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happy weekend


patterned floor | almost makes perfect

happy friday! i didn’t get a ton done this week with my newfound obsession with our new cat, and it was cloudy too. celebrating mother’s day this weekend by making her chilaquiles for the first time… wish us luck! also have a good weekend!  Read More

diy / interiors / our house

built in cabinet facelift


built in cabinet facelift | almost makes perfect

for some reason the owner before us had installed this big built in cabinet right in the entryway of the house. we initially planned on just tearing it out, but decided we needed the storage and we were too afraid of what the floor looked like underneath. it was this gigantic 9′ eye sore that is basically the first thing you see when you walk into the house — so i had to figure out a way to live with it.
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looking back — april


i’m introducing a brand new monthly column today! my friend amy started doing a monthly highlights post and i loved the idea so i’m copying it. it’ll be a good way for me to inject some personal updates as well as for me to personally reflect. can you believe how fast april flew by?!

palm springs @mollymadfis

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happy weekend


sunday morning | almost makes perfect

if you follow me on snapchat, you may have seen the 72 videos of our NEW CAT. last week when my dad was in town for his birthday, we walked into an adoption center which we probably shouldn’t have done, because i met a little girl i fell head over heels for — and well a few days later we got her home with us! she’s half ragdoll half persian long hair and she’s 6 pounds and she’s so freaking sweet. we’re in love. she belonged to a hoarder who was caught with 120 cats and they all got adopted out but she was kept as evidence until a month ago! i’m so happy we found her. and btw gid is so cute, he said yes to adopting her just based on a photo i sent him.  Read More

diy / printables

DIY moon tote bag


DIY moon tote bag | almost makes perfect DIY moon tote @mollymadfis

so moons are totally still in right? what’s the next moon? i’m not sure, but i’m still way into moons. i have a trunk and a drawer and a kitchen cabinet full of reusable bags, so basically i believe you can’t have enough bags (especially when bags cost 10 cents at the store). so i made one today!
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