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8 sandals for spring


8 sandals for spring | almost makes perfect

i honestly couldn’t live anywhere cold because i basically live in sandals. i own more sandals than anything else and those that know me know that i’m almost always wearing them… so i’m basically an expert. and i never lose the urge to get more sandals because i wear them down so hard. it’s a real catch 22. anyway, here are some of my currents faves (and btw #6 is the most comfortable sandal ever)

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happy weekend


the assembly | almost makes perfect

happy friday guys. this week was pretty productive when it comes to house things, we cut some concrete in the backyard to plant a tree we bought, and to plant some bougainvillea over the studio (the exterior is really ugly right now so we’re working on prettying it up). this weekend we’ve got more house errands and we’re gonna see 10 cloverfield lane (are you seeing it? it’s supposed to be awesome). have a good one!

⋅ if you want your heart to melt right now…
⋅ this sounds like a movie premise 
⋅ really beautiful easter eggs
⋅ tweets about trader joes parking lots 
⋅ just bought these and i’m in love
⋅ love this desert house tour
before and after special effects (these are mesmerizing)


DIY modern pom pom pillow


DIY modern pom pom pillow @mollymadfis DIY modern pom pom pillow @mollymadfis

i really never thought i’d be using pom poms in a project, ever — but here i am, and i love it. i’m super excited about this pillow because it’s one of the easiest projects i’ve done in a while, and requires literally no crafting skills besides a little patience and something to watch on TV.

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printable minimal thank you card


printable thank you card | almost makes perfect

i find myself buying thank you card sets every time they’re inexpensive and cute — so i wanted to design a cute little modern thank you card to print at your leisure!

we all need to get in the habit of sending thank you cards more, so cute thank you cards will hopefully inspire all of us to do that.

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happy weekend


happy weekend

hi! happy friday! it’s supposedly cooling down in LA finally, and maybe even raining, it’s been hot for weeks so now i forget how to wear sweaters. tomorrow we’re going to a 90s concert with color me badd, kid n play, etc — i am stoked. follow me on snapchat because i’m so into snapchat and i’ll post from there because that’s what i do now. i’m @almostmakesperf

hope you have a good weekend!

⋅ can you guess the horror movie from the emojis? i got 100%!!
get yer free pineapples!
i used to work in retail so YEAH TOTALLY.
shit yeah this looks good
love this beach towel
super cute DIY for matisse lovers
this will make you very jealous…
my new favorite everyday t-shirt

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dream house : the deck


dream house || the deck | almost makes perfect

it’s been a reeeal long while since my last dream house post, and now that we’re starting to plan some updates, i’m back to pulling a ton of reference and daydreaming.

i’m going to show you our backyard soon, but basically it’s a mess. it’s a clean slate because there’s nothing going on, but we have a shallow cement patio, some random poured concrete and way more weeds than you can even imagine. so we’re now in the beginning stages of planning the backyard and we’re hoping to build out a’s been sad not being able to use our backyard yet, but i’m hoping come summer — it’s our own little oasis. but the center of our plan is the deck — because i love a good deck. and i love all these decks.

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14 tips for a perfect guest room


14 tips for a perfect guest room | almost makes perfect guest room | almost makes perfect

for the first time in my life, we have a guest room! and it’s so exciting and feels so grown up. this is also the first room reveal in our house, so i have to include a before and after. ( we didn’t do anything besides remove the ceiling fan and paint it white ).

guest room before and after | almost makes perfect

we’ve only hosted my dad so far, but now that we are capable of hosting, it’s been really fun to try to create a welcoming guest room for… my dad, and my cats, and like, any future guests we might have, as well.

all the furniture is recycled from our bedroom and i teamed up with SWENYO to add some fun accessories and guest room essentials, because i really feel like it’s the little things in a guest room that transform it from a room filled with your old crap into a tranquil place people would really want to stay. you want your guest to feel like they have everything they need, and that they don’t have to ask you for a million things they forgot the whole weekend.

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