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happy weekend


palm springs bound

we’re heading out to palm springs today, for our first time together since our wedding! tomorrow is my birthday and gids is on tuesday, so we’re celebrating with a weekend away — it’ll be so nice to be away from the backyard project for a couple of days, even if we’re going to melt in 115 degree heat… shit. you can follow me on snapchat to see where we’re staying! ( almostmakesperf )

also have you started watching stranger things?! we just finished and we loved it SO much. you should for sure watch. hope you guys have a good weekend!  Read More

entertaining / roundup

12 modern acrylic outdoor glasses


12 modern acrylic glasses | almost makes perfect

ok so i don’t about you — but once i decide i need something, i can spend hours on hours researching all of my options so that i am absolutely positive i found the best one. and the other day i decided i needed some unbreakable plastic drinkware for this backyard of ours — and then spent the next couple of hours obsessing over it.  Read More

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happy weekend


entryway | almost makes perfect

hi! i’ve been really busy dealing with everything backyard lately, as you saw, it’s coming along but we’re still not out of the clear. next week we’re going away for the weekend for our birthdays and i’m very pumped to be away from stressing about it. but till then, we don’t have many plans this weekend so that always makes me happy. you guys have a good weekend and here are some fun links!  Read More


long beach, california


long beach aquarium long beach city guide | almost makes perfect

a couple of weeks ago we spent the weekend in long beach, i’ve never really been there besides for a beach boys concert and a film festival at the queen mary. it was a super easy drive and the city is so much cuter than i even expected, chock full of cute boutiques and restaurants, which you know i love.  Read More

yada yada

looking back — june



june flew right by. i say that monthly, huh. but it did! the only thing that’s different about that sentiment is last month when i said time was moving too quickly and we weren’t even close to finishing our backyard… we are way way closer now!

backyard progress

we took all of your very thoughtful suggestions to skip bamboo in our backyard, and we went with podocarpus instead. after we painted the house, we planted them along our fences and we’re making some serious progress on our patio remodel. so excited to show you guys once its done, but there are really only a couple of steps left! i’m sure i mentioned that we’re planning a very belated housewarming/birthday party when it’s done.  Read More


DIY copper circle earrings


diy copper circle earrings | almost makes perfect diy copper circle studs | almost makes perfect

sooo i actually made these earrings for mothers day, thinking they would have made a really fun and easy mothers day gift — but obviously i dropped the ball on that. so how about you can just make ’em for yourself instead! your mom wouldn’t have worn them anyway, who am i kidding. Read More