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becoming a grownup : sending holiday cards



i feel like we’ve all kind of grown up these last few years. when i started the blog i was in my mid 20s, unmarried, i had barely just gotten the cats. now i’m teaching myself all sorts of ways to be an adult!

something i’ve never done in my 31 years is send out holiday cards. i always figured that was for people with kids — but since i partnered with mixbook this year to design a suite of cards, i figured this might as well be the first year to send some out.

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gift guide

holiday gift guide : for the worker bee



happy the election is finally freaking over day. let’s focus on something good for right now shall we? i loveeee pretty office supplies and anything to spruce up what would be otherwise very boring looking spaces. all of these simple desk accessories would be perfect and easy to gift to anyone who spends a little too much time in their workspace.  Read More

gift guide

holiday gift guide : for the homebody



it’s one of my favorite times of year! you guys know i love holiday shopping, so time to start rolling out the gift guides. up first is the gift guide tailor made for me and a lot of my relatives, the homebodies. here are some cozy, comforting, pretty things i love.  Read More

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happy weekend


maru coffee los angeles

weekend! you dressing up and / or celebrating halloween? i guess we might be tonight, and believe it or not we’re going to be participating in a thriller flash mob with our hip hop class this weekend as well… yeah not joking. wish us luck or something.

my friends are getting together and seeing ouija on halloween but i am staying home to give out candy to trick or treaters. does that mean i’m old / boring / suburban now? i already saw ouija anyway and it was only just ok. anyway have a good weekend and be safe and have more fun than we will!

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happy weekend


korakia in palm springs

hi! this week was pretty ok. i made some cool things in pottery and i salvaged something i almost destroyed so that felt really good. we’re going to ikea tomorrow to place our kitchen order!!! going to do a post next week all about it. we also are going to a wedding this weekend — and i am SO FREAKING READY TO SEE WHO DIED ON WALKING DEAD. are you? who do you think it is? two people? tell me. Read More