also do)
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happy weekend


you may have noticed i didn’t post a ton this week, i had a failed DIY that i had to rejigger, and i’ve been finishing up some things before i leave town. on monday i’m going to palm springs with a big group of bloggers! and then later in the week i’m going to be a presenter at craftcation. are you going?! it’s gonna be a very busy week for me. hope you have a lovely weekend!  Read More

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so excited to show you guys the blogs makeover today! i’m sure you noticed the blog has been loading slowly and has even been down sporadically, so we took some steps to stop that from happening. hoping that everything loads much faster now and you don’t have to sit there waiting.

and while we were doing that, we gave my blog a little visual makeover too! you’re looking at a custom version of our brand new blogzilla theme, unveil. unveil is my favorite theme we’ve done yet! it has a portfolio, category galleries, a shop, basically everything you’d want. and to celebrate the launch of it and the launch of the new almost makes perfect, we’re offering $15 off from today through april 1st! just use code AMP15.

what’s new here…

you can now browse categories, and subcategories! wanna just browse through DIYS for thanksgiving? you can! want to only search for printable gift wrap?! you can!

i also added a shop section where i’ll be posting my favorite products, ranging from DIY and blogging supplies to just pretty house things i like ( and i’m considering adding some original products too…! )

you may also notice… i took a new photo and i’m looking right at you. not my usual style, but HEY HI THAT’S ME HOW ARE YA.

anyway, hope you like it!

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happy weekend



you may have noticed the blog has been having some technical issues lately — well, we’re working on getting them all fixed this weekend! so come back monday and things should be running much smoother (and looking much prettier too!!!). have a good weekend! Read More


DIY 3D Planter


DIY 3D Planter | almost makes perfect DIY 3D Planter | almost makes perfect

i’m sure you’ve noticed that funky looking textured pots and vases are getting popular, and i love them! so naturally i wanted to come up with a super simple method for making your own. these little planters are so eccentric that you can stick one in any boring corner and give it a whole new fun look. Read More


six DIYs to ring in spring


six DIYS to ring in spring

it’s officially spring! doesn’t it feel like it was christmas a few weeks ago? very confusing. to celebrate, i rounded up six projects to help celebrate the occasion of blooming, organizing and going outside. Read More

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happy weekend


this week flew by for me even though i didn’t want it to, whenever there’s a ton to do it seems to go by way too fast. we’ve started working on our backyard, trying to get it in shape for actually using it this summer. we planted a tree and are killing the weeds and had a deck guy come over for a consult. looks like a deck isn’t happening yet, but we’re coming up with alternatives! blah blah blah have a good weekend!

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